Almost 20 years, in excess of 10,000++ hours of Kinesiology and Neuro Training client sessions, Angela has become an expert in the ability to gather, see and understand the pieces to the subconscious puzzle that is how we do life.

Author of Death the Door Music the Key. A Girl, A Harp at the Bedside of the Dying, and respected pioneer of the cutting-edge work of Therapeutic Music and Sacred Ceremonial Harp work in Australia, Angela has mastered the art of creating sacred space, being with, and altering the suffering of mankind.


Angela has mastered the ability to be with those suffering or dying. Master of many traditional music’s and instrument’s from around the world, harpist and solo classical flautist, Angela has performed on global stages in ensembles such as the SBS Orchestra, Seh Sek Hoi (Traditional Korean Sharmen / Folk Drumming), Baklava (Eastern European and Middle Eastern Music) and more. Angela has always had a passion and connection to culture, art and music of the world, forming a part of her role as unifier and bringer of peace.

Resident Harpist for inaugural events such as The International Wave of Light, Candlelight Ceremony, a global service remembering those who have experienced Pregnancy and Infant Loss, and the Inaugural Baby Lily Grace Awareness Day Memorial and Candle lighting Ceremony. A moving dawn service to honour the many abandoned and unidentified children found each year.

Angela has spoken at a National level on a number of occasions for NSW Palliative Care Conferences, run workshops and ceremony for Compassionate Friends Australia Conferences and events (an organisation who support those who have lost children.) Trained staff at St George Hospital Sydney how to use music, vibration and presence to support their patients, worked with Neonates at Westmead Children’s Hospital playing harp for the Neonates and Premature Babies, not to mention the countless Funerals, Viewings, Christenings, Weddings and Ceremonies of all kinds.



In Angela's awe-inspiring presentation, she will share the highlights from her latest book - a sacred text, true story and living transmission of the journey of being called to stand for peace and reconciliation.  In what has been described as the greatest Australian story never told, she communicates the message of love and divine sovereignty from her Ancestors, and the descendants of the many (Early Settlers) to the Sovereign Tribes and First Nations people of Australia.


This journey spans years, countless synchronistic manifestations and connections, being guided by her ancestors and some of the highest beings in history, with the overall aim of offering radical healing and reconciliation, with the hope of restoring integrity between the people and sovereignty for all.

2020 is, for Angela, a coming full circle, stepping into an unprecedented role with a mission of joining the dots, signs, omens and synchronicities backwards to reveal the encrypted message that the ancestors wish to pass on the pain and suffering to their children’s, children now more. The time for healing and peace is now upon us, and up to us. Alchemist of the body, mind, spirit axis, connector to the ancestors and lineages, Angela shares and connects you to the gift of endless synchronicity, hope, awe and magic, providing a powerful experience of mystical proportions. 2020 being the synchronised moment that her life’s work will merge, released as her highly anticipated book and message from the Ancestors, “They Sent Me Forth - The Greatest Story Never Told.”

In her presentation, Angela will reveal the mystical path she has been on, with the greatest heroes of humanity such William Wilberforce, who abolished the slave trade and slavery in the Commonwealth in the early 1800’s and more. This cannot be done alone, we call upon all descendants, not only the decedents of the fleets but all Australians, and souls from around the world who care about peace between people. A call to action, to bring about the impossible. Sovereignty for all.

Angela says "This work is a cryptic, symbolic message written on behalf of my ancestors who speak through me, who wish to be heard and seek to make things right, bring peace to all men, and feel the freedom of forgiveness. On behalf of the whispers of the land that has called me since my birth. On behalf of all those who have been wronged and wish to rest in peace. This is my divine purpose, and somehow it has led me to you. Join with me to create the most beautiful myth and story that can be folded into our timeline and told for hundreds of years from now, to touch, move and inspire our children’s, children.”

Come and hear one of the greatest stories never told.  It is time to be told.