Christine was born and raised in Australia and in 1986, with a diagnosis of advanced systemic lupus, she was told she had just a few months to live. Christine experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, which enabled her to move into a place of self-healing and she has been symptom free since. 

She carries the gift of love and is a spiritual teacher, healer and channel. Christine’s three books “Pleiadian Initiations of Light” “Pleiadian Principles for Living” and “The Pleiadian Promise” brings this work to a worldwide audience. 

In 2013 Christine was guided to land in Grand Marais, Minnesota. She was told to construct a multidimensional Galactic Receiving Station there. Christine embarked on this journey of building a pure energetic structure working alongside the Universal community of Galactic Beings, Pleiadians and Lemurian. The land is holding a profound space for the continuing unfolding of humanity here on Earth. 

Within the Galactic Receiving Station groups of people are invited to come and participate in a powerful and transformative three-day process of reconnection to their Family of Origin that exists off planet. They also reestablish strong ties to the Pleiadians and the Galactic community within our resident Universe.

Christine presents 3-Day Pleiadian Seminars in different areas of the world. She has a twice-monthly Internet Radio Show ( ) and her Pleiadian Broadcasts are aired at regular intervals and available free on her website. She writes a monthly column, The Pleiadian Message ( ). There are Online Video Courses and a wide range of unique material for a direct experience of her work with the Pleiadians at  



DISCOURSE: The Pleiadians bring information and clarity to support you in your enlightenment process now. As you open into this higher insight you can claim your self-empowerment and consciously begin move forward differently on your path to realign to the higher realm aspect of Self.


TRANSMISSION OF LIGHT  : Accelerate your reconnection to the Higher Realms - this is achieved through the Pleiadians setting up a multidimensional energetic Grid within the room to enable you to fully utilize this transmission of light. The Transmission is a pure force energetic light, which is channeled through Christine, and flows outwards to you. There will be a ‘language of light’ that will speak directly to your own soul essence.


This force of energy is designed to realign you back to a natural aspect of your multidimensional self. Interwoven within this Transmission of light will be a unique, ‘letting go’ energy, which is designed to assist you in releasing the density held within your cells.

Simultaneously there will be a recalibration of your own unique light open up through the cells of your body, expanding your light frequency within your Heart.



This dialogue includes:

1. Your pre agreements with different ‘life force groups’ within the Galactic community.

2. Your individual role within the Universal collective consciousness.

3. The structure within our resident Universe and Earth’s role within this community.

4. The New Dawning prophecies set out by the Pleiadians.

5. New community structures here on Earth.

6. The Galactic council and the role that they are playing on Earth during this transition.


TRANSMISSION OF LIGHT:  A specific energetic Grid is opened up in the room by the Pleiadians. This supports you to align much more easily to the light activated from this Transmission. The Pleiadians channel forth to you a pure energetic light designed specifically to open up through your Heart for the reconnection to the telepathic, Galactic communion energy. Sacred sounds will be utilised in this Transmission. Here you will become realigned to a higher frequency pulse of your light within your Heart cells, which will automatically align you to your Home within the Universal consciousness.



This Seminar is designed to reconnect you to your Family of Origin off planet. You will experience a powerful interactive direct experience of receiving initiations from the Pleiadians to shift your energetic profile to allow this reconnection now.


The Pleiadians will set up a multidimensional energetic Grid to assist you in being able to fully receive your unique initiation. This Grid allows the Pleiadians and Spiritual Beings to work with you to support a rapid awakening experience within. The Grid is set up to afford a full integration. Also to enable you move into deeper and more profound metamorphic processes through a repositioning of the energetic and physical systems of your body.


Each of us has a Family of Origin off planet. No one has originated from Earth. We have all made pre-agreements with our Family of Origin to reunite, so that they can support us at this juncture in our awakening process. Whether you remember this pre-agreement or not is irrelevant to Truth. In this Seminar you will consciously activate your pre-agreement and be reconnected to your Family of Origin, moving you into an alignment to Truth.


In this workshop you will be given Sacred Sounds and work within a series of powerful energetic channeled Mandalas to build a reconnection pathway to your Family of Origin.


We will be utilizing the elevated Grid of Uluru, accessing the ‘Dreaming’ essence, which will elevate you into an expanded space of consciousness to open into an alliance with the Galactic community.


You will take material home with you so you will be able to continue an ongoing journey and interaction with your Galactic family.


This is your time to awaken!

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