Aurora Pagonis is the founder of She Speaks and Sacred Conversations Gatherings. 

Aurora works with global groups of women and delivers programs, retreats and inspirational talks to encourage their rise into their own greatness. Facilitating women to become the best version of themselves through self-awareness, feminine intelligence and compassionate leadership practices. Empowering women to express their unique gifts into the world and deliver to their calling through a whole system prosperity movement.

With over twenty years in senior sales, partner management and management roles in the Telecommunications, IT and Wellness Services sectors, Aurora has been recognised with global and local business awards of excellence in companies such as BellSouth, IBM, Telstra and Optus.

She is the co-creator of a global prosperity movement for changemakers, conscious entrepreneurs and visionary leaders called The Way and a co-creator of a 12 week Evolutionary Leadership offering with three other global coaches and evolutionary leaders.

Having this experience of being in the world and in business and also walking the path of spiritual and emotional expansion, Aurora brings an integrated well balanced approach to her contribution. Aurora’s ability to connect deeply with her audience and invoke emotional engagement are two of her endearing qualities as a coach and as a speaker. Her talks are more of a heart speak rather than a keynote with the intention of the audience having the experience of getting to know and trust themselves more deeply.



Sacred Conversations is an ancient technology that was founded by Aurora Pagonis and Janet Grace, now being delivered in a contemporary way. As custodians of this space of intimate conversations of the heart, they have been led to call forth the Leaders of Leaders. This space acts as a container to capture the divine intelligence that is required of us as 'way showers' and “'conscious leaders' to co-create and usher in the New Earth.

In this workshop, Aurora will lead delegates to drop into your hearts, and share through your voices the direct knowing to become available. In the spoken word, it becomes present in form for your own insights and for the entire group.


Aurora will facilitate in witnessing others expressing their truth and in feeling them, an ignition and embodiment of our evolutionary codes. 

Sacred Conversations Gatherings will be an invaluable tool to enable delegates to fully integrate the day's learnings and information by focussing on:

* A deeper connection for the participants with themselves and with each other

* A breakthrough in letting go of anything that doesn't serve

* An opportunity to share and clarify what is emerging as new

* An evolutionary embodiment and integration of the wisdom that is shared

* An opportunity to share the voice of discovery

* An activation of evolutionary genius

* A receiving of divine intelligence in the field that is co-created

* A claiming of a new experience of Leadership

* The vision of the solutions and possibilities to usher in the New Earth

Sacred Conversations is held in a circle of mindfulness, authentic dialogue, deep contemplation, dyads and group sharing as well as Satsung style “Heart-Seat” reflections.