Barry has wide international experience in all areas of the media and entertainment industries. He is a highly experienced radio and TV presenter, having spent many years with the ABC and various commercial radio and TV stations. His profile embraces news and sports anchoring, lifestyle shows, current affairs, talk back radio and was even a DJ.

His live talks and presentations are always well received and Barry has given two major presentations at the Nexus Conference in 2011 and 2014. He is also a speaker and the MC for the Australian Afterlife Explorers Conferences – in Sydney 2015, Melbourne 2016 and Byron Bay in 2017. In 2018 he MC’d the Secret History of Australia Conference in Brisbane, organised by Nexus Magazine. In 2019 he MC’d the Cosmic Consciousness Conference  and both MC’d and gave a presentation at the 2020 Conference. Barry has rejoined Australia’s leading speaker’s bureau, Celebrity Speakers as a corporate MC and speaker.

Barry is also well known in the US through a series of radio and TV interviews, including four major radio appearances on the iconic “Coast to Coast” program and of course through his own program on RadioOutThere.com.

As a writer he has scripted and narrated many documentary films and corporate presentations and written numerous feature stories and columns for magazines and newspapers on everything from astrology to theatre and travel.

His first book “Afterlife – Uncovering the Secrets of Life After Death”, traces the journey of the spirit in between incarnations, was published in 2011 by Allen and Unwin in Australia and New Zealand. ”Afterlife” is an acclaimed international best seller.

“No Goodbyes” is the follow-on from Afterlife which was released in Australia and New Zealand by Allen & Unwin in March 2014 and in North America by Tarcher an imprint of Penguin Books in 2015. His third book, “The Joy of Living, Postponing the Afterlife” was co-written with his partner Anne Morjanoff and tells how he healed from cancer by combining holistic and mainstream medical practices.

Barry’s fourth book, “Past Lives Unveiled – Discover How Consciousness Moves Between Lives” was published in Australia, The US and the UK in 2019. The third part of the Afterlife trilogy, it breaks exciting new ground in the area of past life research, including lives on other worlds. The book also features case studies of Dr. Michael Newton (“Journey of Souls” & “Destiny of Souls”) going back to life in the Stone Age, never before published in book form.

In his entertainment career he co-hosted the spectacular ANZAC Military Tattoo at Sydney’s Superdome in 2006 and then hosted The Tattoo Spectacular in Perth in 2007.  Barry originally trained as an actor and returned to the stage in Agatha Christie’s play “The Hollow” in Sydney in 2006. He has also appeared in a number of films and TV shows.

Head of the Faculty of Journalism at Macleay College in Sydney, Barry lectured in radio journalism and production from 1995-99. He has also has wide corporate experience, running his own company, which  embraced  media consulting, video and audio production and special event marketing and publicity.

A voice over artist/actor Barry has narrated a series of wildlife documentaries which are often seen on cable TV. Visitors to the Australian War Memorial in Canberra will hear him narrating the video presentations in the Korea and Vietnam Gallery. Barry’s voice is also heard guiding motorists on a GPS navigation system for certain vehicles such as Jaguars, Land Rovers etc.

Barry is a qualified astrologer, psychic and medium and in 2012 did what he terms a postgraduate course in mediumship at the world famous Arthur Findlay College in the UK. In 2012 he was given the 2012 Hall of Fame Award by the Australian Psychics Association and made a life member.



When Bob Dylan wrote and recorded his iconic song “The Times They are a-Changin” back in 1963, little did he realise that his lyrics would be forecasting the tumultuous events of 2020. The planetary alignments throughout this year have proved that we are in a time of huge transformation affecting every person on the planet. And the important news is, buckle up as we are just getting started.

Barry Eaton will follow up on his talk at the January conference where he described how the impact of Saturn and Pluto conjoining would potentially affect everything from our everyday lives through to the world economy. However nobody could have prepared the world for how this year has played out. Who could have even imagined at that time the chaos of what is generally referred to as the global plandemic and the fear and chaos it has created?

In December there is another major planetary conjunction that will take us to the next
transformational stage of life on Earth when Saturn and Jupiter both move into the constellation of Aquarius within hours of each other. Saturn and Jupiter conjoining is generally referred to as “The Great Conjunction”, but this time it is very, very different.

What does this mean for civilisation and the planet itself? Some astrologers are saying this is the
long awaited Age of Aquarius. Barry will explain the significance of this planetary alignment and
explore all the issues around such a profound cosmic occurrence. He will also reveal some historical links to this conjunction and how past generations have been affected.

The times they indeed are a-changing and knowing how events are likely to unfold in the near future will help us all to prepare for the unique times ahead.

Dylan’s closing lyrics are worth meditating on….

The line it is drawn
The curse it is cast
The slow one now
Will later be fast
As the present now
Will later be past
The order is
Rapidly fadin'
And the first one now
Will later be last
For the times they are a-changin'