"In times of oppression, bury the quality of mercy deep inside, so that your oppressor's brutality can never damage it or you. Once free, bring this hidden shard of humanity back into your heart again and live the life denied to you."
-Steward Stafford

There are two things you need to do in order to get into NT.


All passengers prior to boarding their plane are being asked to provide their online or hard copy bank statement to see where you have been for the past 14 days.  


If you are driving, they may ask for petrol receipts, etc.


Unfortunately there seems to be no way around this at present, but to be forewarned may help with a level of acceptance. 


Remember the bigger picture, of the important work we are going there to do.  Please stay calm, non-belligerent and peaceful when dealing with them.  We have to lose some battles to win the war.


So many people from overseas are denied the privilege of getting into the country to be with us at Uluru, so as hard as it is to bear these invasive control methods, please grit your way through it. 


The same will apply with mask wearing.  It will be required in the airport and on the flight.  I would suggest that you draw a sacred geometry signal that will help counteract the harmful effects.  


Once we get to the Resort, things are much more relaxed and we can get on with things.


This is the latest information sent to us from Voyages:


To ensure our guests, our staff, and our local communities safety and wellbeing, travellers must present a photo ID and evidence of their whereabouts for the past 14 days prior to boarding their flight from original destination (credit card statement or similar in hard copy or digital format). Please ensure you review our FAQ page to make sure you’re informed on the latest policies and procedures.


Obtain your NT Travel Permit.

Travellers entering the Northern Territory are required to obtain a travel permit and present a hard copy of the permit before boarding the flight (electronic copy will not be accepted).


You can fill out the online form within 72 hours before travelling to NT to receive your permit, then print it out and bring a hard copy to the airport.




Travelling by Road:

From 1 December 2020 you will be able to travel to the NT via Victoria from NSW.  If you are travelling via South Australia, this is the website to obtain your Travel Permit:



This is a great article that has a link to every single State border control requirements because the Australian Government has not got all that information in one place. 



Ultimately, the best thing to do may be ringing the hotline anonymously. They will ask you to provide your details or be anonymous with providing a postcode. There are so many versions of what travel requirements are in place, it’s well worth while to speaking to an operator at the National Advice Covid Hotline.  You can call about your particular travel plans to get the latest advice as things are changing rapidly.


Ph: 1800 020 080