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Craig Cole is a former pro-wrestler, now freedom fighter.  As one of the organisers of the Melbourne anti-lockdown, Craig has been targetted by police for his pro-freedom movement. Craig operates the Facebook page 'No Consent - For We Are Young and Free' which has grown rapidly. Through his car vlogs he educates the community about Australia’s constitution, your lawful rights and exposing government/corporate corruption.

Craig believes the real cost of the pandemic is the mental health consequences and deaths due to the lockdown. He also has advice for those dealing with police when accused of breaching lockdown restrictions and stay at home directives.

Craig is the Victorian State Coordinator for Australia One.  



We are all on a magnificent journey and Craig will take you all through his journey, your journey and our collective journey.  Craig has developed a process to simply create a focused mindset that allows us to live in the moment more regularly.  He will discuss how to make the most of our past experiences that we have learnt from and that have shaped us, whilst maintaining the drive for our energies to shine through.  Then we can realise our endless potential of that Warrior Spirit that is in all of us.


Craig has had  the privilege and responsibility of working with disengaged youth in the community for the last 15 years, planting seeds to provide the building blocks of self confidence and become aware of  the beautiful centre of creation they truly are.  This work has expanded to helping people transform into who they truly are and into 'what is' and drives Craig's mission in this incarnation. 


Craig feels humbled and excited to be able to be on the stage at Uluru with everyone at this important time.  As we gather together, Craig, like many of us, knows that his journey has prepared him for the present and the journey that continues the drive for our energies to shine and realise our endless light of that Warrior Spirit that is in all of us.

Craig says: "Sending lots of light and love to you.  Let’s bring on Uluru!"