Grid Point 44 Expedition

Journey to the Centre of the Vortex

Join us on the trip of a lifetime into the centre of the vortex energies of Grid Point 44, Flinders Ranges, South Australia. This is no ordinary trip. This is a quest and you are the initiate. No matter how much inner healing and growth you have achieved to this point in your life, nothing will take you into your own personal dreamscape than being in these powerful harmonics.

Following a portion of the Bali-Bairnsdale leyline, we make our way from Uluru to Adelaide. This path will lead us through Coober Pedy, Woomera, and into the Flinders Ranges as we reach the highlight of our trip, Ikara known as Wilpena Pound.  Here, you will be literally in a vortex which is why Ikara (Wilpena Pound) is shaped the way it is - the counter-rotational forces bearing down on it from higher dimensions. This is a place to observe and feel. We will be in a massive Orgone accumulator with sandwiched layers of Quartzite and sedimentary rock thousands of feet thick. Grid Point 44 is the ‘Bermuda Triangle’ of Australia, with strange anomalies, sightings, magick and intense energies are experienced. This is where several of the Earth’s grid lines converge.

Making this trip on an air-conditioned Volvo coach, we will be accompanied by the author of The Bali-Bairnsdale Alignment – Robert Jameson; Kay McCullock – UFO Investigator and Dr Steven Greer’s Australian Representative; and Didgeridoo Sound Healer – Rufus Rogey. 

Other highlights of the tour will be group healings and meditations led by Kathryn Hand and Stephen Lindfield, including Vortex Light Journeys under the PandoraStar Light machines. Meditating by crystalline salt lakes; bathing in energies surrounded by walls of quartzite; sitting in reflection on medicine wheels set on leyline convergence points; seeking communion with the cosmos under the Milky Way in the middle of the outback – is there any better way to enter another dimension through such sacred places in the living earth?

Are you ready for a new frequency, your higher frequency? With new intentions, magic and alchemy, activation with intensity, energies, fast track solar, lunar, Earth, galactic, cosmic energies, divine union between light and dark, shadow and illuminated.  Take quantum leaps, and shine before your universe.  New beginnings.  Be an example.

Take a look at the full itinerary and join us.


Wed 15 Jan 2020

Day 1 -  Uluru to Coober Pedy

Quintessential outback touring

The day at a glance:

  • Depart Sails in the Desert @ 7.30 am

  • Arrive Desert Cave Hotel approx @ 6.00 pm

  • Group Dinner @ 6.30 pm  

  • Free evening to explore the town highlights or relax in the hotel's underground bar

Experience the deep outback of Australia's centre as we get to settle back and relax in air-con comfort​. It’s a big day with over 750 km to cover, via the Lasseter Highway/State Route 4 and National Highway A87.  Along the way we will visit locations of special interest and be entertained by our ground crew and special guest,  leyline expert Robert Jameson.

We are spending the night at Coober Pedy, world-famous for its underground living.  We can experience it for a night at the Desert Cave Hotel where we will check in around 6pm. After freshening up we will then all enjoy a scrumptious 3-course dinner at the hotel. Afterwards, take the opportunity to explore the nightlife Coober Pedy or relax poolside at the hotel, or enjoy a quiet drink at the underground bar.

The Desert Cave Hotel will allow us to experience dug-out style living, underground shops, bar and opal display areas - all within sandstone surrounds in the heart of Coober Pedy.

You can choose to stay underground, but if that feels claustrophobic, there are above-ground rooms available.  Sleeping underground is a unique experience. Quiet, cool, dark and airy - the rooms are spacious with high ceilings. Most visitors say that sleeping underground gives them the best night's sleep they have ever had!

The hotel offers visitors the best opportunity to experience Coober Pedy 'dugout' living.

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Meals included today:  Group welcome 3-course dinner at Desert Caves

Thur 16 Jan 2020

Day 2 -  Coober Pedy to  Woomera

Desert Plains and Salt Lakes​

The day at a glance:

  • Group Breakfast @ 7.00am

  • Optional Desert Cave Tour Departs @ 8.00am (leave luggage at reception)

  • Checkout @ 11.00am

  • Depart Coober Pedy @ 12.00pm

  • Arrive Eldo Hotel Motel @ 4.30pm

  • Group Dinner Booked for @ 6.00pm

  • Depart for Salt Lake Meditation @ 7.00pm

  • Woomera Observatory @ 9pm followed by Skywatch

After breakfast you can either choose to have a leisurely morning meandering around Coober Pedy, or take part in our optional add-on Tour of Coober Pedy (see information below).  After the Desert Cave Tour returns we check out and grab lunch on the run. We then head south to Woomera via National Highway A87. 

Woomera emerged as a settlement in 1947 as HQ for experimental British rocket and nuclear tests. The local Maralinga Tjarutja people suffered greatly from the resulting nuclear fallout. These days Woomera is still an active Department of Defence test site and has an eerie reputation for mysterious going-ons, similar to Pine Gap.  

After a group dinner at the Eldo, with surprisingly good contemporary pub grub, we will head out to a crystalline salt lake for a twilight meditation.  Following that, the Woomera Observatory will give us as an astronomical adventure, followed by a CE-5 skywatch, facilitated by Kay McCullock and Stephen Lindfield.

Meals included today: Breakfast and Dinner

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Seriously consider booking into a truly unique Desert Cave tour in the morning. The hotel has arranged an extra special discounted rate of $75 per person for our group and we need only x8 bookings with a maximum of 20 for it to go ahead. What a great way to see all of the sights of  Coober Pedy which holds a fascination for visitors from all over the world.

Underground homes, easy-going lifestyle and the mystery of the desert landscape make Coober Pedy a unique and special place.

Tour the town, hear about its history, the precious water supplies and power generation. Every element of life is hard-won in Coober Pedy. We will venture down a former working mine to see opal trace embedded in the sandstone, as well as an underground home including a description of opal formation.

A highlight of the tour is to view the Breakaways, a range of colourful exposed sandstone outcrops – spectacular views over the Moon Plain – once an inland sea. This dramatically beautiful area has been the setting for many internationally known movies.  You'll also see the famous Dog Fence (dingo) stretching 5,300 km across Australia and be awed by the spectacular excavation and beauty of the Serbian Underground Church, with its traditional Serbian Orthodox architecture and fascinating sandstone carvings.

Duration: 3 hours 30 mins (approx.)


Friday, 17 Jan 2020

Day 3 - Woomera to Ikara - Flinders Ranges

Look out Vortex, here we come …

The day at a glance:

  • Group Breakfast @ 7.45am

  • Depart Woomera  @  8.30am

  • Lunch stop at Hawker Visitors Centre @ 12.30

  • Arrive Wilpena Pound @ 1.30pm

  • Welcome to Country Adnyamathanha Yart @ 6.00pm

  • Medicine Wheel / Labrynth Walk @ 8.00pm

  • Skywatch at Stokes Lookout @ 9.30pm


After breakfast, we head south to Port Augusta, stopping for a breathtaking break at the Matthew Flinders Lookout and Red Cliff Walk. This stunning view showcases the amazing red soil meeting the refreshing blue-green waters of the Spencer Gulf.  We then move onto Hawker and grab lunch at one of the many local shops before we arrive at our final destination, Wilpena Pound Resort.  After checking in at the Resort you have the afternoon to relax or explore at your own leisure. A great optional add-on tour we suggest is the Aboriginal Cultural tour  - Yura Udnyu ($45 ).  Here you will join an Aboriginal guide for an informative stroll to Old Wilpena Station, walk along Wilpena Creek past magnificent river red gums with stunning views of Wilpena Pound in the distance. Learn about the landscape and biodiversity from the perspective of the Adnyamathanha people.

At 6pm we experience the Welcome to Country - Adnyamathanha Yarta at the flagpole for a traditional welcome to the area in Yura Ngawarla, the language of the Adnyamathanha people. Enjoy Aboriginal songs, traditional stories, and local information. 

You now have some free time to grab a quick bite from the IGA express or bistro before meeting again at 7pm.  This evening we head up to Willow Springs SkyTrek Station for a Twilight meditation.  This station sits at a confluence of the leylines.  A Special 'Trinity' (Triangular) labyrinth has also been laid out for people to walk, designed to lead people to the 'Centre' of themselves. We are given to understand that an Etheric Arcturian Crystal and an Etheric Sound Pyramid are also present, making this a significant energy Vortex area. Afterwards, we will head over to Stokes Lookout out towards Grid Point 44.  Kay McCulloch will facilitate a skywatch and, pending any activity or abductions, we will head back to the Resort around 10.30pm. 

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Meals included today: Breakfast

Saturday, 18 Jan 2020

Day 4 - Ikara Flinders Ranges

Vortex Energies​

The day at a glance:

  • Breakfast @ 7.30am

  • Day Trip to the Vortex Energies departs @ 8.30am

  • Return to Resort @ 3pm

  • Afternoon Pandora Star Light Journey meditation sessions

  • Optional Add-on Scenic Flight over The Pound

  • Free evening

Today we immerse ourselves in the Grid 44 vortex energies as we spend the day in the powerful ‘Cradle of Life’, experiencing the majestic beauty of the landscape. Driving through Moralana and the Brachina and Bunyeroo Gorges is a scenic highlight. Depending on the day, we may stop for a Sound Healing session with Didgeridoo player, Rufus Rogey, at Black Gap Lookout with views of the Red and Elder Ranges, or a meditation in a gorge below to bathe in the converging harmonics of the area.

We will also take in the picturesque Bunyeroo Gorge. The drive down the razorback to Bunyeroo Valley gives spectacular views over the Pound Range.  We should see an abundance of wildlife including kangaroos and emus.

In Brachina Gorge, we will sit in the midst of massive Quartzite walls, using the crystal properties to positively anchor in recent transformation in the fabric of our physical and subtle bodies. Meditating in this high Quartzite zone helps prevent you from slipping back to your old state after you undergo any uplifting change, such as a healing or spiritual experience. This gorge is home to the largest populations of the endangered Yellow-Footed Rock Wallaby.

On returning to the Wilpena Pound resort, there’ll be time for a swim and relaxation.  This afternoon you will be able to enjoy Light Vortex Journeys under the PandoraStar light machine.

We also recommend an optional add-on to take in a 30 minute scenic flight ($209), which gives you a complete circuit of Wilpena Pound over the Elder Range, Edeowie Gorge, Heysen Range, Lake Torrens, Bunyeroo Gorge, Brachina Gorge, St Mary Peak and the Pound Gap. You will clearly see how the Flinders Ranges appear to be a backbone on the landscape. An extraordinary sight and great for photographers. Book your flight here>>

Tonight is a free night to have a leisurely dinner in the restaurant and have an early night.


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Meals Included today: Breakfast

Sunday, 19 Jan 2020 

Day 5 -  Arkarloo Rock and Sacred Canyon 

Ancient Mysteries​ and Sacred Places

The day at a glance:

  • Tour to Arkarloo Rock and Sacred Canyon departs @ 6.30am

  • Return to Resort @ 11am

  • Hills Homestead Walk @ 3pm

  • Trip to Rawnsley Park Station for group farewell dinner departs @ 5.30pm

  • Arrive back to Resort @ 10pm

An early morning trip to the significant sacred site of Arkarloo Rock, to capture the early morning light at this meaningful place for Adnyamathanha people of the Flinders Ranges. You will enjoy a picnic brunch box to snack on during the bus trip. We will hike in to see rock paintings of the dreaming, or creation story of the area - Yura Muda of Ikara.  We then visit Sacred Canyon where we will view ancient rock engravings are found in smooth sandstone walls. You can scramble up the waterfall near the end of the gorge to see some more engravings and we’re told it’s possible to see echidnas foraging in the creek bed. We will take time to transcend time and space with a Sacred Earth process and enter another dimension through the living earth in the middle of this sacred area.

We then return to the Resort so you can have lunch, a swim and chill out time.  We will continue with Light Vortex Journeys Under the PandoraStar deep trance machine. 


In the late afternoon, we suggest the Hills Homestead Walk as an optional add-on tour ($45), where you walk through the tranquil Pound Gap into the Pound. Following Wilpena Creek through tall river red gums and pines. The walk continues to Hills Homestead, where you can read about the original inhabitants of the cottage and their struggles with the harsh Australian conditions.

Tonight we all gather as one again and head off to Rawnsely Park Station for a farewell dinner at the Woolshed. Rawnsley Park is home to one of the 12 'Best pools with a view' getting a mention alongside stunning pool locations such as Kenya and Peru. You’ll be bathing with iconic views to the Chase Range and Wilpena Pound. You can read the article below.

Following a swim and pre-dinner drinks we all meet up at the Woolshed Restaurant for an authentic Aussie experience and our farewell dinner.  The restaurant is well renowned for serving delicious modern Australian cuisine and wines.

Meals Included today: Breakfast and Farewell Dinner


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Mon, 20 Jan 2020 

Day 6 - Wilpena Pound to Adelaide

Homeward Bound​

The day at a glance:

  • Breakfast @ 9am 

  • Check out and depart Wilpena Pound @ 10.00am

  • Drop off at Adelaide Airport @5.30pm

  • Tour ends at Ibis Grosvenor, North Terrace Adelaide @ 6pm

After checkout, we make our way to Adelaide via Alligator Gorge.  This is a place not to be missed for an incredible bush walk where you’ll see amazing red rock formations, tiny creeks, wonderful waterfalls and an abundance of the Australian bush.

We will be making a drop off at Adelaide Airport for anyone flying out that evening, or you may wish to book in at the Ibis Airport if you have an early morning flight.

The tour will conclude in Adelaide CBD at the Ibis Grosvenor, 125 North Terrace, Adelaide.  For bookings call 1800 026 370 or visit their website.

Please note this itinerary is a guide and subject to change without notice, depending on external circumstances beyond the control of the tour operators and organisers.

The cost for this trip is
$2,250 per person

and includes:

* Coach travel door to door from Uluru to Adelaide airport

* Breakfast every day (except departure day)

* Accommodation at Desert Caves, Eldo Hotel and Wilpena Pound (3 nights)

* Welcome dinner, Travelling Day 2 Dinner and Farewell Dinner

* Guides, fees, park permits

* PandoraStar sessions