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Kay is the Founder of Consciousness Development and Research Group (Australia), and CSETI Australia. She is a main point-of-contact for Dr Steven Greer in Australia and has been facilitating ET Contact Workshops and Skywatches since 1995 with her skywatches being well known for a high level of sightings and contact. Kay is a Generational Contactee and her personal experiences with ETs, UFOs and High Strangeness has been occurring since 1975.



Kay is facilitating a workshop to teach processes and practices that create the most effective way to experience contact at skywatches.  Kay has been a resident at Yulara for over a year now and her local knowledge adds another level of outback experience.

Kay has been facilitating workshops and  hosting kywatches for decades. Her skywatches are renowned for high levels of contact. In previous years at Uluru, the resident astronomer, Gary Telford, participated in a couple of Kay's skywatches. He commented that at Uluru they are lucky to see one craft a night, yet he recorded no less than 11.  

If you are intending to join Kay on her Milky Way Skywatch, it is highly recommended that your first particpate in her workshop. 


For those attending the activation ceremony, Kay is in the lineup of facilitators.