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Pleiades and Ascension

The wisdom of the ancients contains truth that we are increasingly embracing and understanding. Many indigenous elders across the world are passing on their age-old knowledge.

Aunty Nelly Patterson, Anangu Elder at the Cosmic Consciousness Conference 2019

This is also true of the Indigenous Australians. In fact, at Uluru in January, Conference Organisers, Mick Turner and Kathryn Hand, were blessed to have a senior elder, Aunty Nelly Patterson, bestow upon them a most privileged and rare gift - she gave them a private narration of the story of the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades as she showed her paintings depicting the legend. Aunty Nelly gave permission for it to be filmed and when Mick asked if he could share the story to delegates, she pointed at Kathryn and said "Nah, she can tell them though"!

Delegates at the 2020 Conference will be the first to be shown that video, a priceless bonus for all those present.

Does a pivotal legend in Aboriginal culture (and in other cultures) give us any clues as to upcoming ascension - especially as we approach the all important 'cosmic umbilical' date on 12 January?

In some versions, the Pleiades is an ascension story. Sisters come from the west, and arrive at some point in the east, where they ascend.

Robert Coon's work gives an insight into the connection between the very important Pleiades story and ascension.

"The ancient Aboriginal culture built no cathedrals and wrote no books. All of their essential laws and spiritual concepts are found in the landscape. Primal creation is pure and is based on universal laws. To enter into Dreamtime is to be in direct contact with the creative force.

As creation is continual, we must learn how to make our contact with Creation Time continual. In every instant of the present, life is recreating itself into something new. Open the way. May the full creative force of Dreamtime always take delight in the infinite possibilities which exist within this Eternal Now.

There is an ancient ascension story connected with the path of the Rainbow Serpent from Dampier Land to Uluru. The Wad Gudjara were two men who travelled this path. They had a special boomerang which had the essence of the Tree of Life in it.

As they went, they initiated people into art, song and dance. When they arrived at the cardinal solar plexus area, ie Uluru, they ascended or immortalised.

In some versions, the Pleiades is an ascension story. Sisters come from the west, and arrive at some point in the east, where they ascend.

In the words of the Aboriginal poet, Lorraine Mafi-Williams –

They danced in the wind for everlasting life.

They danced the dreaming alive….

- Robert Coon ‘The Rainbow Serpent and the Holy Grail’

In Aboriginal cosmology, the creation story told of the sky world beyond the earth where traditional healers could gain entry by climbing or pulling themselves up a connecting cord. This cord was actually seen as an umbilicus as a life-giving or life-sustaining connection between the earth with the sky world above.

Could it be time for the umbilical cord to become reconnected?

Dianne Johnson wrote "Cosmologist [Edward] Harrison has suggested that all universes conceived by humans are ‘impermanent conceptual schemes’ rising, flourishing and then declining over time to be finally superseded. Their decline and fall were usually due to one of four reasons.

The first cause was assault by an alien culture; the second was because startling new discoveries produced new notions; the third was because old problems re-emerged, refusing to stay submerged; and the fourth was because there was a relentless shift in public opinion.

Yet, throughout history, in all cultures, there is and has always been a conviction by participants that a particular cultural conception of the universe is the Universe, their particular mask the true face.

According to Harrison, each universe or mask presents a conceptual scheme that organises human thought and shapes human understanding. Generally, within each universe, the end to the search

for all knowledge at last looms in sight. Each universe, in its day flourished as an awe-inspiring, self consistent scheme of thought, yet each is doomed to be superseded by another and

perhaps grander scheme."

With astrologer Nick Fiorenza labelling the upcoming Saturn/Pluto conjunct on 12 January 2020 creating a new societal reset and the start of 'The Great Transformation', it sounds like the fourth reason as described by Harrison above. The shift in public opinion on everything from commerce, media, medicine, government and our very way of life, will bring a physical change powered by a heart-led and soul-driven desire to move into a higher consciousness.

Perhaps the ancient ascension story of the Seven Sisters and other Dreamtime legends hold wisdom that we now are ready to hear.

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