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The Cosmic Umbilical Cord Connection at Uluru-Kata Tjuta

Originally published on Nexus Newsfeed on 23/11/18 and updated 29/04/19

There’s a force that draws visitors to Uluru, the iconic 300 million-year-old rock that rises so suddenly and unexpectedly from the red desert sands in Australia’s heartland. Visitors come from far and wide to feel the drama of the land and immerse themselves in its rich, ancient culture. This sacred site is one of the top ‘bucket list’ experiences, offering a multitude of reasons to keep visitors coming back for more.

Everyone knows the imposing monolith that Uluru is, however the lesser known half of the dual heritage listed site is Kata Tjuta. These two rock formations are a massive conductor of energy through the electromagnetic energy field – a gigantic library of extraordinary levels of knowledge about what has happened across the whole planet.

Whilst some believe these rock formations are artefacts left behind when the Pleiadians seeded the planet, the local Anangu believe the area was created at the beginning of time by ancestral beings – Uluru is regarded as physical evidence of the ancestors’ activities during creation. On 12 January 2020 at a rare Saturn Pluto conjunction, it is believed by the Anangu elders that a significant shift will take place – perfection will spread throughout the world – a cosmic umbilical cord will unite heaven with earth. [Read more about this significant date]

It is for this reason that one of the most significant spiritual conferences on the annual calendar is to be held at Uluru-Kata Tjuta. The Cosmic Consciousness Conference was first planned by Conference Organisers, Mick Turner & Kathryn Hand 4 years ago.

“We were being guided to hold an event at Uluru, without knowing why. Logically, we wanted to hold it in August - a great time for wildflowers and logistically for us much more convenient. However, we used our trusty pendulum to select the date and it kept coming up with January. The more we researched, the further down the rabbit hole we went. We learnt more about the significance of 12 January and when we discovered the belief of the Anangu elders we realised they were describing a cosmic consciousness. So we locked in that date and every year we are building the energy towards 12 January 2020 at this incredible place, which also happens to be the Earth’s solar plexus" said Kathryn.

Just as our bodies have meridians and chakra points, so too does Gaia.

Mick Turner adds: "To be able to go to these significant places on the planet and connect with the energy is magical on its own, but when you are in this collective energy that you get at our conferences it is hugely transformational.”

The inaugural event was launched on 11.1.2018 (11.11.11) – a gateway into our highest potential as a human being and our connection with all that is. In 2019 the Organisers built on those foundations in preparation for 2020.

Kathryn continues: “It gives those that choose it the opportunity to unify with their divine purpose. This is the time to gain mastery over your ego, your life, your conscious mind. Now it is the time to manifest and reap what you have sown. To step into that in a place like Uluru-Kata Tjuta is something not to be missed. The collective energy is amazing – when you get people together generating this vibration of transformation. The ‘truth vibration’ is getting stronger and stronger – it’s exponentially growing and instead of living the old paradigm – its rapidly changing to a higher consciousness and the possibility and love and joy and peace.”

Indeed, as Conference Organisers pointed out, Uluru-Kata Tjuta is located on the third of the Earth’s chakra points. These chakra points are where energetic leylines intersect. To raise awareness about the importance of Earth Chakra points for personal and planetary healing, International Earth Chakra Day is celebrated on 12 January and kicks off at Uluru.

Mick says: “As we know, the time has come for humanity to reassess just about everything we believe about our past and the way in which we move forward. It is time to explore and embrace a new model of human existence – one that explains our celestial origins, multidimensional capacities and a recognition of ourselves as co-creators of an expanding universe. This is cosmic consciousness.”

Organisers are excited about their speaker showcase. They carefully hand pick their speakers from around the world, saying that bringing in those they do just amplify the entire experience.

“We choose people like Christine Day who captivate audiences with her outstanding experiences from the Pleiadians; and Tracey Ash who travels the world working with powerful vortex gridding in sacred site destinations. We are excited to bring over scientists such as Dr Mohsen Paul Safarazi from the US, a retired professor of Micromechanics of Materials, a prolific author of hundreds of papers on multidimensional consciousness; and one of America's spiritual sweethearts and alternative news journalists, Alexis Brooks, of Higher Journeys. Alexis has interviewed all the movers and shakers in the consciousness arena.

''We never know what will occur at our Conferences, but with our speakers, and our delegates, it will be something magical!” Kathryn says.

Whilst it is unknown what magical possibilities will happen at this conference, but there was a clue. In a synchronistic twist, author and medium, Valerie Barrow, realised last year the Cosmic Consciousness Conference had been predicted more than 20 years ago in her book titled ‘Alcheringa’ about the Pleiadian connections with Uluru in 1995. The excerpt from that book reads:

“The difficulties with getting out there is because it is right in the peak of school holidays. Apparently, the resort is booked out but somehow places are being found for those that obviously the Star People want to be there. There is a certain amount of testing going on in that whether people are really intent on going for the right reasons. The ones feeling strongly moved to go and feel they have to be there…

The Event will become World Wide in its happening, in other words all the World will hear of it. It will lead on to other experiences similar, all around the Earth, but at Uluru it will be like a door opening and it will be an en masse appearance of Star Ships so that all that are at Uluru will experience the presence of Extra Terrestrials.

It will be a short visit, but it will be one that will leave no doubt in anybody’s mind… there will be much communication taking place and much understanding will come to the Black man and the White man.” No matter what occurs, the connections, growth, learning and insights that will eventuate at the Cosmic Consciousness Conference bring memories and positive change which can last a life time, leaving Uluru-Kata Tjuta indelibly stamped in the hearts of those that attend."

Whatever one’s belief around this ancient site, one thing is unanimously agreed upon by all that visit – the energy is palpable. Even the most spiritually underdeveloped revere the atmosphere, without the words to articulate their experience. This is an amazing opportunity to be in the heart of these powerful energies of activation. It will expand your consciousness and assist in the upgrading of DNA and will help you to heal on deep and profound levels. We are the masters and this is the time to gather in this profound location.

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