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Rules and Procedure for Writing Dissertations on Tourism

Tourism is one of the young industries in our world. Educational programs in this direction have appeared in the United States of America relatively recently. Today, specialists in the tourism field are in high demand in the labor market. It is not easy to complete a dissertation on tourism. The process of creating a scientific study should be based solely on fresh and relevant, reliable and reasonable data, which can be quite difficult to find.

The procedure for completing a dissertation on tourism is standard:

  • choice of topic;

  • drawing up and coordination of the work plan with the supervisor;

  • selection of information sources, data processing;

  • implementation of the main part: formation of a theoretical chapter, writing a practical section (search and justification of the problem, development of measures to solve it, proof of the effectiveness of recommendatory actions, approbation results);

  • writing an introduction and conclusion, the formation of a list of references, applications;

  • registration of the dissertation in accordance with the methodological requirements and regulations;

  • checking the project for quality, errors and plagiarism;

  • formation of the abstract;

  • verification by the supervisor, pre-protection, data correction (elimination of identified comments);

  • formation of a package of documents: availability of publications in HAC-editions and scientific journals, abstract, review, etc.

  • protection.

PhD in tourism

This scientific work involves the accomplishment of a new discovery of industry, the development of a new mechanism that can improve the situation, change the life of the country and tourists for the better.

There is not much information on tourism, so the process of writing candidate and doctoral projects is much more complicated. Justifying the problem and developing a completely new algorithm is not easy. There must be a full-fledged theoretical base, a qualitative analysis, on the basis of which a new theory will be based.

The concept put forward by the applicant should have no analogues, differ from earlier ideologies and bring about fundamental changes.

Writing a dissertation on tourism

Scientific research must be formalized in accordance with the requirements of a wide suite of regulations. The text of the dissertation on tourism should be presented in a scientific style. All proposals adhere to the principles: clarity, brevity, clarity, consistency and coherence. The scope of research depends on the type (master's, candidate 's or doctoral). The structure of the work must include: title page, table of contents, introduction, main material, conclusion, list of materials used, list of abbreviations and their transcript, applications.

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