Steven Allan Booth is a Master Lightworker and Qualified Acupuncture Practitioner, with extensive experience with meridian-based bodywork (Shiatsu), Raja Yoga meditation, Transpersonal Counsellor, and is a serious practitioner of Qigong and the Chinese Internal Martial arts.

While drawing on Esoteric and Transpersonal frameworks, Steven remains grounded, practical and accessible in his approach to the work.

His major current focus is expanding upon the New Encoding Patterns from Esoteric Acupuncture and other Lightbody Activation processes, to support the evolution of consciousness, spiritual development and world service.

Steven offers Lightworker training programs, self-development workshops, group activation sessions and practitioner education. 



He is the founder of the Seven Stars Academy, which aims to provide Lightworkers with the skills, knowledge and practices aid in navigating the change process, increase coping capacity, and support the expression of latent and emerging human potentials.

While drawing on Esoteric and Transpersonal frameworks, Steven remains grounded and practical in his approach.


Aside from private practice, he runs regular meditation classes, group activation sessions, depth exploration, and process work. He also offers self-development and practitioner training in this work through Seven Stars Academy.




In this presentation, Dr Steven Booth (CM) will present the fundamental concepts of Lightbody Activation:

* embodied Sacred Geometry, from a Daoist perspective
* direct experience of expanded awareness and higher sensory perceptions
* tuning to resonant frequencies and working with the Heart field.
* concepts around the evolution of consciousness: ‘the New Human’ and 5D planetary blueprint
* explanation of the fifth dimensional geometric light code sequences within the emerging human energetic field
* activation of the basic New Encoding Patterns for personal and planetary evolution


As a species we are on the precipice of a quantum leap in consciousness, facing rapid evolutionary shifts on a personal and planetary scale.

The development of New Human energetic systems (Lightbody) is essential to assist in adapting to the shifts through this emerging period of unprecedented rapid change.

In this practical workshop you will learn Lightbody Activation techniques drawn from meditation, qigong, embodied sacred geometry, as well as the New Encoding Patterns from Esoteric Acupuncture.

This process will aid you in gaining greater control of your own energetic alignment and calibration, assist you in developing a more detailed sense of subtle energies and field dynamics, deepen your understanding of self and your divine purpose.



Natasja Oberholzer has dived deeply into the Lightbody Activation work, and is solidly grounded in her own practice.  Through the magic of crystal grids, Light Language and Light Code Transmissions, she brings through codes of remembrance for healing and awakening.

Natasja embodies sacredness and grace, has natural ability to hold space, and affinity for the frequency medicines of sound, sacred geometry, crystals and essential oils.

Drawing from her background in Reiki and Shamanic Practice, and with an artist's attention to detail, she brings creative, joyful and colourful elements to the workshop.

15min Energy healing and Lightbody Activation sessions

Limited products available (Vibrational sprays and crystal essences)