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Tracey Ash - a phenomenal schedule and matrix of earth chakras, energy pathways, ancient monuments and conferences aiding humanity and positive change (1999-). Her work defines a new genre of spirituality and sovereignty. She is dedicated to a new generation of revolutionaries and evolutionaries awake in sacred earth. More than two decades of industry experience on genius meta-physics + premier consciousness training in U.K., USA, Japan and Australia. An influencer on what comes next for those who care about earth and humanity. Sufi, Emoto Foundation researched & PSI Japan honorary member. Creator of Ancient Intelligence Mystery School & Avatars of The Earth Gathering (USA & JAPAN). Her initiations are your game-changer, raising your bar to smash false matrix.


Her projects support positive change bringing together astounding ambassadors of evolution. This is grounded, super-intelligent, impeccable, next level spirituality. She stands for survival, warrior-ship, mobilisation and equality manifestation in precarious times. Her work has taken her to the United Nations. She was tutored for Oxford University and instead chose to aid humanity.

Tracey was trained in London, at the SAGB & College of Psychic Studies (1970 formerly LSA) in trance mediumship, psychic, healing and spiritual training. She was gifted her first contract of work by her mentor Suzanna McKinnety in 1999, who described her as a ‘unique talent, an octave higher in frequency.ʼ Tracey went on to establish a revolutionary foundation of work for a whole generation under 35 in 1999 before anyone else referenced indigos, rainbows and crystals. This generation is the first wave AVATAR and a global community has grown over two decades dedicated to world change.



This lecture redefines our work as the new frontier pioneers. You have made a very special pilgrimage to one of the seven gateways of our earth. Here we super-accelerate ascension initiation, quantum integration and star-gate technologies. Here we truly choose to evolve.
We have an unprecedented cosmic opportunity to redefine humanity. Just what is happening in 2020? In visions, of prophesy and contact since childhood Tracey Ash has been directed to prolific ancient sites to open the seven gateways to our central sun. In her work with individuals she is a formidable channel and catalyst of your original sacred contracts. She is an EMOTO scientifically researched field-leader and meta-physics genius.

A powerful prophesy and subsequent downloads took place in The Great Pyramid of Giza where all power generators shut down in September 2018. Even the back-up. For over an hour, she worked in black and void in the Kings Chamber, uninterrupted.

In January 2018, at Uluru post-Cosmic Consciousness Conferences Tracey was instructed once again to open the star-gate. This footage correlates to same-date Nasa photography.. All of her star-gate experiences consistently gift extraordinary contact, False Matrix resolution and sacred contracts reboot for individuals. There is another benefit meta-physics. This knowledge gifted to her also powerfully impacts False Matrix.

A huge concern in our fight for freedom, health and survival.

She shares her journey of star-gates, timelines, contact and quantum ascension. Her message is one of HOPE FOR HUMANITY. Her prophesies deliver just how we experience and achieve this. These are the great secrets alchemists and mystics of all times have referenced.
It is here we enter incredible human consciousness, PSI abilities, ancient intelligence encryption, sacred contracts, time-travel and contact. Here we smash and unplug from False Matrix. We restore SACRED & SOVEREIGN evolution blueprints and footprints of individuals and humanity on earth.

This lecture will be accompanied with her unique library documenting pro-evolutionary contact, quantum ascension and ancient intelligence keys revealed at premier ancient sites across the major meridians and chakras of our earth. This work intensified in Egypt during The Arab Spring, 21 March 2011. The Cosmic response to increasing False Matrix manipulations. The importance of The Denderah Zofiac will also be discussed with progressed excerpts of her best-selling book. She will also explain the pivotal star-gates technology calcite upon the pineal gland. When the pineal gland crystals are compressed or vibrated in practices at key earth meridians and gateways, the pineal gland emits light, photons and colours, associated with DMT. We are accelerating our ascension. This is incredible breakthrough information. THESE NEW GENIUS QUANTUM TECHNOLOGIES ARE RESOURCE OF HUMANITY WARRIORS. Her work has been acknowledged by EMOTO & award of an honorary membership of PSI Science Institute Japan. She is CoFounder of Avatars of The Earth Gathering and Ancient Intelligence Mystery School. A pioneer, revolutionary and influencer.


Our awareness capabilities and abilities impact every detail of our reality. This is reflected
in genuine quality of your inner knowledge over regurgitation of superficial knowledge,
presence of essential life force and ability to evaluate reality.

It is in quality training we finally leave behind low impact, superficial, mainstream training
and non-extraordinary change in our lives. Avatar Training revolutionises your reality and
potential. Here you transform and evolve to unlock quantum, intelligence, PSI abilities

You must be initiated in quantum and highest level meta-physics. It is here you must be
educated when selecting quality training.

You will immerse in science and process of quantum integration and finally initiating
quantum transmissions. We will explore the reality of consciousness, pineal,
unconscious and sub-consciousness.

Quantum & timelines. Deep exploring processes and initiation to access timelines.
Awakening pineal and third eye evolves our avatar and genius. We not only increase
awareness but are capable of smashing reality convention and limitations.

Past, Present, Future. Immerse in science and process. How you can finally influence
your deeper historical healing to unlock your present and future. The avatar is freed
from repeat wound experiences and repeat theme contracts.

Historical imprints, wounds and ancestral implants. This session quantum transforms
and restores. This session is essential for new levels of quantum energy release. We
are highly concerned about the wound written into current reality structures. We are
witnessing reality traps, 3D timeline attachments, toxic structures and stress
manipulation. Learning to heal, clean and clear is essential. Your awareness is finely
tuned in this process. This safeguards and protects you as avatar.