Winter Solstice Grid Point 44 Roadtrip

Journey to the Centre of the Vortex

Join us on this bespoke roadtrip through the vortex energies of Grid Point 44, Flinders Ranges, South Australia. This is no ordinary trip. This is a quest and you are the initiate. No matter how much inner healing and growth you have achieved to this point in your life, nothing will take you into your own personal dreamscape than being in these powerful harmonics.

Following a portion of the Bali-Bairnsdale leyline, we make our way from Bairnsdale near Melbourne to Uluru. This path will lead us through         and into the Flinders Ranges as we reach the highlight of our trip, Ikara known as Wilpena Pound.  Here, you will be literally in a vortex which is why Ikara (Wilpena Pound) is shaped the way it is - the counter-rotational forces bearing down on it from higher dimensions. This is a place to observe and feel. We will be in a massive Orgone accumulator with sandwiched layers of Quartzite and sedimentary rock thousands of feet thick. Grid Point 44 is the ‘Bermuda Triangle’ of Australia, with strange anomalies, sightings, magick and intense energies are experienced. This is where several of the Earth’s grid lines converge.

Making this trip on an air-conditioned Volvo coach, we will be accompanied by the author of The Bali-Bairnsdale Alignment – Robert Jameson. Other highlights of the tour will be  Vortex Light Journeys under the PandoraStar Light machines and a Winters Solstice  ceremony. Meditating by crystalline salt lakes; bathing in energies surrounded by walls of quartzite; sitting in reflection on medicine wheels set on leyline convergence points; seeking communion with the cosmos under the Milky Way in the middle of the outback – is there any better way to enter another dimension through such sacred places in the living earth?

Are you ready for a new frequency, your higher frequency? With new intentions, magic and alchemy, activation with intensity, energies, fast track solar, lunar, Earth, galactic, cosmic energies, divine union between light and dark, shadow and illuminated.  Take quantum leaps, and shine before your universe.  New beginnings.  Be an example.


Fri 19 June 2020

Day 1 -  Melbourne to  Echuca  via Bairnsdale

Sat 20 June 2020

Day 2 -  Wentworth to Wilpena Pound

Sun, 21 June 2020

Day 3 - Ikara Flinders Ranges

Mon, 22 June 2020

Day 4 - Arkarloo Rock and Sacred Canyon

Tues, 23 June 2020 

Day 5 -  Wilpena Pound to Arkaroo

Wed, 24 June 2020 

Day 6 - Arkaroo to Cooper Pedy

Thu, 25 June 2020 

Day 7 - Cooper Pedy to Uluru

Fri, 26 June 2020 

Day 8 - Uluru 

The cost for this trip is
$2,760 per person

and includes:

* Coach travel door to door from Melbourne to Uluruairport

* Breakfast every day (except departure day)

* Accommodation at Desert Caves (Coober Pedy) and Wilpena Pound (3 nights) and The Lost Camel (1 night)

* Swagging equipment for other nights

* Welcome dinner, 2 travelling day meals and Farewell Dinner

* Guides, fees, park permits

* PandoraStar sessions


a deposit of $280 is required