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Uluru, Australia  20-22 December 2024

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Evolve to a higher form of consciousness
Uluru, Australia
20-22 December 2024
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Welcome to a gathering unlike any other, the Cosmic Consciousness Conference.


2024.  December 20th to 22nd, join truthseekers and lightworkers from across the globe in the spiritual majesty of Uluru, the solar plexus site of the planet, a sacred place holding ancient mysteries and knowledge.

Immerse yourself in enlightening presentations and transformative workshops, led by dynamic and passionate speakers and powerful workshop facilitators. Connect with your soul family, forging bonds that transcend time and space, through group healings and meditations.

Explore breathtaking landscapes and delve into the ancient wisdom of sacred sites with exclusive tours to Uluru and Kata Tjuta. Experience the powerful Solstice meditation ceremony, aligning with cosmic rhythms at this sacred time. Enjoy skywatching sessions, connecting with the universe’s vast beauty.

Join us for 3 days of catered conferencing, designed to nourish your body and spirit, and stay on for the Soul Family Christmas Lunch, a celebration of community and shared journeys.

For energy healers, starseeds, old souls and lightworkers, and all who seek deeper awakening, this is your calling to elevate your journey and expand your consciousness. Whether it's your first time or a returning pilgrimage, this is the time to unite, explore, and evolve.

Join us at the Cosmic Consciousness Conference, now in its 8th year, and the 5th celebrated at Uluru.


Embrace the infinite possibilities.

Your path to cosmic awakening begins here.

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The two of you and your team, in what you created, gave so many of us the opportunity to be part of possibly the greatest experience of our lives, to be pivotal in the very event that may have triggered the world into the next and possibly most significant step in the great awakening.
Can I respectfully suggest you bathe in the knowing that the two of you have most likely been responsible for literally changing the course of humanity


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the solar plexus of the world
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