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Speakers & Facilitators 

We carefully select the most exceptional speakers and facilitators, each deeply passionate about their work and eager to share it with you with enthusiasm and purpose. The feedback we receive consistently highlights the synchronicity and synergy in how their messages and energy resonate with our delegates. It's as if you are being directly addressed, as though a particular phrase, healing, code, or expression of love was meant for you in that moment, from that person. They are your mirror, reflecting what you need to hear or experience.

Here's a sneak peek at the Cosmic Consciousness Conference speaker showcase for 2024.

Judy Satori

Judy Satori, renowned international spiritual teacher, speaker, and author, specialises in light language and energy healing. Her transformative work accelerates healing and spiritual growth, guiding individuals to higher consciousness.

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Discover the power of changing your mindset with Phoenix the Mentalist. Join us for a captivating journey into the mind, where challenges become opportunities and dreams become reality. Are you ready for the transformation?

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The Strongs

Authors, researchers, progressive archaeo-historians. This father and son team are re-writing Australia's history showing ancient advanced technology, earlier civilisations and a possible ancient alien involvement was part of the ancient landscape of Australia.

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Vaughan Nicol

Ancient history expert specialising in pre-flood cultures including the angelic humans, Nephilim & Titans and Lemuria & Atlantis. Vaughan researches sacred and ancient texts that provide an alternative view of our world and hidden truths.

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Andrew Lewis

Spiritual Tapping is possibly the most powerful and sustainable way for you to break free from old patterns or conditioning and awaken your full potential for a life of peace and love. Taking Matrix Reimprinting to a new level, Andrew's method is profound.

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Eesha Patel

Wealth and abundance is NOT something you have to earn or prove you’re worthy of – it is your divine birthright. With Eesha’s Quantum Wealth Activation learn to unlock the energetics of wealth with soul-satisfying income creation.

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Rufus Rogey

Rufus facilitates sacred sound gatherings and powerful healings using frequency, intention and connection with the didgeridoo. For the fourth year, we welcome back this humble healer with a remarkable talent. His unique approach to sound healing provides a truly transformative experience.


Source 88

Tim and Elise's mission is to provide tools and methods for others to heal and connect with themselves at a deeper level. They help people discern their divine life purpose and guide them towards creating a new reality. Tim & Elise have an extraordinary story to share with you.

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Joanna Walden

Visionary, multidimensional transformation specialist, speaker and author. Joanna uses heart technology, sacred site energy, channelled wisdom, and consciousness practices to navigate a path of transformation and guide others back to their mastery. 

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Fabiene Lui

Fabiene, a shadow integrator and light language activator, is an ancient being who supports divine self-remembrance for those awakening to their multidimensional mastery. She holds space for you, serving as a mirror to reveal what your soul already knows.

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Cyril McKenzie

Cyril McKenzie is a an Anungu Ngangkari healer who has lived his life in an around the Central Desert of Australia and especially the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara lands. Cyril will be offering one-on-one healing sessions and will share some of the Anangu dreamtime stories. 


Dr Clay Spencer

Dr Spencer has been working closely with traditional Aboriginal Healers from Central Australia, the Ngangkari of the Anungu people (traditional custodians of Uluru), as well as traditional healers from around the world with a view to bringing traditional healing methods into the modern sphere


Carrie and Chris

Embark on a mystical journey with Carrie-Anne Fields and Christopher Bygraves. Reconnect with your multidimensional self, activate your inner power, and transcend earthly limitations. Discover how to harness your DNA and consciousness to unlock your true potential as a super human. It's go time!

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Dr Bryan Ardis

Dr Bryan Ardis, health advocate, educator, and medical whistleblower is passionate about raising health consciousness. He exposed medical system corruption and promotes the body's natural healing abilities. We're honoured to feature him again in our speaker showcase and proud to say we were his first Australian appearance!

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Robert Jameson

A transformative moment led to the development of Robert's "God Gametes Theory." This concept suggests human consciousness as part of a divine reproductive system. He's authored six books, and is one of Australia's leading leyline experts.

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David Bumblebee

The fascinating interplay between solar activity and human consciousness, reveals how cosmic phenomena can influence us. David demonstrates the unique experiences of lightworkers who tune into these energies and enhance psychic awareness.

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Dr Shauna Bostock

Dive into the profound ancestral journey of historian and author of 'Reaching Through Time'. A remarkable exploration of storytelling and ancestral wisdom from Bundjalung woman, Shauna Bostock. Her curiosity took her all the way to a PhD in Aboriginal history.

Shaua bio pic.png

Charlotte Bellcom

MK Ultra and SRA have been used to create slaves capable of unfathomable acts. What seems to be a horror story is a terrifying reality that Charlotte has survived, and she is now raising awareness about their methods, how to heal, and how to break free from mind control.

Charlotte Bellcomjo.png

Rachel Vaughan

As a psychic medium and leyline seer, Rachel will unpack her knowledge about leylines, portals, and geophysical energies, including those at Uluru. With her help, we will learn how to neutralise the negative energy that has been deposited for nefarious agendas.

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Doug McIntyre

Doug has spent decades researching connections in one's local area and will discuss how to document memories, harness the power of genealogy, and decode family narratives. Discover how DNA testing can reveal hidden truths and connect the dots between historical events and personal experiences.

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