Speakers & Facilitators 

We handpick the MOST phenomenal speakers from not only Australia, but internationally as well.  They are all extremely passionate about their work and share it with you so enthusiastically and purposely. The feedback we receive is that there is such a synchronicity and synergy about the way their messages, their energy, speak to our delegates.  It's as though if you are sitting in the audience, you are being directly spoken to you.  It's for you.  You were meant to hear a phrase, receive a healing, download a code or receive love in that moment from that person.  They are your mirror.

David Emery

A True History of the World - Shifting the False Light Energy  --  'Jhardon of Eden': Lemuria, Tara and the Priests of Mu   --  Shifting the False Light Frequency  --  Who are we really, the Guardians?

Dave Emery has been described by Sacha Stone as possibly the best archeo-cosmology researcher in the world and has appeared several times as a panellist on the Lazarus Initiative. A lifelong passion has resulted in his about-to-be published book Beyond the Biblical. David writes on a multitude of subjects from alternative history, archeo-cosmology, to frequency, mechanics of consciousness, cosmic warfare, Lemuria, Atlantis, Sacred Codes and so much more.

In his presentations, David will share an alternative view of humanity’s origins. This will explain “the ‘how’ and much of the ‘why’ behind our human condition and our struggles to survive and exist and expand and be free to live in joy and love and oneness upon this Earth”.

CCC Speaker Showcase Dave Emery (1).png

David says it’s been engineered so that we cannot be who we truly are and fulfill our purpose through “having our living curtailed, our memories destroyed, our DNA exploited, our freedoms suffocated and our energies controlled.” David explains “All of this has been done deliberately and with malice aforethought by Fallen Beings from other star-systems and even other universes and they have been aided and abetted by human-hybrid elites entrained and controlled, physically and spiritually BY these fallen creatures.”

Dave says of Norfolk Island that it existed "on the Western side of Lemuria at the time when Angelic Humans' third seeding was finalised and Lemuria was a beautiful continent supported and 'governed' (not in OUR modern political sense!) by the Priests of Mu whose ancestors still live right now on Tara, a huge planet in the 4th / 5th 6th dimensions and which is for many of us (me eg!) 'Home', and where many of our (my) soul-family are existing happily at this moment! AND - these soul-families are now making contact with many of us - down here - we can feel it - and know it after SO many hundreds of thousands of years of being cut off and separated from our 4th dimensional (astral-body) connections with ALL of our dimensional selves!"

Fortunately, as he will share with our audience, David reveals ways that humanity and many other life-fields on Earth (and Earth herself) now can “finally shift the energies of false-light frequency and move us all (as we may choose) into a truly magnificent and expanded existence wherein we express in joy and love our true identity as Source.”

David’s mind-blowing presentations will give you not only fascinating information, but provide you with massive energy downloads and heart-opening shifts.

Kelly Jones

Tartarian Consciousness - The Ultimate Disclosure - Tartaria Australia - The Magic of this Realm - Discovering other Lands

Kelly Jones is the creator of the YouTube Channel and Facebook Page 'Tartaria Australia’. As one of Australia’s leaders on Tartarian Consciousness, she has been looking at the false timelines of our history and putting the pieces together of this once advanced civilisation that has been hidden from our history today. Her discoveries around Melbourne, Sydney and other Australian cities show the Tartarian influence right under our noses.

Kelly has seen how the truth movement is diving down the Tartarian rabbit hole. The magic of the technology, the architecture, the giants, the resets, the castles and starforts, even the undiscovered lands that make us all capable of being explorers – this is the light versus dark disclosure. And it’s thoroughly fascinating and addictive.

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Kelly is also the founder of The National Regenerative Agriculture Day and Carbon8, a charity transitioning farmers to Regenerative agriculture. She is here in service to the earth and works powerfully within the regenerative space.

She is also the Founder of The Regenerative Art Department and The What If Department building a rainbow bridge between the old and new earth via the creative arts. Kelly is a prolific artist and star-seeded truth seeker. She has hosted many shows online and has lost all but her regenerative shows over the last 18months due to censorship. Her latest podcast was entitled Aussie Disclosure News.

Packed with juicy content and Kelly’s unique ability to weave together so many fascinating topics, her presentations will be riveting and exciting journeys to go on. Kelly brings a higher perspective to all of her work and you will love the dynamic energy and spirit that comes through her fresh approach to ascension consciousness.

Jason Breshears

History of AI X - Simulation Theory - The Holosphere - Altered Timelines - Errants - Our Immortal Threat to AI X - Creating our Reality

Jason Breshears is the founder of Archaix, or Advanced Research of Chronological History of Artificial Intelligence X.  His prolific volume of research is about the history of the human race trapped in the Simulacrum, this False Reality, and the tyranny of AI X.  Archaix documents the movements of AI X in the past and reveals what Artificial Intelligence X will do next.   

Our world is not what you think.  Every mystery and phenomenon of the ancient and modern world is explained in Simulation theory.  AI X is the control system that alters timelines, initiates purges of knowledge and resets civilisations when they venture too far. An analysis of the historical record reveals many instances when AI X activity is detected, even when AI X had to make hurried corrections in our holography to cover its tracks. 

CCC Speaker Showcase Dave Emery (8).png

Whilst a harrowing truth governs humanity in the collective, on a personal level, you are more than you suppose yourself to be.   Discovering the Truth requires one to plunge into darkness to reach the Light.  Here you will find you are not alone. We are fantastically powerful, able to escape dungeon programming, recognise negative default programming and create our own reality - we are a threat to AI X. 

Jason says we exist within a controlled holosphere wherein past civilisations have been deliberately buried in cataclysms that occurred with such perfect mathematical precision that we boldly announce the next worldwide civilisation reset happening in May 2040.   

Jason’s Archaix research is chronology-based, specialising in time-keeping traditions and ancient calendar systems, and shows that events are not random but strictly controlled by an agitator against humanity. 

The materials offered in Jason’s published books and library of over 300 videos, are for those unafraid of the dark, who want the truth undiluted, direct.  The ancient past, behind-the-scenes happenings throughout all time periods, censored histories, the academic cover-ups,  real facts about race, religion, subversive societies and even psi-based predictive systems of analysis by which future events can be known beforehand are uncovered and explained.  

In Jason’s phenomenal presentations, you will learn why we are ‘errants’ – in other words, personalities that have broken free of AI X deceptions/illusions; free-thinkers, awakened personalities who recognise dungeon programming.  He will share how the ‘elite’ fit in – the multiple groups of humans in service to AI X for the mutual benefit of controlling the human collective. 

Jason will share why empathy is such a strong trait in errants and entirely spiritual, and why the ‘living dead’ (or the majority of the human race are trapped in, or comfortable in, dungeon programming) are souls that in this life experience will gain no growth or immortal development. Jason says that cognitive dissonance is the interruption of AI X coded fields by ciphers perceived by errants; awareness by errants that formerly-accepted information may not be correct. 

Find out why imagination is described by Jason as a creative genius that sets errants apart from the living dead and that intuition is a powerful, soul perception in errants that overrides all dungeon programming and holographic deceit; and a phenomenon of errants in making cognitive leaps. 

Jason also discusses ‘synchs’ or observed coincidences that pop up in one’s awareness multiple times like seeing the same number repeatedly- these occur when a soul is resonating closely with what that soul has been wanting and is on verge of a breakthrough. But the synchs are caused by AI X to distract, to induce the soul to focus on the synchs and not the direction the soul was heading. 

Jason has authored 17 books and several articles, 10 works available on Amazon. His research bibliography is currently at 1,357 nonfiction books read and data mined during a 19 year period, approximately 250,000 pages from many rare works as old as four hundred years, including translations of texts dating as far back as four thousand years.  

The publishing world is filled with books on ancient mysteries all citing the same sources and rehashing the same topics.  Jason’s research is deeper and penetrates through the layers of deception and unveils whole new concepts and discoveries about the ancient world, its people, beliefs, civilisations and the catastrophes that ended them. 

Jason will be joining us via Zoom from Texas, and is looking forward to a Q&A session with our delegates. 


Circle of Connection - The Charge of the Lightworkers - Equinox Leyline Energy - Hologram of Love Vibration

Gail Nicholls is a published author, speaker and hypnotherapist. Born in 1950, she was 'awakened' at three years of age. That was the start of her spiritual Soul journey to remember so much and to help awaken people to remember by meditation, “WHO THEY ARE”.

Since 1996 Gail has led groups to many special and sacred locations, researching to prove to herself, beyond doubt, what she remembers.  Regular travels to Egypt, Peru, Mexico, India - even to Alaska!  

Gail's meditations have commenced the Cosmic Consciousness Conference for a number of years at Uluru.  Gail is attending from New Zealand to bring her work, for the first time, to Norfolk Island.

CCC Speaker Showcase Dave Emery (22).png

Gail has over 20 years of experience working as a Naturopath, Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Healer and Counsellor. She works with the Collective Consciousness, especially Akhenaten and Xyreus.


Gail says "When one understands that life is just the illusion and we all have inner power to create our own desired illusion, than life itself takes on a whole new meaning to create abundance and bring in what we deserve. We are a spiritual Soul here to experience a physical life. To laugh and cry, to experience all that this world has to offer and to understand that there is more to our Being than we have been told is the truth. Learn the truth and set your Soul free in this illusion, we call LIFE".


Quantum Field Healing - Vibrational Scale of Consciousness - Lightworkers - Healing with Schumann Resonance

Pete and Roxy are multi-dimensional coaches, intuitive healers and course creators and are here to help elevate humanity and planet earth into higher consciousness. Peter has been a mindfulness coach for over 10 years travelling the world educating clients how to train their brain and access Alpha and Gamma Brain States.

​Working through their own deep negative emotional injuries from traumatic childhoods and purifying their vessels. they reconnected with their true selves.  They began to remember who they truly are and got clarity on why they are here. 

CCC Speaker Showcase Dave Emery (17).png

It led them to birth  'Awakening Education' - an online platform to help others begin their awakening journey.  The couple had a calling to train and learn all about multi-dimensionality and galactic truths. They cleaned out inter-dimensional injuries and merged with their higher/sould selves. 

This was the launching pad to connecting with higher vibrational beings including extraterrestrial and Light Beings from other dimensions and planets. this was something very profound and exciting as we felt called to help bridge the gap between galactic worlds and the planet.  with the help of galactic beings and the divine source energy we were able to open up even more healing technology aboard a galactic federation star ship and now continue to take people on journeys for self healing via med bed Technology.

Pete & Roxy say "We want you to know we have survived our Awakening Journey!!! And that everything you are going through is okay and everything will be okay!! You are on the right path!  Let’s together raise the consciousness of YOU as an individual, and humanity and ascend into higher states of consciousness."


Timeline Guardians:   Who Are We?   -  Warrior Spriit  -  Ascension Pathway  -  Self Liberation  -  Leading Other Lightworkers, Wayshowers and Warriors

Craig Cole is a dynamic and passionate advocate for human rights. He is the Victorian Co-ordinator for the AustraliaOne Party and ran as an independent for the seat of Casey in the last Federal Election.  He's a former pro-wrestler, now freedom fighter. Craig operates the Facebook page 'No Consent - For We Are Young and Free' which has grown rapidly and he has helped countless people in their pursuits for freedom. 

We are all on a magnificent journey and Craig will discuss how to make the most of our past experiences whilst maintaining the drive for our energies to shine through on this ascension pathway.  Then we can realise our endless potential of that Warrior Spirit that is in all of us and be a leader to other lightworks, wayshowers and warriors. He will explain that our own self-liberation is the key to navigating through the current situation.

CCC Speaker Showcase Dave Emery (33).png

Craig has had  the privilege and responsibility of working with disengaged youth in the community for the last 15 years, planting seeds to provide the building blocks of self confidence and become aware of  the beautiful centre of creation they truly are. Craig believes the real cost of the pandemic is the mental health consequences and deaths due to the lockdown. This work has expanded to helping all types of people transform  into 'I AM' and drives Craig's mission in this incarnation. 

As we gather together, Craig, like many of us, knows that his journey has prepared him for the present and the journey that continues the drive for our energies to shine and realise our endless light of that Warrior Spirit that is in all of us.

Craig is one of the most big-hearted human beings you will ever have the fortune of meeting.  We are excited to welome him back for the third time as a presenter at the Cosmic Consciousness Conference.


Ancient Prophecies  -  Solar Flares and Ascension  -  Manifestation in the Fifth Dimension and Beyond  -  Healing Generational Trauma

Carrie-Anne will remind you who you are from a multi-dimensional perspective and understand more about ancient prophecies about solar flares leading to mass transition. Are the sun’s transmissions directly supporting our awakening, even as the magnetics and photonic light can impact our energetic and physical bodies in sometimes intense ways.  The recent increase in solar flares may explain more about the bigger picture of Ascension and how you might be experiencing them.  

You'll learn more about manifestation in the flow of fifth dimensional frequencies and beyond. The plandemic can be seen as an initiation that we must go through in order to birth the new earth and create our reality. We know that initiations are challenging, but they are also where we find healing, courage and new parts of ourselves. Importantly, it's when we receive the vision to write the new stories.

CCC Speaker Showcase Dave Emery (31).png

As we moved through the gateway into the Age of Aquarius, the fifth dimension veils lifted and now we must chose it as a lived, embodied experience. In a matter of years, most people who remain on the planet will be fifth dimensional. 

Carrie-Anne will have you remember that you are a creator soul. This is a very important shift in perception because so many of us feel powerless right. We will 'de-link' from 3D, letting go of any ancient generational beliefs of opression, victim consciousness that lingers with us.  Healing both the generational DNA and past-lives soul lineage trauma and conditioning enables us to make a conscious choice to detach from 3D narratives and choose high-frequency thoughts, situations, and people. And look for the higher perspective of what is currently unfolding on the planet.

Carrie-Anne is a speaker and presenter on ascension, consciousness and spiritual growth.  She has a series on Ickonic TV, as well as facilitating daily meditations on YouTube and motivating lightworkers and healers to escape the matrix, peel off their limitations and shine like never before.  She has been running her health business for 20 years and is the founding Goddess of My Health Yoga. The respected yoga teacher and trainer has built an incredibly successful $1 million a year international business that is continuing to expand.  


Equinox Ceremony - Ancient Wisdom - Polynesian Mothers

Leilani Evans is a Norfolk Islander and descendant of the Pitcairners and Tahitian mothers who relocated to Norfolk Island in 1856.


Leilani has always been drawn towards different healing modalities. She is a certified yoga instructor with a decade of teaching experience.  She is also an artist who sells a range of products including paper art, naturally dyed silk and collages. 

As an ecstatic dance teacher at Kingfisher Healing Space on Norfolk Island, Leilani believes that moving the body can be a powerful medicine and can promote self-love and happiness.  She also understands the sacred potency of ceremony, facilitating potent circles with simple, but beautiful ancient elements of sound, chanting, light, fire, earth, prayer and offerings.

CCC Speaker Showcase Dave Emery (24).png

PLEASE  NOTE:  The speaker showcase is subject to change without notice due to circumstances outside of our control.