2018 - Foundations

January 2018 saw the birth of our research on cosmic consciousness and 12 January 2020 as the inaugural Cosmic Consciousness Conference.  Held at Voyages Ayers Rock Resort, keynote speakers were Laura Eisenhower (US), Graham Nicholls (UK)  and Tracey Ash (Jap/Egypt).

Joining us to create the foundational work in moving towards a cosmic consciousness, people from all over Australia and the world were drawn to the dual sacred site that comprises Uluru and Kata Tjuta. 

We always believed that this conference, more than any of our others, was a type of soul family reunion, with significant energetic importance for not only personal growth, but for humanity and planetary expansion.  

Both delegates and speakers were moved on deep levels by the power and energy at the Conference, the solar plexus issues coming forward for massive healing - again both personally and planetary.  As we move this point on the Earth towards the heart centre, solar plexus healing is required and whether delegates were consciously aware of it, this was occurring on many layers as we lay the foundations.

Other dynamic and inspirational speakers that presented both lectures and in-depth workshops were:

Ahmed Al-Fayed (Egypt)

Tim Zyphin (Aus)

Valerie Barrow (Aus)

Carmel Glenane (Aus)

Highlights included a crystal bowl tour to Kata Tjuta, phenomenal contact and UFO sightings at the evening skywatches (confirmed by Voyages Astronomer, Garry Telford as outstandingly the most UFO sightings he had ever seen), channelling by Valerie Barrow and in-depth workshops.

See more photos from 2018

2019 - Building


If we thought 2018 had been a success, January 2019 saw an epic event unfold.  With keynote speakers, Dr Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi (US), Alexis Brooks (US), Michael Roads (AUS), Tracey Ash (Jap/Egy) and Caroline Cory (US) wowing their audience with wisdom, insights and information.

Building on the foundational work commenced in 2018, the energy at this event set high standards in the unity, love, connection and healing that took place.  Being at a sacred site, amongst some of the most awakened people on the planet, there was such a high vibration that most delegates virtually floated on a high for weeks to follow! Lives were changed and profound healing occurred. 

A stellar cast of speakers included Gail Nicholls (NZ), Garry Telford (NZ), Kay McCullock (Aus), Monique Hill (Aus) and Karen Lithika (Aus) with a group healing by Anastacia Kompos. 

Again, phenomenal contact skywatches saw spectacular multi-sightings and the Up Close & Personal Night Event with Dr Sarfarazi had everyone in tears, laughter and spectacular learnings.  

A huge highlight was the Overnight Outback Adventure to Attila (Mt Connor) and Cave Hill where the group experienced amazing meditations, sightings and a visit with local indigenous.  The ancient rock art at Cave Hill depicts the story of the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades.

We were very blessed to witness the local Anangu perform their welcome dance, Inma, and to have a visit from Elder, Aunty Nelly Patterson.

Have you seen the video of the 2019 event? Watch it here.

2020 - Regenesis

January 2020 saw the culmination of over 4 years of work. ​An international audience joined us for the most transformational, uplifting and successful conference.


A strong team of keynote speakers including:

Martin Kenny (UK/POR)
Mary Rodwell (AUS)

Christine Day (US)

Alexis Brooks (US)


were supported by powerful local speakers including Scott Mathias, Steven Booth, Anya Petrovic, Kay McCullock, Barry Eaton (also the MC), Valerie Barrow, Barbara Randall as well as meditations and sound healings from Rufus Rogey and Karen Lithika.

To say that the Conference was healing and transformational doesn't do justice - it was far, far more than that. We created a bubble of the most beautiful frequency that carried us so high. Profound moments of synchronicity reminded us how universally supported we are; beautiful connections cemented soul family ties; and the intensity of light formed the most tangible, heart-lifting bonding unity consciousness.

What moments were standouts? It's so hard to say. We had our first on-stage marriage proposal between a couple who had med at the 2019 Conference that had the tears rolling; so many powerful moments presented by speakers that had so many impacts to mention; tours with Leeroy to Uluru that had everyone both mesmerised and in laughter.

And of course, the cosmological event that was the reason we started the conference many years ago - the Saturn/Pluto conjunct. Our ceremony was a living, breathing, pulsating column of light and energy that exceeded any expectations. We definitely made history and showed that light definitely wins. What a powerful group heart.

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