Pre-Conference Adventures

Departing Ayers Rock Resort 2pm 8 January 
Returning 3pm 9 January

Travel from Ayers Rock Resort to Curtin Springs for an overnight adventure, including a trip to a location beside a crystalline salt lake overlooking Attila (Mt Conner), meditation and skywatch.  The following morning visit the sacred site of Cave Hill, where rock art depicting the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades is depicted, estimated to be more than 22,000 years old. 

This overnight adventure was a sell out success in 2019, and an invaluable opportunity to bond with other delegates whilst experiencing deeply personal transformational processes.  Minimum of 7, maximum of 22.  


Welcome Reception

5pm- 7pm  Friday, 10 January 

On the night of a lunar eclipse, we have a special event to launch the Conference.  In Anangu culture, the art of dance is reserved for a very small number of special events and is therefore rarely seen.  During the performance, senior Anangu men and women share their traditional song and dance - or Inma. Every move and sound is rich with ancient meaning. Clapping sticks create an infectious rhythm accented by the chanting of traditional song. Ochre-painted bodies dance towards the crowd, bringing ancient stories to life. Inma is performed by senior men and women with strong cultural obligations to their land and people.  Together with bush-food canapes, and a chance to meet and greet the speakers, this will be a fantastic opportunity to get to mingle with like-minded new friends and get ready for a transformational 3 days!

Day 1  :  11 Jan 2020

<<9:00​-09:30>> Conference Opening Ceremony

<<9:30-10:00>> Kanyini - Unconditional Love  :  Barbara Schacht Randall

<<10:00-10:45>> The Pleaidian Perspective on Enlightenment  :  Christine Day

<<10:45-11:15>> MORNING TEA served in the Wanari Room

<<11:15-12:00>> Transmission of Light :   Christine Day

<<12:00-1:00>> Lifting of the Veil - Scales of Space, Time and Matter  :  Martin Kenny

<<1:00-1:15>> Didgeridoo Sound Healing - Preparation for Conjunct Ceremony

<<1:15-2:00 >> BUFFET LUNCH served in the Wanari Room

<<2:00-2:45 >> The Current Awakening and Download of Ascension Codes - Initiation  :  Martin 

<<2:45-3:30>> Cosmic Consciousness: Age of Truth  :  Dr Louis Turi

<<3:30-4:00>> AFTERNOON TEA served in the Wanari Room

<<4:00-4:45>> Communication & Contact with Non-Human Intelligences :  Mary Rodwell

<<4:45-6:00>> Animals, ET’s and Us - What’s the Connection  :  Alexis Brooks

<<6:00-6:30>> Closing and Rebalancing Ceremony

<<6:45-9:45>>   Workshop  :  Family of Origin (Part 1)  With Christine Day

<<7:45-9:45>> Higher Journeys InteractivePreparing for Communion with Higher Dimensional Energies with Mary Rodwell and Alexis Brooks

<<10:00-11:00>> Milky Way Contact Skywatch  :  Tracey Ash & Kay McCullock

Pandora Star Light Journey - Kuranita: Uluru Life Force 

Meditation - Galactic Crystal Healing Journey  :  Karen Lithika

Workshop - The Gift of the Kanyini Teachings:  A Legacy of Love for Each and Every One of Us   Barbara Randall

Day 2  :  12 Jan 2020

<<9:00​-9:15>> Opening by MC and morning meditation 

<<9:15-10:45>>  Inter & Outer - Dimensions of our Realm and Multiverse : Martin Kenny

<<10:45-11:15>> Morning Tea served in the Wanari Room

<<11:15- 12:45>> The Galactic Community Agenda within this Earth Transition : Christine

<<12:45-1:15>> Uluru's Lifeforce and Aboriginal Cosmology - Work of Robert Coon et al 

<<1:15-2:00>> BUFFET LUNCH Served in the Wanari Room

<<2:00-2:30>> Practical Lightbody Activation :  Dr Steven Booth

<<2:30-3:00>> Revolution - Stargates and Ascension :  Tracey Ash

<<3:00-3:30>> Antares Seals - Prophetic Symbols for Ascension  :  Scott Mathias

<<3:30-4:00>> AFTERNOON TEA Served in the Wanari Room

<<4:00-5:00>> Activation:  Mary Rodwell

<<5:00-5:30>> The Cosmological Energy Grid : Robert Jameson

<<5:30-6:00>> Antares Seals 6-12  :  Scott Mathias

<<6:00-6:30>> Closing by Barbara Randall

<<7:00-10.00>>   Workshop  :  Family of Origin (Part 2)  With Christine Day

<<10:30-11:30>> Skywatch

<<11:30-1:30>> Cosmic Umbilical Reconnection Ceremony 

Pandora Star Light Journey - Kuranita: Uluru Life Force 

Meditation - Galactic Crystal Healing Journey with Karen Lithika

Sound Healing Bath -  Uluru Energy Awakening with Rufus Rogey 

Day 3  :  13 Jan 2020

<<10:00​-10:30>> Morning Tea served  

<<10:30-10:45>> Opening by MC and morning meditation

<<10:45-11:45>> Bridging the Gap Between Spiritual & Physical Ascension  :  Martin Kenny

<<11:45-12:15 >> New Encoding Patterns from Esoteric Acupuncture  : Dr Steven Booth

<<12:15-12:45>>  Seven Sisters Story as told by Anangu Elder Aunty Nelly

<<12:45-1:45>> BUFFET LUNCH Served in the Wanari Room

<<1:45-2:15>> Evolving Consciousness Over Many Cosmic Lifetimes  :  Barry Eaton

<<2:15-2:45>> Alcheringa Speaks  :  Valerie Barrow

<<2:45-3:15>> Divine Masculine/ Feminine and Expanding Consciousness  :  Kay McCullo

<<3:15-3:45>> AFTERNOON TEA Served in the Wanari Room
<<3:45-4:15>> Cosmic Astrology Group Session  :  Dr Louis Turi  

<<4:15-5:15>> Vision2020 and Beyond : Robyn McClendon & Martin Kenny

<<5:15-5:45 >> Conference Closing and Rebalancing

<<6:00-8:00>>  Farewell Frolics Poolside @ Sails


Pandora Star Light Journey - Kuranita: Uluru Life Force (Max 8)

Meditation - Galactic Crystal Healing Journey with Karen Lithika 

Workshop - Extended Crystalline Heart Grid Activation with Dr Steven Booth

Channelling - Valerie Barrow

Please note:  The programme is subject to change without notice

Registration Tea & Coffee, Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea, as well as water stations are provided 11-13 January.  

Post-Conference Workshops

Tuesday, 14 January 

Tracey Ash - Avatar

Martin Kenny - True Cosmology and Ascension


Post-Conference Expedition

Departing Uluru 15 JAN 2020- Arriving Adelaide 20 JAN 2020

Join us for this bespoke tour starting from Ayers Rock Resort at Uluru as we follow the Bali-Bairnsdale leyline to Grid Point 44 near the majestic Wilpena Pound in the Flinders Ranges.  This high energy vortex point is the place where there is a convergence of several Earth grid lines.  

The Flinders Ranges in outback South Australia forms some of the most dramatic and beautiful landscapes in the country. It's a place rich in Aboriginal history and home to a vast array of wildlife.

We will visiting sacred sites, a tour with the local Adnyamathanha people of the region as well as having quintessential Aussie outback experiences, all whilst being in the mystical energy of the region.  

Sunrise walks and tours will start the magical days, taking in the beauty of the landscape.  And relaxing into the evenings will begin with a sunset meditation to connect with our innate gifts through the wisdom of the ancient land we sit on.  There will also be the opportunity for a group sacred light journey with a deep trance light machine, as well as a personal Pandora Star session.  Skywatching under the canopy of the Milky Way will be spectacular in the desert darkness.

A highlight of the tour will be special access to a cave near Grid Point 44 which has been closed to the public for many years.  In the area there are rock paintings dated 8,000 years old and carvings estimated to be 35,000 years old.  The women in the group will have the opportunity to visit a sacred women’s water spring. 

We are honoured to have Robert Jameson accompanying us on this expedition. Robert is the author of The Bali to Bairnsdale Alignment and Earth's Reproductive Chakra.  

This will be a truly magical experience, full of heartfelt connections, unique adventures and off-grid touring.

There will be a maximum of 12 for this once-in-a-lifetime expedition, so reserve your spot now by paying a holding deposit of $350.

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