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Why a Cosmic Consciousness Conference?

The time has come for humanity to reassess just about everything we have been told, believe about our past and the way in which we move forward.

Drawing upon teachings from our ancient ancestors, esoteric traditions and latest research from the world’s leading experts in consciousness, it is time to explore and embrace a new model of human existence – one that explains our celestial origins, multidimensional capacities, a recognition of ourselves as co-creators of an expanding universe and thriving in a heart-led, unity awareness. This is cosmic consciousness.

People say our conferences are no ordinary conferences. They are transformational events. Why is this so? It’s because we hold the intention for everyone to reach the potential of Cosmic Consciousness.


Richard Maurice Bucke described Cosmic Consciousness as the exact moment when certain people have found their mind transformed. This transformation contains a total letting go of previous conceptions, and personality driven features, that keep the mind constantly locked in a physical awareness.

As that letting go occurs, the mind allows its capability and awareness to see and feel with the whole of the body and thought process.

This expansive condition allows the body to feel an extensive and deep peace or exhilaration that is simply not possible in ordinary states of consciousness. Eventually the mind sees the total folly in singularly gripping to material purposes, social measures, and the struggle and drama of daily life. The mind begins an experience of transference into an expansive state of mind, that sees beyond the ego to ‘what is true’, the bigger picture without the pettiness of the ‘small stuff’.

The evolution of consciousness happens because the ‘ah ha’ moments are expansive and bring in a new awareness — that often has insight into an aspect of reality that appears quite supernatural.

The insight itself might seem small, and the mind might even find itself in both belief and disbelief, but it will remain a fact of that mind for a lifetime. That is how the mind truly evolves.


Why at Uluru?

This World Heritage listed site, commonly referred to as the spiritual heart of Australia, has significant energetic and spiritual importance for many reasons. Throughout the world, this site is known as a sacred site.

​Uluru and Kata Tjuta is located on the third of the Earth’s chakra points. These chakra points are where energetic leylines intersect. On 12 January 2020 (Earth Chakra Day) , a rare Saturn/Pluto conjunct occurred - Uluru was the primary focus for this event.  

On 12 Jan 2018, 2019 and 2020 the Cosmic Consciousness Conference was held at Uluru to honour the significance of this important date. Lightworkers from across the planet and all over Australia gathered together to contribute towards healing for both personal and planetary healing.

The year 2020 welcomed in the conjunct on 12 January paved the way for huge societal reset and will saw out the year with another, even bigger, cosmological event on 21 December 2020.

Yet again, Uluru is a focal point as the 'north pole' of the Southern Hemisphere - the zero point of such tremendous energies. This is the place where a portal of energy could potentially open for cosmic transferrance to be exchanged and welcomed.​

Why Uluru?

Will it be too hot?

People who have never been to Central Australia in January often mistakenly assume it will be too hot.  Whilst it is certainly very warm, it's really pleasant.  Most of us Aussie coastal-dwellers are dripping in the humidity during January, but the dry desert heat has a really comfortable clime.  

Kathryn says "I have been to Uluru 8 times now, always in December or January.  I've never felt uncomfortable there and I am not someone who enjoys hot weather typically."

As Mick reminded someone on a recent query:  "All the tours revolve around sunrise and sunset and at those times it can be quite cool in the desert.  During the heat of the day, we are living it up in air-con comfort with delicious food!".  

Every hotel within Ayers Rock Resort has a swimming pool, so you can relax by the pool with a cold drink at the end of the day and enjoy a refreshing dip.  

Gail Nicholls flew over from New Zealand and was joined by 6 other Kiwis for the Jan 2018 Conference.  Coming from the cool temperatures across the ditch, she was particularly worried the heat would be overwhelming. But as Gail said:  "I asked the same question! We were there last year, [it was] hotter in Auckland. Needed RAIN coats! Amazing temperatures, not hot at all.  Looking forward to next year and 8 of us going from good old NZ.  We all LOVED IT! So going back with a few more tagging along."

The same can be said for Sydney which has had hotter summer temperatures than at Uluru.

Too hot?

Why 21/12?

When we first felt guided to run a Conference at Uluru, we weren't even sure why or for what purpose. But, trusting the higher plan we knew all would unfold as it needed to. To cut a long story short, it pointing us in the direction of a Cosmic Consciousness Conference at Uluru and it became apparent we had to start building energy towards an important date -12 January 2020 – the date of a rare Saturn Pluto conjunction. Our first 3 conferences at Uluru focused on this important date.

The resonate theme - one of cosmic consciousnes, or 'As above, so below' - was a theme which showed in all areas of our life. (That's another story!)

So, if the Saturn/Pluto conjunct was an important date - a date which opened up the doors for a societal reset - the summer solstice (in Australia) will be an even bigger date. On 21 December there is a Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn - something that has not occurred for over 3,000 years. And the 2020 solstice great conjunction will happen at zero degrees of Aquarius - incredibly significant. This is beginning of the Age of Aquarius.

As Martin Kenny, Cosmologist, says:  "The 1894 BCE triple conjunction is said to have triggered the birth of the great Empire of Babylon and the Sumerian people that went on to rule and dominate the world for many millennia after.  


Now, three thousand years later, we will experience yet another great triple conjunction. However, unlike the triple conjunction that birthed Babylonia three thousand years ago which lasted only a few months, the coming Capricorn trifecta in 2020 will last almost an entire year. As you can see, for these titan energies to meet three times in one year is super rare. It marks significant and great change there's absolutely no doubt about that. 

As you can already tell, the stage is set for cosmic drama in 2020. To have a rare 3,000 year triple conjunction, in a 33 year Saturn Pluto conjunction, a 13 year Jupiter Pluto conjunction and a 20 year Jupiter Saturn great conjunction that falls on the most significant solar day of the year - the December solstice; PLUS an annular solar eclipse, that also happens to fall on the exact same day as the June 2020 solstice, is incredibly mind-blowing to say the least. There's no doubt the celestial plot is undeniable and unmistakable!  



But WAIT! There’s more! 

The next conjunction on 21 December 2020 was at zero degrees in the constellation of Aquarius-  an air sign. Great conjunctions in air elements are part of a large 140-year transitional cycle. Now, all great conjunctions from 2020 to 2159 will remain in air signs. the fact that the 2020 solstice great conjunction will happen at zero degrees of Aquarius is also incredibly significant. The zero-degree angle tells us that this is the beginning of something new - the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, the beginning of the air energy signs. This is the age of air energy, advanced technology, intellectual social change, rapid social progression, and new concepts that reshape our entire political and socio-economic system."

Read more about this significant cosmological event >>  HERE

12 January

What was important about Dec 2021?

“The triple conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto occurs in 2020.  This meant that the completion, and start, of three primary planetary cycles coincided.  The 20 year Jupiter/Saturn cycle, the 12.5 year Jupiter/Pluto cycle, and the 37 year Saturn/Pluto cycle. 2020, a pivotal year, initiated a significant new evolutionary current as these three new cycles simultaneously engaged.  A Societal RESET.  … This harmonic symphony provides the energetic currents in which all life evolves on Earth – not only biologically, but also providing the context for the development of society – and most importantly, for the evolution of human consciousness.”  – Nick Anthony Fiorenza


Why is healing so much better at Uluru?

All the sacred sites across this planet’s chakra points possess beautiful healing energy.  However, Uluru magick potentiates healing even more so because the primary function of Chakra Three, the Solar Plexus chakra, is to maintain the vitality and increase the health of all individual beings.

In fact, Robert Coon, in his book ‘Earth Chakras’ says:

“The global function of this chakra is to maintain the vitality of the Earth, and all living species.  In the future, if there is a world art of immoral health, then the wisdom of this art will be gained from Chakra Three in Central Australia.  This wisdom is delivered to the rest of the world via the ley artery, the Rainbow Snake.

The Rainbow Serpent travels the path of life.  It arises from deep beneath the surface of the Earth, and first emerges at Uluru.  

The Uluru magick is then transmitted to Kata Tjuta via a special song line.”


Is accommodation included?

The Conference ticket price does not include accommodation.  Due to so many peoples different budgets, travel times and preferences, it is easiest for everyone to choose their own accommodation.  You can reserve it now and pay for it about a month prior to the Conference.  Some people choose budget accommodation and others want 5 star luxury.  See our accommodation page to decide what works best for you - there are 7 different types of accommodation at the Resort.

accomodation included?

Where should I stay?

For those of you who have not been to Uluru before it can be a little daunting to understand all the logistics of accommodation. One of our most common questions is ‘Where will I stay?’. Voyages Ayers Rock Resort is the only place you can stay within a reasonable distance from Uluru. The Resort boasts 7 different accommodation properties to suit all budgets. The Resort feels like a little mini township – and indeed to the staff working there, it is their town. It even has a name – Yulara. Like any town, there is a town centre with shops consisting of an IGA, cafes, a post office, chemist, tourist shops and restaurants. The Visitor Information Bureau is also there so you can book your tourist activities. The Resort is a green oasis in the middle of the red outback.

You can walk around the Resort quite easily – from the furthest hotel, ‘The Outback Pioneer’, it is about a 12 minute walk to the conference facility. There is also a free shuttle bus that runs around the resort about every 10 – 15 minutes.

For those on a tight budget, you can stay at the camping ground or the backpackers. We had many delegates stay here in January and really enjoyed it. The Backpackers was surprisingly quiet we were told. For those intrepid souls that like camping, they were able to experience really pleasant evenings under the canopy of the outback stars.

The next level of accommodation is The Outback Pioneer and The Lost Camel. The Outback Pioneer was the most popular hotel amongst our delegates last conference, and this time the new Lost Camel hotel was another popular choice as it has only just opened in July 2018 and is situated in a great location.

If you prefer to have an apartment with a separate bedroom and a kitchenette and washing machine, then the Emu Apartments is the place for you. Make sure that you ask for a room as far away from the telcom tower as possible.

Our personal favourite hotel is the Desert Gardens. We didn’t stay there, but some of our delegates did and it has been recently refurbished. It is set amongst beautiful gardens, has its own restaurant and pool and is tucked away, although still only about a 7 minute walk to Sails in the Desert.

Sails in the Desert is the hub of the Resort. With a large pool, bar area, restaurant and being just across from the Meeting Place, it was a popular choice amongst many delegates as well. However, it is a bit tired and in need of an update. Still, a good choice if you prefer 5 star accommodation. Personally, although the facilities are 5 star, we don’t feel that the hotel accommodation was.

If you would like to stay at The Outback Pioneer, The Lost Camel, Emu Walk Apartments, Desert Gardens or Sails in the Desert, use the accommodation link on our website. This will guarantee you the best prices possible. The link asks you for your details, but your credit card won’t be charged until about 35 days before the Conference. As it is school holidays, it can get booked out so we strongly recommend you book your accommodation now.

Visit our accommodation page to investigate more and reserve your room.

Where should I stay?

How do I get to the Conference and where is it being held?

The Conference is being held at the Sails in the Desert Conference Area in the Voyages Ayers Rock Resort.  The quickest way to get there is to fly into Ayers Rock Airport - a ten minute bus trip to the Resort. Your airport transfer is included in the Conference Ticket. For more info on Getting to Uluru visit our GETTING THERE page.

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