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Making Dreams Come True

Since we started creating consciousness events in 2015, it has been our mission to transform people's lives.  We invite you to join us on a journey of growth, expansion and healing on one of Australia's most beautiful islands.  At this ancient volcanic portal, allow the old to fall away, and transcend to a place where dreams really do come true. 

Our community has been raising the consciousness of humanity by attracting lightworkers, energy healers, grid workers, truth activists and starseeds. Participants themselves also experience transformational growth, often profound life-altering expansion. Our various brands of conferences have been held at Sydney, Melbourne, Coffs Harbour and Byron Bay. Probably the most well-known international events have been the four Cosmic Consciousness Conferences held at Uluru.  Our Tribe created history leading up to the biggest cosmological dates in eons - the Saturn/Pluto Conjunct and the 21 December Aqe of Aquarius.  

Now our work for the Great Awakening continues in a refreshing new energy at Norfolk Island.  This secret enchanted place is in the heart of Lemuria where we now work to bring more healing to humanity.

We are gathering the guardians: the leaders and visionaries of the New Earth.

Mick Turner & Kathryn Hand
Co-Founders and Organisers

A Place for Angels and Eagles

French navigator Comte de Lapérouse

On this ancient rock in the South Pacific, a Lemurian Crystalline City of Light, a group of guardians will gather. 


The potent dynamic of earth light guardians together can fulfil our collective human destiny coded within us. We will strengthen the network of light all over the earth to enhance the golden age (which those of us present at Uluru witnessed first hand). 

As a group our service will aim to:

  • Anchor peace, harmony, love, abundance for humanity and Gaia

  • Make a deeper connection with our star families

  • Create heaven on earth – from paradise itself!


As individuals you can expect to:

  • Go deeper into fulfilling your soul contract as a guardian on earth at this time 

  • Raise your personal frequency and align with source codes (eg Diamond, Light, Rainbow, Lemurian, Andromedian etc)

  • Strengthen your ascension pathway with practical guidance for action

  • Receive deep purification and renewal

  • Liberate yourself from old ways of being and grow further into your own divinity

  • Live your life with more fulfillment and purpose

Norfolk Island Cosmic Consciousness Anson Bay.jpg

Emerging into life on higher dimensions

A sacred space in a sacred place where unique speakers, a caring team of organisers, volunteers and an array of interesting seekers come together for a profound experience on an island paradise in the South Pacific. You will be transformed.

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