Making Dreams Come True

Since we started creating consciousness events in 2015, it has been our mission to transform people's lives.  We invite you join us on a journey of growth, expansion and healing deep in the spiritual heart of Australia, at the Earth's solar plexus chakra.  At this powerful, sacred site, allow the old to fall away, and transcend to a place where dreams really do come true. 

Mick Turner & Kathryn Hand
Co-Founders and Organisers

Spiralling Into a New Dimension

2020 promises to be a time of significant transformation for our world. Explore our evolving planetary consciousness as you experience the wisdom of a wide spectrum of speakers. Bond with your fellow soul travellers in the sacred energy of Uluru.

Barry Eaton

A Perfectionist on Every Detail 

A sacred space in a sacred place where unique speakers, a caring team of organisers, volunteers and an array of interesting seekers come together for a profound experience in the heart of the country. You will be transformed.

Jon Wellisch
Team Leader