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Craig Cole

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Conference MC

Craig Cole is a dynamic and passionate advocate for human rights and personal transformation. With a background as a pro-wrestler, Craig has transitioned into a freedom warrior, dedicating his life to empowering disadvantaged youth and advocating for personal and collective liberation. He operated the popular Facebook page 'No Consent - For We Are Young and Free,' where he educated the community about Australia's constitution, lawful rights, and exposes government and corporate corruption.


Craig was the former Victorian State Coordinator for the Australia One Party, an independent candidate for the seat of Casey, and also ran as an Independent candidate in the Victorian State Election in the seat of Monbulk.  He has been at the forefront of the pro-freedom movement, especially during the Melbourne anti-lockdown protests. He is a vocal critic of the mental health consequences of the pandemic and lockdowns, offering advice to those dealing with police over lockdown restrictions.


Craig's work extends to the 'Leave our Kids Alone' initiative, which focuses on stopping the sexualisation of school children. He believes in the importance of doing inner work to heal the inner child and unloved shadow aspects of ourselves, especially for those on the ascension pathway. Craig's presentations are illuminating, guiding others to self-liberation and leadership as lightworkers, wayshowers, and warriors.


For over 18 years, Craig has worked with disengaged youth, planting seeds of self-confidence and helping them recognise their inner beauty and potential. For the last three years Craig has been running his Warrior Spirit Life skills sessions with home-schooled kids.  His mission is to help people transform into their true 'I AM' selves, realising their endless potential and Warrior Spirit.


Craig's big-hearted nature and dedication to personal and collective growth have made him a beloved figure in the community. He has been a speaker at the Cosmic Consciousness Conference three times and is the MC for the 2024 Solstice Reunion. His journey is a testament to the power of transformation and the drive to shine our energies and realise our endless light.

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