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Cosmic Consciousness
Aspect of 'I AM'

Cosmic Consciousness is a higher and more spiritual consciousness than most ordinary people possess. When Cosmic Consciousness is reached, the individual moves from believing in the oneness of the universe to having direct knowledge of that fact. 

You are an energetic being of light having an experience as a human being.  You have many aspects of yourself.
How might you appear as your Cosmic Consciousness 'I AM'? 

Would you love to see a visual of your 'I AM' Cosmic Consciousness aspect of you? Or perhaps your partner, child, friend or twin flame. 


Send Kathryn your name, and a little bit about what drives you, what talents or unique qualities you have, and anything else you feel might be important.  

Within about 4-6 days you will receive your own beautiful digital artwork that you can use as a tool to connect to your higher cosmic consciousness, or to just bring beautiful energy into your room.  It's wonderful to meditate with your I AM cosmic consciousness aspect. 


Every portrait is encoded with crystal energy and sacred geometry making each artwork completely unique and just for the owner of the portrait.

It's highly recomended that you print out your portrait and laminate it so you can sit and meditate with it to enhance connection to your cosmic consciousness, and leave it on your altar or other special place. It's also lovely to have it as your phone's screen saver, or to print out a card-sized copy to leave in your car.  You can take the image to a printer and have it printed professionally and framed or print it out yourself on a sheet of A4 photographic paper.  It makes a beautiful, intimate and personal gift for someone - a gift that is truly unique to them!

How to order your 'I AM' Cosmic Consciousness Portrait

It's so easy, simply fill out the form below and click on the CHECKOUT button. 
Each portrait costs AUD122 (around USD85).  

Your own, unique and very special portrait, not another like it in the entire universe!

Each portrait is individually and personally created JUST FOR YOU, encoded with crystal and sacred geometry energy.  Kathryn uses the information you provide, together with an intuitive 'tune in' to your energy as well as guidance from her own 'I AM' to create the unique imprint of your Cosmic Consciousness aspect. 


Kathryn is one of the Organising Team members of the Cosmic Consciousness  Conference and is also a Past Life and Life Between Lives Hypnotherapist.  She helps her hypnotherapy clients connect to their soul and higher dimensional aspects.  After a near-death experience, Kathryn had her own profoundly deep knowledge of the oneness of everything and the interwoven connectedness of all, as well as perceiving the human form in an energetic transference of light.  (Visit Kathryn's website >>  HERE)

"I couldn't believe my eyes when I opened up Mariyah's drawing.  It was like a dream I had when I was pregnant where I saw her as a Polynesian and I feel like you've captured that essence in this.  I call her an old soul as I see it in her eyes and even though she's only 2 she seems to have a wisdom - she smiled when she saw this.  The jade crystal back page blew my mind because we almost called her Jade!   Thank you so much for this treasure."   -  Mariyah's mother, Lana 

"Thank you I love it, love it! This is so dreamy, is SO us! "   -  Imogen

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I am Cosmic Consciousness Personalised Portrait

Click on an image to inspect it

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"Very cool, I like it a lot.  Probably would not have imagined myself in that way but I looked at it and it just kind of spoke to me and felt like looking at a long lost friend and his dog, super impressed with the dog too - it feels right to have a dog by my side in spirit as well."   -  Ryan

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