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2020 - The Year Dedicated to Clarity of Vision

What does 2020 mean for us? As Robert Coon said, "2020 is year dedicated to clarity of vision". The illusion will be dissolved. Everything that is hidden will increasingly be revealed.Our inner vision and spiritual insight will grow and see far beyond what our eyes see. For some who are already on the path, it will take them even deeper into their own healing and personal dreamscape. For others, it will be a rude awakening and may feel as though the world as they know it is crumbling. Aspects of it will crumble, as we know it needs to.

This new year is the gateway to a new dawn. Not only will we experience the impact of the Saturn/Pluto conjunct, there is another important date coming up in 2020 - when we move into the Age of Aquarius as Jupiter/Saturn conjunct at 0 degrees Aquarius on 21 December. This is something that Martin Kenny will extensively talk about at the Cosmic Consciousness Conference.

This is the year to cultivate our inner wisdom, instinctual knowledge, passion and drive. The time for us to have our own true power realised.

Numerologically, the 2s in 2020 represent love, partnership, peace and harmony. The angel number significance of 2020 is faith and trust in relationships. This is the year for deep, bonded unions. As the number breaks down to 4, 2020 also resonates the vibrations and energies of practicality, organisation, service, patience, devotion, application. It can see us returning to traditional values of loyalty, mastery, honesty and integrity. This is the time to build solid foundations and to see progress, justice, conviction.

Being a 4 year, expect to have a higher ability to work with the angels and ask them to guide and support you. The veil is thinning.Being a 4 year, expect to have a higher ability to work with the angels and ask them to guide and support you. The veil is thinning.


We've already climbed on the roller-coaster, and as we journey through 2020, repeat the powerful mantra "This too shall pass". It is remarkably balancing. Keep your heart space clear and open and let yourself be guided by your divine higher self.  It will never lead you astray. Allow your soul to remind you why you chose to be here at this time.

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