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A Complicit MSM Media Perpetuating Fear and Mind Control

The MSM journalists certainly aren't asking any questions that we all want answered. We know why of course, but it's frustrating nonetheless. These days, mainstream media doesn't even pretend to do journalism. Have you heard one single journalist ask a question that you'd like to know the answer to? If so, let us know.

Perhaps it's time that we all start asking the questions the media should be.

Brendan D. Murphy has put together a great list of 26 questions we can ask our local MPs, radio stations, civil libertarians.

We emailed Professor Anne Twomey, of Sydney University, a professor of Australian constitutional law, and allegedly a civil libertarian, to ask her for advice. We thought she may be able to offer a legal loophole and help the people find a way to claim back the freedoms that have been taken away. Surely enforcing rules to imprison people in their own homes, whilst shutting down entire industries such as travel and tourism; leisure and events; sectors of the retail industry; hospitality and so much more, cannot be constitutional. Unfortunately, Ms Twomey underwhelmed us with standard textbook government rhetoric.

So, let's get our voices out there in whatever way we can. Ask these questions to the people in your community - challenge them. Who knows, you may open some more minds.

Brendan, aka 'the Truth Addict', is a spiritual-intellectual and non-conformist, he is the author of The Grand Illusion: A Synthesis of Science and Spirituality and co-founder of - where free speech lives (a censorship-free FB alternative). In his words, "freedom begins with truth." Brendan has been a speaker at one of our conferences.

In his article, Brendan says:

"In a time of mass hypnosis and hysteria, one thing that can help break the collective spell cast upon us is getting into the habit of asking some fundamental questions and scrutinising foundational assumptions about the current COVID-19 virus narrative propagated by the media and governments of the world."

He adds:

"The real sickness is the collective mental illness arising from a false and pathogenic meme (the ‘COVID-19 pandemic’) which has rendered far too many people into neurotic, infantile creatures seeking ‘protection’ by their surrogate parent figure (government), while fostering a dibber-dobber culture that would make kindergarteners blush. We are now being encouraged to report someone to the authorities merely for standing ‘too close’ to a friend they might be having a private conversation with".

We'd love to know how and who you pose these questions to! And would be very interested to hear their responses... we imagine there will be a lot of head scratching, stammering and ums and ahs!

To see the 26 questions, click >> HERE

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