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CE-5, Human Initiated ET Contact and the Past, Present and Future of ET Contact

An excerpt from Sacred Cosmic Contact Workshop Manual (2019)

by Kay Maree McCullock ND

“To make Conscious Sacred Cosmic Contact with our galactic, interdimensional and transdimensional family, otherworldly beings and intelligences, we must first respect and acknowledge our Earthly family, including all animals and nature – fauna and flora, elemental, ancestors of all creeds and cultures. If we cannot respect and Acknowledge each other, then what right do we have in making Sacred Cosmic Contact?! It all starts with Self – YOU!”

CE-5 and Human Initiated ET Contact - What Is It?

Skywatching at the 2019 Cosmic Consciousness Conference, Uluru

ET Contact is an extremely popular topic these days and is a fringe dwelling subculture of the greater topic of Ufology. I say fringe dwelling because not everyone whom believes in or has experienced a UFO necessarily believes in or supports Contact with ET or any other Cosmic Life-form. This is something I share in some of my workshops, and in this article I would like to share with you a brief history and foundation of what modern day ET Contact (or as I like to call it Sacred Cosmic Contact) is as well as looking briefly at its past and what the future may hold for it.

Some of you may have heard from myself or others in the Contact arena the following terminologies like CE-5 and Human Initiated ET Contact. Without getting too technical and cerebral about this, what is that and are they the same thing?

CE-5 or Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind are protocols and techniques that have been coined and developed by Dr Steven M Greer of CSETI (USA) since 1991 - my good friend and mentor for many years. CE-5 is an excellent foundational platform to evolve from when anyone is wanting to participate and initiate Contact in a very conscious, altruistic and aware way. HIETC or Human Initiated ET Contact is slightly different and can be a part of or used with the CSETI (USA) CE-5 Protocols and Techniques. I prefer to call it Human Initiated Contact as ET is only one small percentage of cosmic life in our immediate universe and the plethora of multi- and trans-dimensional existences that can be Contacted. There are many other Life-forms and Cosmic and Dimensional Beings that we can make Contact with and again this is a topic that I discuss further within my workshops.

Human Initiated Contact (HIC) like HIETC may or may not incorporate the CSETI CE-5 Protocols and Techniques and it is encouraged (especially by Dr Greer and myself) to eventually develop your own processes and style with how you wish to as a group or individually make Contact. You may already be naturally making Contact and may want to tweak the experience a little or expand your horizon and knowledge of Contact, and this is where CE-5 is a great tool to do this. CE-5 is a process (protocols and techniques) and it is also a result - from my experience. HIC is often when you don’t use the CSETI (USA) CE-5 Protocols and Techniques but use your own methods or someone else’s methods; for example, you could be purely utilising just meditation and chanting, even physical movement like yoga and trance dance with drumming, or praying, or working with the sacredness of nature and Mother Earth and utilise traditions like Shamanism, Druidry and Alchemy (which is what I always incorporate into HIC and CE-5 - I eclectically utilise many processes when working with a regular working group). A note on Contact Working Groups - they are a private group of regular participants, usually about 8 people, whom gather on a regular basis to create a certain dynamic and synergy between them, often in the same location or different ‘hot spots’ to make Contact.

When choosing to do Contact, it needs to flow and evolve otherwise it becomes stagnate and simply becomes another indoctrinated movement with no room for freedom of anything to evolve or to expand our consciousness. And by the way, ‘Movement’ is just a fancy new name for passive hidden cultism… but that’s another article for another time.

CSETI (USA) CE-5 has a proven record of successful physical encounters as well as psychic and spiritual encounters that will incorporate much High Strangeness. CE-5 Protocols utilise a Trilogy of Techniques that incorporate Light, Sound, Thought. That seems simple enough, right? No! There is a bit of a technique to all of this - hence why they are called CE-5 Protocols and Techniques. The Light can be physical light source (torch or laser) to using your own individual or collective group spiritual light (which is the ultimate process to do, and you may already be doing it without knowing it). Sound can be utilising CE-5 Tones and Meditations, to chanting AUM / OM, even singing your favourite cosmic song, which has happened on a few skywatches and always hilarious - we do like to have fun. Thought again is via mediation techniques (CSETI ones) or your own meditations, Remove Viewing and Telepathy. An additional technique that Dr Greer suggests, and I have successfully incorporated is utilising for specific colours when utilising the Light component and also with Sacred Geometric Shapes. Nothing is set in concrete or stagnant with the CSETI CE-5 Protocols and Techniques; they are a great starting point to build and expand your consciousness regarding Sacred Cosmic Contact.

CE-5, Human Initiated Contact, Sacred Cosmic Contact, call it what you like, can be done and experienced anywhere at any time. One popular way of doing this is via a Skywatch which can be done at any time of the day but usually on a clear and starry evening. I’ve personally had my best experiences between 2am to 4am. At Uluru this year (2019) at the Cosmic Consciousness Conference, we skywatched every night which started off with subtle appearances of our Cosmic Friends to multiple Craft appearing on the last evening at the Pioneer Lookout; we had over 50 people there and several Craft (UFOs / ETVs) present at any one time.

The Past, Present and Future of Contact

The Past: Contact has been around since day dot, so it is not a new concept to want to seek our cosmic and interdimensional neighbours and cosmic families. Since primordial times we have been visited by spacefaring, portal jumping, interdimensional brothers and sisters. Are all Cosmic Visitors really Visitors? Or were they here as Original Indigenous Inhabitants of Earth before Humans? Many great ancient civilisations and cultures have experienced some form of Contact as part of their culture and daily lives. Embracing the Cosmic Visitors as either equals and sometimes as superiors or gods or knowing they are family and Elders of their tribe. Contact is in every culture on Earth, then, now and into our future.

The Present: Contact and Disclosure is a ‘Global Generational’ Journey. Meaning that each new generation, and to be more precise not even a generation of 25 years, but every new decade, the next generation, Reinvents, Rediscovers, Remembers, Recreates a new cycle of the same concept or phenomenon. Is there truly any new information, research and disclosure occurring in the Present-Day Ufology and Contact? Or is it the same events / occurrences and the experiencer is using modern terminology to describe an ago old phenomenon? For example, what we now call ET’s, our ancestors would be called Faeries; or prior to and the early 1950s, anyone whom had an experience with a Space Brother or Sister or saw a Flying Saucer had a Contact experience and was called a Contactee, whereas during the late 1950s and especially around the time of the Betty and Barney Hill Case, people whom had experiences were now called Abductees with UFOs and Aliens instead of Flying Saucers and Space Brothers, or Visitors. It is only in recent times that the acknowledgement of the modern Contactee has come back into fashion.

My point here is and asking the above question again - has anything really changed or are we simply experiencing the same old same old events and using new popular terminology? This may have something to do with the beginning of modern Ufology and Contact of the 1947 Roswell Case (and a few before, that are never spoken about). There can be much deceit, suppression, distortion and disinformation of one of the biggest stories of human existence - UFO and Cosmic Contact and the Expansion of Consciousness. How does one seek and obtain truth about this subject? One thing I can say from personal experience is to stay within our Personal Spiritual Sovereignty whilst participating in Sacred Cosmic Contact, and do your own research (not just arm-chair research, but talk to people) of Ufology and alike and spiritual practices, as this is an extremely important process to stay centred and balanced and eventually come to some truth about these topics. As time has gone by, we have refined the processes and information of Ufology and Contact, and I wonder if we have refined and defined and restricted it too much and not allowed specifically Contact to organically flow as part of our everyday lives?

The Future: What do you Foresee as the Future of Contact?

I can only speak from my own personal experiences of delving into the inner me and working of myself - Spiritually, Embracing my Light and Shadow Self equally. Not finding short cuts and easy ways to get ahead as Consciousness Work, which is the core of Sacred Cosmic Contact and cannot be bypassed or done in a weekend substance (natural or not) trip! It can be a lifetime of processes, where you organically and naturally evolve with each outcome and success. Sacred Cosmic Contact, CE-5, Human Initiated Contact have various tools, techniques and process with various outcomes. This should evolve naturally, regularly and not be stagnant. Incorporating with the spiritual and consciousness parts of Contact is the Real-Time Investigative Research, by documenting as much as you can to seek validation, verification of evidence from experiences and skywatches as well as talking face-to-face with Experiencers is a vital part of the Contact Process. A personal tip is to Research Modern and Historical events including Contact from other cultures, as they can be far richer in content and often not tarnished by western ego and suppression of truth. Remember to acknowledge the subtleness of Contact like inspirational messages, channelling's, and visions received during Sacred Cosmic Contact.

To further your exploration of CE-5, you could either go on one of Dr Greer’s expeditions in the USA or when he is here in Australia (which is rare); or work with someone like myself to get a solid foundation of how Contact is achieved if you are unable to travel overseas. Once again, I will be presenting and facilitating Skywatches at the 2020 Cosmic Consciousness Conference and I look forward to Making Contact With You. Kay Maree McCullock ND ©2019

Founder of CSETI Australia; Consciousness Development & Research Group (Australia)

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