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Cosmic Consciousness at Uluru for December Great Conjunction

Those of you who have been to previous Cosmic Consciousness Conferences or follow our posts, are no strangers to the importance of the date coming up in December where we experience a Great Conjunction on the December Solstice and enter into the new Age of Aquarius.

Many others are now catching on to this phenomenal cosmological event and hungry to find out more, and how to be a part of the Event, either at Uluru or elsewhere.

Conference Co-Founder, Kathryn Hand, had the pleasure of being interviewed by Jo Shevral Iskra on *The AwaQening* *11.11* Podcast to help people understand what exactly 21 December is all about.

The conversation sashayed from the Great Conjunction/Solstice event and Uluru to other interesting topics like the Pleaidians, ETs, UFOs, Galactics, inner wisdom and the human collective. The pair discovered that they had both healed breast cancer naturally and the inner wisdom and we both had whilst healing, including similar 'God moments' during their recovery journeys.

Jo's show *The AwaQening* *11.11* is worth subscribing to with great interviews coming online regularly covering all the topics you resonate with including love, leadership, empowerment, healing, starseeds, nature, animals, Lemurians & Atlanteans, politics, ETs, Galactic connections and everything to do with the 11.11 Awakening. Listen to Kathryn's interview about what to expect in December and so much more!

The Cosmic Consciousness 'Gateway' Conference will be held at the Voyages Ayers Rock Resort from 20-22 December 2020. To find out more visit:

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