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Syntropy and the Cosmological Law of Consciousness Expansion and Order

Dr Mohsen Paul Sarfarazi

Our Universe is a part of a system of multiverse that is ultimately connected to the Source, being part of an open energetic loop. As such, in conformance with the Dualism Principle of Creation that everything is created in pairs, being symbiotic with one another, ‘balancing’ each other, conjugate to entropy is what is referred to as ‘syntropy.’ In this respect, syntropy is synonymous with spontaneously drawing the energetic of life and consciousness from the open loop of ‘free energy’ provided by the Source.


It is explicated that the contention of positive entropy production rate indicating that the Universe eventually tends to chaos and disorder is not necessarily true, as this principle applies to closed energetic systems.

On the other hand, our Universe is a part of a system of multiverse that is ultimately connected to the SOURCE, being part of an open energetic loop. As such, in conformance with the Dualism Principle of Creation that everything is created in pairs, being symbiotic with one another, ‘balancing’ each other, conjugate to entropy is what is referred to as ‘syntropy.’ In this respect, syntropy is synonymous with spontaneously drawing the energetic of life and consciousness from the open loop of ‘free energy’ provided by the SOURCE.

This principle comes to existence via the advent of ‘sentient vibration’ introduced by the author earlier that asserts all sentient beings function as harmonic resonators, undergoing positive as well as negative karmic energies that need not be equal to one another, with the free energetic SOURCE to compensate for the difference if negative karma generating entropy or disorder is dominant over positive karma giving rise to the advent of syntropy, resulting in overall consciousness expansion and ORDER.

A new cosmological law dubbed as the Cosmological Law of Consciousness Expansion and ORDER is introduced that asserts that in open systems, the rate of syntropy production rate is positive. Finally, a brief discussion of ‘negentropy’ as simply being the negative of entropy, and a scenario for a closed energetic Universe run by artificial intelligence is given.


Everything or every entity, be it sentient [1-3] or non-sentient, naturally spins back and forth (counterclockwise and clockwise) about its time vector [4-6] that defines its dimension of existence [7-9].

An entity’s time vector is depicted by a double vector that connects the entity to the central SOURCE [10], proceeding in either direction.

And, clearly the ‘local’ plain of the entity referred to as its ‘space’ is perpendicular to its time vector characterized by a its normal vector of time [11-12].

This defines the conjugate space-times that the author has spoken of [13], one describing the World of Matter (‘physical’) and the other World of Antimatter (‘ethereal’)14-18].

This action of spinning back and forth describes ‘torsional vibration’ that is characterized by a ‘frequency’ that defines the rate or speed of its spinning [19-20].

As a result of such spinning, the entity has a tendency to sequentially spiral out, being swept away (spatially expand) from the central SOURCE or spiral in, contracting towards the SOURCE [21].

Additionally, the entity constantly sequentially rotates clockwise-counterclockwise within a plane that is transversal to its plane of existence.

The overall result is that a spherical surface is generated that describes the space-time within which the entity resides or anchored at with the space, being described by the locus of its spherical surface, and time is represented by the vector of radius.

Furthermore, the inverse of the radius of time, referred to as the “curvature,” depicts the rotational speed or frequency of its vibration.

As a result of torsional vibration about a central equilibrium state defined by the contour of energy that describes its local space-time dimension to which it is anchored, the entity has the tendency to travel back and forth in time within a domain of time that is referred to as ‘innerspace.’

This entails a tendency to either expand away or contract towards the SOURCE [22].

Sentient Vibration and Positive and Negative Karma

The Wheel of Karma Painting by Rizwana A Mundewadi

In essence, every sentient being prone to ‘sense’ and manipulate time that has the propensity to rectilinearly vibrate away or towards the SOURCE may be regarded as a ‘harmonic oscillator’ whose energy of consciousness E being of quantum nature may be related to its frequency ω, which is described by the Planck’s equation:


Where h is the Planck’s constant.

Interestingly enough, and justifiably so, applying the energy equation to the whole Cosmos and considering each individuated sentient being as a quantum harmonic resonator, the number of such harmonic resonators turns out to be an integer.

And, such harmonic resonators (sentient beings) are anchored to a DISCRETE set of space-time dimensions of consciousness that are commensurate with their frequency of vibration [23].

In this regard, every harmonic resonator is comprised of a natural or characteristic frequency that by the Law of Dimensional Resonance must be equal to the threshold frequency of that particular dimension [24].

It has been explicated by the author previously that a sentient being as a harmonic resonator is comprised of essentially two elements: ‘constitution’ m, and what may be referred to as ‘consciousness expansibility’ k, which together defines the natural frequency of vibration of the sentient being as a harmonic resonator [25]:


In this respect, constitution refers to the extent of matter-antimatter to which the sentient being’s consciousness could be anchored, and consciousness expansibility portrays the extent to which the sentient being is privy to venture into innerspace, transferring its consciousness energetic waves, consciously vibrating in time.

In any case, the central SOURCE epitomizes an infinite pool of consciousness energy that is capable of supplying each and every sentient being with an ‘open source’ or loop of energy [26], provided that the sentient being remains connected to the SOURCE [27], effectively functioning as a harmonic resonator.

And, as a conscious harmonic resonator, the entity is privy to expand away from the SOURCE, a phenomenon that the author has classified under ‘negative karma,’ or contract towards the SOURCE, what is referred to as ‘positive karma’ [28].

Note that the consciousness expansibility element functions as a spring that can be stretched away from the SOURCE (negative karma) or compressed and contracted towards the SOURCE (positive karma) [29].

Furthermore, through negative karma, the energy is expended to deflect away from the SOURCE.

In contrast, via positive karma, the sentient being as a harmonic resonator manages to conserve or store energy within its consciousness expansibility element that is akin to a spring.

Thus, in spiritual terms, either positive karmic energy or negative karmic energy are stored within the memory of the soul.

Clearly, in the case of positive karma, the propensity for further venturing into innerspace, a process that may be referred to as consciousness experimentation, is increased, aided by the already stored energy within the system of the harmonic resonator (the soul).

On the other hand, in the case of nagative karma, the propensity for venturing into innerspace for further consciousness experimentation, is diminished, counteracted by the already expended energy by the system of the harmonic resonator.

And, as long as the harmonic resonator is capable to maintain its connection to the SOURCE, the open SOURCE of energy will provide additional energies to accomplish the task of further and further venturing into innerspace (or more appropriately, ‘innerspace’ above), deflecting away from the SOURCE.

However, in the case that the connection to the SOURCE is severed either through personal intent or by exhausting the natural right or privilege, perhaps by persistent and detritus malevolent acts deemed harmful to “others,” the system becomes isolated and ‘closed’ in terms of energetics.

Here, as a result of fission, the entity has no recourse but to either self-consume as a snake feeding upon its tail until nothing more is left, or prey on the energetics of “others.”

Soul Entropy

Clearly, either act (whether self-mitigated by deliberate disconnection from the SOURCE or by violating the sacred divine right of other’s energetic privilege, preying energetically upon them) leading to fission and culminating in self-consumption, is destructive, which constitutes entropy, disorder and chaos.

In this regard, the author has introduced a new concept referred to as ‘soul entropy’ [30].

The soul entropy S has been defined as the ratio of the already expended energy ΔE by the resulting natural frequency of the entity ω:


Furthermore, the energy expended as to effect a deflection δ away from the central SOURCE by virtue of the Simple Harmonic Motion that represents the harmonic resonance, is of elastic nature, given by [31]:

ΔE=1/2 kδ^2

Also it has been shown by the author previously that in the case of the negative karma, there is a tendency for the natural frequency of vibration of the soul (sentient being) to diminish [32].

It is also true, as was pointed out earlier, that negative karma reduces the propensity for further consciousness experimentation or consciousness expansibility, thus leading to a lower natural frequency of vibration, as natural frequency is proportional to the square root of consciousness expansibility.

This leads to the deduction that the rate of entropy production rate is always positive, leading to further entropy, chaos, and disorder for such a ‘closed energetic system,’ or namely [33]:


Note that the very definition of the concept of entropy emanated from the observation of machines subjected to shock and acceleration in which their moving parts inevitably lose their purposeful activity, guides one to deduce or postulate that in any natural process there exists an inherent tendency towards the dissipation of useful energy, leading to disorder or chaos [34-35], or “entropy.”

In terms of quantum consciousness, soul entropy S is defined as a state function of the quantum energetic system defined by the differential quantity dS as:


where dE is the amount of consciousness expended by the reversible process of sentient vibration in which the system of the soul experiences negative karma by deflecting away from the SOURCE, in essence, undergoing a transformational process in which its further consciousness expansibility is diminished, leading to a reduction in its natural frequency of vibration.

In this regard, entropy is one of the two energetic factors (the other is defined as syntropy that determines the Free Energy in an open energetic system) affecting the sentient being and its surroundings.

In fact, entropy may be regarded as the measure for the spontaneous ‘disposal of energy’ at a specific inherent level of natural frequency of the soul, with the caveat that this energetic disposal is not of spatial nature that would involve a particular space-time.

Rather, it is something akin to transference of consciousness energy to the innerspace via the advent of sentient vibration.

If one considers that the overall consciousness energy (SOURCE consciousness energy) is dispersed or distributed to individuated souls who may be viewed as harmonic oscillators via the advent of electromagnetic light energy, through the Planck’s type of equation, one can say that, again, the consciousness energy E may be expressed in terms of the natural frequencies of the individual souls ω as:


where h. denotes the Planck’s Constant.

Thus, statistically speaking, the overall consciousness energy of the Cosmos (of the SOURCE or Prime Creator), may be considered to be the sum of consciousness energies of such harmonic oscillators comprised of elements of constitution m (matter-antimatter) and the consciousness expansibility element denoted as k, in which case, the natural frequency ω of a given harmonic oscillator (sentient entity) is equal to the square root of the ratio of consciousness expansibility over the constitution:


Thus, in terms of statistical mechanics, the overall entropy of a given system describes the number of possible quantum configuration within that system.

The statistical definition of entropy is generally thought to be the more fundamental definition, from which all other important properties of entropy follow.

Although the concept of entropy was originally introduced in the context of thermodynamics, it has been adapted by the author in the context of consciousness and sentient vibration in innerspace, in which a sentient soul energetically deflects away from the SOURCE, undergoing a scheme of vibration that has the special characteristic that its central equilibrium state about which vibration occurs, is not fixed into a single space-time.

In other words, the sentient being consciously transfers it energetic of consciousness into the innerspace ‘above,’ parting from its space-time in which it has anchored its consciousness, deflecting away from the SOURCE.

In this regard, as it consciously vibrates, its central equilibrium or anchored state also deflects away from the SOURCE.

This gives rise to a new type of vibrational scheme dubbed by the author as ‘sentient vibration’ [30-32], in which the central equilibrium state is also dynamic that shifts after the half cycle of vibration (as opposed returning to the same initial static position).

This leaves the element of the consciousness expansibility element, which in essence behaves like an elastic spring, in a stretched position, reducing its propensity for further deflection.

And, this is the state that the author has classified under ‘negative karma.’

With reduction in further consciousness expansibility of the soul (the sentient being as a harmonic oscillator), clearly, the natural frequency of the soul is diminished.

Generally, within a conscious universe composed of many souls incarnated in bodies comprised of matter experiencing life sojourns within its space-time (as well as antimatter within its conjugate space-time), and also composed of surroundings and systems made of matter with certain density, pressure, temperature, etc., a sentient being experiences auric differential energetic pressures, etc., that tend to equalize over time.

Here, some of the energy of the surroundings (the Universe) becomes dispersed to the lightbody aura of the sentient being.

And, as a result, the entropy of the Universe is decreased.

Since the Universe is governed by an open energetic SOURCE, it is perceived that the change in the entropy of the sentient being and the surrounding Universe are equal.

This is contrary to the theory of thermodynamics of the closed systems in which for example the dispersal of the energy from a warmer surrounding to a cooler environment or system (such as the proverbial glass of cold water) entails an increase in the entropy of the system that is always larger than the corresponding decrease in the entropy of the surroundings, giving rise to the Second Law of Thermodynamics or the “Law of Positive (or non-negative) Entropy Production Rate” [33].

Thus, the entropy of the closed thermodynamic system is a measure of how far the equalization has progressed.

In particular, when the 'universe' of the room surroundings and the thermodynamic system (ice and water) has reached an equilibrium of equal temperature, the entropy change from the initial state is at a maximum.

As was indicated, the origin of the theory of thermodynamics reflecting this point can be traced back to the work of Lazare Carnot in 1803 and his sun soon thereafter [34-35].

This was proceeded by the deduction that in any isolated thermodynamic system, heat inevitably moves from hot to cold environment entailing loss of thermal energy, an act that is precursory to loss of entropy as we now perceive or know.

In fact, it was Rudolf Clausius who first coined the term ‘entropy’ in 1865, in an attempt to mathematically interpret the nature of the inherent heat loss involved, which is derived from a Greek word that, in essence, implies ‘transformation’ [36].

It was intended to introduce a term that described a concept that was similar and closely interrelated to ‘energy’ in terms of physical significance.

Later, such mathematicians and scientists as Ludwig Boltzmann, Willard Gibbs, and James Clerk Maxwell linked entropy with a mathematical definition of ‘irreversibility’ in terms of integrability.

And, from its inception, as it was considered that entropy was associated with ‘spontaneity,’ and ‘directionality,’ as well as irreversibility (as reflected in the fact that heat moves from hot to cold and not vice versa).

As early as in the early 1850s, Rudolf Clausius dubbed the concept of entropy as "energy turned to waste."

However, the Universe is NOT a closed System. It has access to an open source of energy (God’s consciousness energy).


The Universe is not an isolated system.

It is connected to a system of multiuniverse via the advent of black-white holes.

Black holes are not the end result that just devour matter and energy.

There exists connection to another universe via infinitesimal white holes, in which the gathered stale energy by the black holes are revitalized by the white holes in the form of antimatter.

In fact, the state of entropy in our Universe is counterbalanced by what may be termed as ‘syntropy,’ provided via the SOURCE’s open loop of energy.

The Entropy-Syntropy scenario represents another example for the Dualism Principle of Creation [37].

They are symbiotic with one another and must exist together.

Neither one can exist by itself.

They are also of competing nature in which the advent of tendency to one diminishes the propensity of occurrence of the other.

Negative karma accentuates entropy.

While positive karma contributes to syntropy.

If an open source of energy did not exist to supply the Universe with added energy needed, entropy eventually would lead to destruction of the Universe.

On the other hand, having access to an open source of energy would ensure that the net effect of syntropy (positive karma) and entropy (negative karma) amounts to positive energy, maintaining the overall integrity and longevity of the Cosmos (and the Universe within it), leading to overall ORDER [38-39].

This is why it is a fact that the existence of negative aliens who subscribe to disorder and chaos without having any access to this open system of energy any longer, would certainly eventually result in the annihilation of the Nebadon Universe, if appropriate measures are not taken to alleviate the problem.

In this respect, these negative aliens who are enthralled and haunted by self-absorption and service to self only with total apathy for all other sentient beings and the creational constructs of this Universe, must be cleared, and cleansed from the viral infection that they have introduced and its consequences.

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