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December 2021 Cosmic Consciousness - Celebration of Light and Liberation

The fifth Cosmic Consciousness Conference is coming up in December 2021. This is now a pilgrimage to the earth's solar plexus chakra, Uluru Kata Tjuta for more healing, transformation and the work to continue that began at the first event there in 2018 as we began the foundational work building up to the societal reset that was to occur. Some called it end times, others the beginning of the new earth.

The Saturn/Pluto conjunction on 12 January 2020 ushered in the societal reset and the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction that occurred on 21 December 2020, took us into the sign of Aquarius. That conjunction will shape much of what unfolds now. We have survived the tidal wave, and there is a lot of debris to clean up now. As lightworkers, way-showers, healers, starseeds and shamans, our service to humanity is ramping up.

This year it is important that, after the turbulent changes of 2020, we prioritise innovation and the ability to expand our minds and the ways we choose to live our lives. 2021 calls for us to be thrifty, extra creative, and to think outside the box. Remembering that 2021 is a number five year - as above, so below - working with creativity, adventure, freedom and harmony is of utmost importance. Five represents the powerful feminine womb energy, so plant the seeds and watch them grow. Whatever you have cleared will leave you free to sprout new beginnings.

​As we move into the latter part of 2021, the Age of Aquarius themes of technology, innovation, and community will work in our favour. On deeper levels, it is also about connecting with the inner healer that is present within us all. On a bigger picture, this strong Aquarian energy can create a coming together for the common good. While there is this sense of unity and oneness, we also have to be mindful that we don’t lose our individual spark. We have to balance this idea of focusing on the needs of the whole and the group, without overly sacrificing the needs of the individual.

​As we draw to the final month of 2021, personal and societal structures will be continuing to change and that we will need to deepen into the ways we have been reshaping our life. December will dredge up the roots of our desires as Venus will spend the entire month in close proximity with Pluto in Capricorn.

The Summer solstice represents enlightenment, awakening, and the triumph of lightness over darkness. During the time of the Summer solstice, it's a time to celebrate forward movement - advancing further into light - and remembering and honoring the intrinsic light within yourself.

At the time of the Conference Venus will station retrograde and on the day after the conclusion of the Conference, there will be a final exact square aspect between Saturn and Uranus. This is the time that we all must shed whatever has become inauthentic and embrace the possibility of liberating ourselves from old restrictions. 

​By 28 December the entrance of Jupiter into Pisces serves as a beacon of light that can guide us toward the expansive potential available as 2021 draws to a close.

​Join us at Uluru as we celebrate all that we have nurtured and celebrate light and liberation with soul family.

Early bird tickets are available now - click here for details >> EARLY BIRD

The Cosmic Consciousness Conference will be held at Uluru from 20-22 December 2021 at Voyages Ayers Rock Resort.

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