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Easy holiday planning - tickets, flights and hotels in one package

If you love the idea of letting someone else do all the planning for your Norfolk Island holiday, we have a solution for you!

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We highly recommend using Jan's services. It takes the time and effort out of booking flights, accommodation, and the conference tickets. She's absolutely amazing with details, highly professional, and has decades of travel experience behind her. Handing it all over to Jan makes things a lot easier. Best of all, you can pay off in installments.

As a little background, Jan has been looking after our speaker bookings for around 8 years now. We are really excited to have her extend services to all of our delegates. Jan never ceases to amaze us with what she can pull off. When our keynote speaker travelling from Portugal, Martin Kenny, had his visa held off, we were already in Uluru about to start the Conference the next day. We had accepted the fact that Martin would not make it and we were devastated. We'd held meditation circles, hired an immigration specialist and prayed like mad to get his visa application approved. See what happens when we have controversial speakers!!

Well, divinity stepped in and our prayers were answered. Martin's visa was approved about 15 hours before the Conference in Uluru was about to start! Martin was meant to be the opening keynote presenter!

So with that last-minute visa approval, Jan was incredible... we literally got her out of bed at something like 11pm to get Martin quickly booked on a flight out of Portugal! Poor Martin had less than an hour to get in the car and make a two-hour drive to the airport. It was really touch and go.

With the Conference about to start, we had to leave everything in Jan's capable hands. And she did not let us down. Jan managed to get Martin from Portugal to Uluru and he took to the stage on day 2, blowing everyone away. He was masterful, loving, wise and so full of incredible information. It was definitely all worth it!

There are quite a few stories - maybe not quite that dramatic, but Jan's always got us covered and she's a gem.

Contact Jan via email at

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