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Flash Storm at Uluru

Uluru said goodbye to 2019 with a severe storm that lashed the nearby town of Yulara with lightning and torrential rain. The weather bureau reported this to be the type of storm that happens twice a century. Six people were affected by a lightning strike on the top of a lookout at sunset, two of them taken to hospital by the Flying Doctor service.

Lightning over Uluru

Image: Damien Hill Photography

The bolt of lightning has traditionally been a symbol of sudden illumination and the destruction of ignorance.

Lightning Man Injalak Arts
Photo credit Injalak Arts

In Aboriginal mythology, the lightning man, who looks like a praying mantis is known as Namarrkon (and other names). He uses the sun's power as energy, forming bright arcs of light across each of his shoulders.

Nararrkon is mostly unseen, living high in the sky. If people disobey the law, he hisses, crackles, and even strikes the offender with his fiery spears of lightning. When he thunders it is time to collect and eat bush tucker.

Photo credit: Injalak Arts

Certainly, one can't help but feel that with the upcoming events in less than two weeks now, it is significant that such a forceful energy has swept through Uluru. What does it mean? According to Quornesha, Spiritual Shaman, lightning is a sign that right now, you are making a difference in your lightwork. She says "Lightning is a message of that something radical and assigned in your blueprint or fate is about to occur. You have reached the completion of something and this is to be commended."

With the geo-engineering and weather modification occurring, it is difficult to know if the natural forces of Gaia and spiritual realms are working together to cleanse, communicate and harmonise, or in fact, whether the tyrants at the helm of HAARP and other weather modification systems, are manipulating the skies for their own evil agendas.

With a group of over 180 lightworkers heading to Uluru in a little over a week for the Cosmic Consciousness Conference, maybe they are attempting to stop us from going. Collectively, we are stronger. Light wins.

Like the lightning man, we too use the power of the sun's energy, together with the force of our heart's energy. It is time for us to shine and step into our true nature, passion and purpose. We planned to reunite at Uluru together Eons ago for this cosmological event - for humanity's evolution, for planetary ascension, and cosmic consciousness.

The destruction of ignorance.


See you soon, Team Light Uluru!

Find out more about the Cosmic Consciousness Conference:

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