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Inma Traditional Ceremony

On the night of a lunar eclipse, there will be a special event to launch the Cosmic Consciousness Conference at Uluru.

In Anangu culture, the art of dance is reserved for a very small number of special events and is therefore rarely seen. It is typical for the performance to be performed by senior Anangu men and women share their traditional song and dance - or Inma. In January 2019, we were extremely fortunate for a very rare occurrence with two young males also performing.

Inma is performed by men and women with strong cultural obligations to their land and people. Every move and sound is rich with ancient meaning. Clapping sticks create an infectious rhythm accented by the chanting of traditional song. Ochre-painted bodies dance towards the crowd, bringing ancient stories to life.

The dance is a welcome and as such, it is not culturally correct to also have a spoken 'Welcome to Country'. The very act of Inma is a form of receiving visitors, and it is a privilege to enjoy for anyone able to be present.

The local Anangu community live in the shadow of Uluru at Mutitjulu, named after Mutitjulu Waterhole. The main languages spoken in the community are Pitjantjatjara and Yangkunytjatjara. Anangu appreciate their privacy, which is why Mutitjulu is a closed community. So, having the opportunity to sit and chat with some of the locals is really special.

Together with bush-food canapes, and a chance to meet and greet the speakers, this will be a fantastic opportunity to get to mingle with like-minded new friends and get ready for a transformational 3 days!

To find out more about the Cosmic Consciousness Conference, visit

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