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Millions March - A Stand for Freedom

Thousands of people peacefully united together on 30 May in a stand for freedom at almost every major city in Australia. Cosmic Consciousness organisers and delegates joined the Sydney march amongst a crowd estimated to be around 2,000 plus in Hyde Park. The atmosphere was uplifting and positive. To be amongst so many like-minded people fuelled hope for the future of humanity.

With a smorgasborg of reasons to gather together, so many powerful signs, messages and speeches were made. Conference Co-organisers, Mick Turner and Kathryn Hand, chose meaningful flags to make a statement. Mick's red ensign Australia flag, drew the attention of the ABC News who interviewed the pair about what the flag represented. That interview probably never aired. ABC, like the rest of the free-to-air news services virtually ignored the protest, with no reports of it in the Sunday newspapers or the nightly news. Apparently, a peaceful, high-vibing bunch of people spilling the truth is definitely not something to be shown on the news!

But, getting back to the reason Mick carried his 'red duster', as the flag is affectionately known. It's not commonly known that the Australian flag was originally red. To celebrate Australia's federation in 1901, the public was invited to submit their flag designs in a competition. Of the almost 33,000 submissions, four were practically identical - the red ensign, selected as the winning flag. The blue flag as we know was reserved for Government flagpoles only. So the 'red duster' became the people's flag.

Most Australians and Kiwis have never realised that our Anzacs fought and died for freedom under the red ensign. It has a potent and personal meaning for Mick, after discovering his past life as an Aussie soldier who died on the Somme in the first World War. [Read about Mick's past life as a WW1 digger]

Images source: Australian Red Ensign

Read more about the history of the red ensign >> HERE.

In 1954, PM Menzies changed the popular red ensign to the current blue one without consultation with the people or by a referendum. It seems the PM's decision was politically motivated by his campaign against the “red” communist peril.

The Eureka Flag is another significant statement as a symbol of resistance against the tyranny of the government. This flag, worn by Kathryn at the march, evokes strong emotions. When it was first hoisted at Peter Lalor made the now famous declaration: ‘We swear by the Southern Cross to stand truly by each other and fight to defend our rights and liberties’. This flag is a historical symbol of the wider struggle by Australians for democracy and freedom.

The Eureka Flag 1854. Image source: Migration Heritage

Both these flags represent our rights as free people.

As the ongoing enslavement and restrictions placed on humanity on a worldwide scale, escalate to this point, the same human spirit that unifies the common person against the elitist establishment is prevailing. The Millions March was a great example of that.

Here's a short sizzle-reel of what happened that day.

The Cosmic Consciousness Conference will be held at the Ayers Rock Resort, Uluru 20-22 December 2020. To find out more, visit the website

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