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Pleiadian Healing at the Uluru for Unprecedented Times of Change

Christine Day, known as the ' Pleiadian Ambassador', is well-versed in bringing big healings to groups all over the world. It was no surprise to her to witness the huge releases and subsequent huge shifts that delegates attending the Cosmic Consciousness Conference experienced.

As you'll hear in this interview, what did surprise her - and still gets the emotions surfacing - was her own personal experience of being at Uluru for the very fist time and in particular the impact of the Saturn/Pluto conjunct. She discusses the new energies that have descended upon us since that important date.

Alexis Brooks, who interviewed Christine on this latest episode of Higher Journeys, says:

"On that day, particularly at Uluru in the central part of Australia, a cosmic gate or dimensional doorway was cracked open, the likes of which it’s been said has not occurred in THOUSANDS of years. And its effects will last for many years to come.

But what happened, and moreover, what does this mean for all of us?

Have we entered that doorway? How will our lives change as a result of it?

How will the world change, if at all?

Christine shares some intimate and powerful insights as to the new energies that have descended upon us as we begin this year of 2020, and talks about the Pleiadian healing she was prompted to do at Uluru that moved many to their own powerful spiritual awakening!"

Those at the Conference heard from Martin Kenny, in particular, about the huge significance of the upcoming Grand Alignment/December Solstice. It truly does offer the opportunity of a Gateway to literally open up. Who, or what, will enter through that Gateway, is unknown and we can only speculate.

Christine Day reveals in this interview why it is so important that she will be back as a facilitator at the 'Gateway' Cosmic Consciousness Conference 20-22 December 2020.

Find out more about the Cosmic Consciousness Conference

Listen to the interview with Christine Day on Higher Journeys:

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