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Shifting the False-Light Frequency

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

We are thrilled beyond belief to welcome David Emery to our speaker showcase.

Dave Emery has been described by Sacha Stone as possibly the best archeo-cosmology researcher in the world and has appeared several times as a panellist on the Lazarus Initiative. A lifelong passion has resulted in his about to be published book ‘Beyond the Biblical. David writes on a multitude of subjects from archeo-cosmology, to frequency, mechanics of consciousness, cosmic warfare, Lemuria, Atlantis, Sacred Codes and so much more.

In his presentations, David will share an alternative view of humanity’s origins. This will explain “the ‘how’ and much of the ‘why’ behind our human condition and our struggles to survive and exist and expand and be free to live in joy and love and oneness upon this Earth”.

David says it’s been engineered so that we cannot be who we truly are and fulfill our purpose through “having our living curtailed, our memories destroyed, our DNA exploited, our freedoms suffocated and our energies controlled.”

David explains “All of this has been done deliberately and with malice aforethought by Fallen Beings from other star-systems and even other universes and they have been aided and abetted by human-hybrid elites entrained and controlled, physically and spiritually BY these fallen creatures.”

Regarding Norfolk Island, Dave says that it existed "on the Western side of Lemuria at the time when Angelic Humans' third seeding was finalised and Lemuria was a beautiful continent supported and 'governed' (not in OUR modern political sense!) by the Priests of Mu whose ancestors still live right now on Tara, a huge planet in the 4th / 5th 6th dimensions and which is for many of us (me eg!) 'Home', and where many of our (my) soul-family are existing happily at this moment! AND - these soul-families are now making contact with many of us - down here - we can feel it - and know it after SO many hundreds of thousands of years of being cut off and separated from our 4th dimensional (astral-body) connections with ALL of our dimensional selves!"

Fortunately, as he will share with our audience, David reveals ways that humanity and many other life-fields on Earth (and Earth herself) now can “finally shift the energies of false-light frequency and move us all (as we may choose) into a truly magnificent and expanded existence wherein we express in joy and love our true identity as Source.”

David’s mind-blowing presentations will give you not only fascinating information but provide you with massive energy downloads and heart-opening shifts.

*Quotes provided by David Emery from his articles

Cosmic Consciousness Conference

'Gathering of the Guardians'

20-23 September 2022 Norfolk Island

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