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The Uranus/Solar transit commenced on Sunday 26 April, signalling a time of excitement, freedom, and rebellion. Astrologically speaking, it was the perfect time to break free of the shackles. We thought it was a perfect time to get together with delegates coming to the December 'Gateway' Conference to begin to anchor in the New Earth energies and no better way to start off than by restoring our freedom.

Our first Zoom with over 60 tuning in for our first ever Cosmic Consciousness online get together!! It was exciting to see everyone and the high energy was palpable. We started off with Gail Nicholls calming us down with a meditation and beautiful balancing after all our excited greetings and a few early techno issues! A powerful process from Christine Day busted open the heart and took us all to Uluru! And it was actually FELT in Uluru. One of our team, Kay McCullock, who lives at Uluru, reported later that night one of the airport security reported to Kay that a wave of energy swept through at the time we were doing our Zoom. And speaking of Kay, she has implemented a wonderful way to help us stay connected while we co-create something powerful, a cross between map-scrying and a vision board. Scott Mathias shared his wisdom, symbols and healing words and a brief star language transmission.

Sound healers Rufus Rogey, Tim Lassig, Elise Briane ended off the night with their sound and healing vibrations. We know that computer speakers aren't the best way to hear the true beauty of your gifts, but wow we felt the energy and intention. There sure were some lightbeings reaching out to us through your vibration.

Organisers of the conference and hosts of the Zoom Activation reported they were buzzing, with full hearts. Participants on the call said they woke up to a feeling of peace. Everyone agreed that we have SO much gratitude for the amazing community of people we have around us.

Thank you ALL for contributing your hearts, energy, and commitment of time. It's a sure sign that we are on the same page when we get together for just pure unconditional love, healing and acceptance for the highest good. No agendas, no ego, just connection and a desire for unity, peace, harmony and ascension.

The Cosmic Consciousness Conference will be held at Uluru in December 2020. To find out more visit

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