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Solstice blessings

Solstice blessings soul family!

Sending you love from the most eastern part of Australia, Norfolk Island, where the sunset's colours fade to darkness, and then brings the light's first rays and the delicious promises of the golden opportunities ahead.

This charming poem invites you to sit and gently settle into your body, and to release what has come to pass and is passing. Nourished by stillness, rest in harmony with the fertile darkness and quiet of winter, being receptive to sensing what is becoming the future.

This is the solstice, the still point

of the sun, its cusp and midnight,

the year’s threshold

and unlocking, where the past

lets go of and becomes the future;

the place of caught breath, the door

of a vanished house left ajar.

- Author, Margaret Atwood

And remember at this sacred solstice time that we are all cosmically woven together in the tapestry of time and space, and interconnected with the living, breathing natural world.

We invite you to join us at the Spring Equinox to gather with the guardians of light, truth and freedom.

With love

Kathryn & Mick


20-23 September Equinox 'Gathering of the Guardians' at Norfolk Island

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