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The Nature of This Reality

From the Facebook page of Martin Kenny

So, someone asked me to explain the nature of this reality in layman's terms.

This was my answer...

YOU are 'God' in quality but not quantity.

When I say YOU I obviously don't mean your physical body, but the energy within you that operates your body.


This inner energy is what is sometimes referred to as our spirit, consciousness or soul. This aspect of you is expressed within this reality through what we call the mind. In essence, your consciousness is a small fragment of a much larger field of consciousness that we sometimes call God.

You, I and every consciousness in existence, separated itself from the whole in order to have an individual objective experience of reality, within a subjective collective reality.

The place where these objective and subjective experiences can be experienced is a place called Earth. And of course in order for your individual fragment of consciousness to have a truly objective experience, you must first forget what you are and then assume a character to act out various objective and subjective experiences.

Earth is essentially God's playing field. We are all fragments of god playing the game of life, hide and seek with ourselves - for a short while.

In essence, this perceived reality we call life on Earth is in fact not real. It is an illusion created by our collective minds (consciousness) in order for our individual minds to have a truly objective experience within a subjective reality.


Because, knowing everything forever is boring.

The purpose of this game of life is for us to begin this game by forgetting who/what we are and then embarking on our own individual spiritual journeys to reconnect & remember who/what we are. This journey of rediscovery takes many lifetimes before one begins to slowly remember.

This slow remembering is what some call 'waking up' or the true meaning of being 'born again'.


Dreaming gives us a glimpse of 'the other side'...the world of consciousness - heaven. This dream world is actually more real than this wake world. This is the same place we go when we die.

Essentially, dreaming is like practising for when we die. But because we don't know how to dream...i.e control our dreams instead of them controlling us - when we physically die (reset), our consciousness automatically resets back into the game of life on Earth.

These resets are induced and perpetuated by various mind programs. Programmes like...

  • Religious programs

  • Educational programs

  • Television programs

  • Financial programs

  • Cultural programs

  • Health and diet programs

  • Political programs, etc...

These programs are like games to keep our minds distracted from figuring out the truth of who/what, where and why we are here. All mind programs were created & are run by a few individual families who know these hidden truths passed down from generation to generation.

I guess some 'gods' want to be more godly than other 'gods'.

This is how they control the whole world and continue to remain within their elite blood lines over many different lifetimes (incarnations). Meanwhile those of us in the dark continue to reincarnate one life time after another as spiritual slaves continually repeating the same loop of programmed games over and over again, life time after lifetime.

We are born into this life game, we play the life programs, die in ignorance and repeat the same process until we eventually wake up - start remembering and beginning the process of freeing our consciousness from the cycle.

Wake up and start remembering - beginning the process of freeing our consciousness from the cycle.


Once this awakening process commences, your journey of self discovery begins, which then allows you to eventually see other doors of opportunity not just in this lifetime but more importantly in your next and beyond.

The game of life on Earth is far more expansive and exciting than what we are led to believe. This expansive and exciting nature of earth is why "they" lie about the true construct of where we live. You are a multi dimensional being who lives within a multi dimensional Earth plane with many different and exciting playing fields of experience.

I'll leave it there for now, I'm sure your cup is full 🙂💙🎇🌱 Martin Kenny is a speaker at the Cosmic Consciousness Conference in Uluru, 11-13 Jan 2020

To find out more about Martin click HERE.

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