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Uluru, Kangaroos and the Terania Connection

by Terania Nueva

My husband, Dr Louis Turi was born in Provence France under the same stars as the Great Prophet, Nostradamus. He is the only known astrophile in the world. He makes predictions, the same way Nostradamus did using quatrains and obvious keywords, because he doesn’t have to fear the inquisition!. After his fourth UFO encounter, he has worked endlessly to build his Divine Astrology methodology. Inevitably, many compare Dr Turi to his fellow prophetic countryman. Nevertheless, his predictions have amazed those in doubt, many times over. And are beyond question, a vital element to his unique skill.

Dr. Turi has been invited to the Cosmic Consciousness Conference at Uluru to share how to control the subconscious throughout one’s immediate environment, explaining about universal will and cosmic awareness, in order to help others and live a safer more productive life.

Uluru. Greater than that of a “rock”. The family of this landscape are its wisdom keepers and caretakers of the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. And within it, carries a great divine and cultural meaning, for these regional native ethnic groups, with over 40 blessed ancient sites and eleven Tjurkurpa or Dreaming trails, existing in its extent.

The Anangu crowd are part of the most aged civilisation known to its fellow beings, going back some 60,000 years. They believe that their breed has been prevailing in Central Australia since forever and that this scenery was made from its start, by the journey of great ancestral beings.

I bet when one takes their shoes off, they will be able to breathe new life into their chakra, from the magnetic field of the earth, this rock sits upon…Or have a “glowing result” from getting a picture?

Dr Turi at the Mayan Pyramids

Like the Mayans, or Egyptians, the indigenous Australians didn’t build monuments or move slabs that large anywhere but on powerful vortexes. But we all know what the religious Spaniard conquistadors did to the Mayans culture to get to their gold and build their churches on the foundations of their immaculate cosmic house of worship…

Not to forget, the truth has always been rejected by the builders of the top of the pyramid and/or ‘chief cornerstone,’ which has become the head of the corner… Just because the religious matrix doesn’t want the scientific matrix to find out certain signs and artifacts, explaining how God speaks to its children through the stars!

At the same time, Uluru and Kata Tjuta are said to support physical proof of age-old events and have been used for established rituals and rites of passage for over 10,000 years.

Even though, the once pastoral way of life for the Anangu people is different now, they still resume living by these old standards and established practices, inherited through Dreamtime stories from their family predecessors.

Representatives of the Anangu humankind, have been passed down and oversee their own Dreamtime stories and celebratory observations, identified with sites and their beginning. The Dreaming is an intricate structure of information, expectations and usual procedure, accepted by their association, to families and to individuals.

Just as God and the angels offer prophetic dreams to humans as signs, that can be translated by spiritually gifted people, or those born with supra-cosmic consciousness.

It is seen an authoritative, active force, that must be kept up and regarded highly…As it is considered their responsibility to appreciate and guard the world and pass on these primal ethics forever.

Like a boulder, crashing into an ocean of history… It is within your sacred zone, which you can discover yourself in more ways than one.

Or before you construct a house or a building. You must lay out the groundwork and know what it is going to rest on…Sand or stone? Its reasoning should be understandable.

Stand under the foundation to truly understand!

It’s all the same for the physical ramification of DNA, the human spiritual “DNA” borrowed from its own unique celestial Identity or its hereditary karmic (universal) make up.

Based upon the soul’s age, past-live occurrences, the ethereal creation between a mother and her child (or anyone of your family members, on that note) is entirely unlike your own.

This can mentally absorbed easily / understood by building cosmic consciousness through mastering the art and science of Astropsychology.. Or standing under your stars, to really understand.

Et voila!

Indeed this current embodiment has been walking on, one stepping stone at a time, through each battle along the way…With blessings carved in “rock,” that has forever been standing, between the three sovereigns and its five or more emperors below; the angels of light and darkness as we know.

The ab-originals used the kangaroo as the pony express to carry mail (Mercury / Gemini) from one place to the other. Kangaroo is the Australian (Auz) astrology symbol for Aries the Ram or “Baby of the Zodiac;” where Mars is of significance, to all the eager ‘Big Reds.’

Modern Astrology classifies the Dragon’s Head and Tail as the South and North Nodes of the Moon…Whereas, the Dragon in Chinese Astrology exact copy is the symbol of Aries, in the more popular version of Occidental Astrology.

Kangaroo has the alphabet sign of ‘Ehwaz;’ literally meaning horse (pony express) transporting and changing – especially and unpredictably in one’s mental outlook towards bringing about the shift, to help the circumstances in front of you.

Now a general held assumption has it that the word kangaroo comes from an Australian Aboriginal word meaning “I don't know.”

Come to find out, this is not true.

The word was first reported in 1770 by Captain James Cook, when he arrived along the northeast coast of Australia, to make some restorations to this border of water.

But in 1820, one Captain; Phillip K. King listed a different word for the animal, written as “mee-nuah.”

Kangaroo = "Mee - Nuah" (I don't know?)

Turns out that and as expected, Captain Cook had been incorrect, and the fictitious story evolved into that of what he had perceived; as a word meaning “I don't know…” And was likely the reply to a question in English, that had not been understood by just anyone?

In other words, a Kazmik language, not easily understood by just anyone.

A name by any other…

“Ophiuchus is the spiritual hidden dragon’s polarity, representing man and the snakes lost wisdom each one holds within and fights.” – Byproduct of astrology + astronomy + psychology = Astropsychology (13 and so on or eternity – the Master combining all older discipline) Simply another name, created for something much bigger, that the masses can’t nor may ever understand.

But as an Auz ram (Me - Terania), I do understand the Cosmic (Kazmik) language, as once again; Aries is the earliest Aryan sign master (Draco constellation: Earliest beneficiaries to our natural world or “The Gardeners of the world,” whereas Draco is Latin for dragon…Purple Sun – Purple Forbidden: Violet Flame of Transmutation).

Sun Request

“As the sun gives heat and light for life, the dragon is a form of life energy; that can enlighten you with its power or spit fire at you.

We are the “Material Dragon’s,” who can shed some light but yes; we know that we still need to defend ourselves at times when needed, with our flames.

Unfortunately, most only create a blaze and this is where the complication lies by choice for resolution.

On behalf of our pleading universe; people are desperately encouraged, to improve their mind; towards controlling their differences, while in tolerance of others and before it’s too late…Whether they agree or not; or simply just back away, because so many can’t handle the truth.

This makes for the king of gold in totality.”


Some key words for Kangaroo are: Abundance, Family, Eternal, Fire, Universal Love and Universal Law. The Kangaroo is that of card number 44 in the stack and this stays as a Master Number of 44 and does not disconnect.

The 44-deliver transformation and endless development.

The idea of motivation and that motion incites activity.

A heck of fluctuation is being reflected, bringing forth speed and calmness for the renewal of being. Kangaroo has the alphabet sign of ‘Ehwaz;’ literally meaning horse (pony express) transporting and changing – especially and unpredictably in one’s mental outlook towards bringing about the shift, to help the circumstances in front of you.

This is the ABC’s of motion and development of one’s physical fluctuations; where you may be switching into more advanced establishments of the physical and spiritual world.

It aids in making what one is facing better, bringing forth stable headway and reminds you, as well as points out the importance of using, what you have in common with others.

Play by the golden rule and treat others as you wish to be treated.

While working on the creative side of thy self; I have allowed myself to generate the will power, perseverance, and endurance to move on to the higher levels.

Those are the energy points in my subtle body of acknowledgement and sentimental delivery.

The unseen sign that can only be identified in front of our Kangaroo is the sign for genuine love and to awaken memories of ourselves put forth before us, completely without thinking of winning anything.

I, kangaroo share the abundance with my husband, kind fellow mates and those I love. The crystal of I, kangaroo; is that of a diamond and it points out its innocence…

While this gemstone is the design of pure love and assurance to earth personified and Mankind.

It is also that of my wedding ring, in which is set with three larger diamonds in the middle and four smaller on each side.

Three in making it dignified for the power of my inner eye, expression, joy, creativity and versatility which keeps on going; while the four on both sides, deals with balance and calls upon the set nature, of all things…

Add it all up and you have wealth and love in both forms at best.

The most fascinating piece of the whole puzzle is that my name Terania, which my mom dreamed up, turned out to be the Terania Creek Australian Rain forest; in which I came about not too long after the strive for its freedom was occurring.

And there's a lot more where that came from too...

Terania St, New South Wales, Australia

Like my middle name” Loray,” (Clocher del Loray – Doubs, also in France, above the city in Provence where Nostradamus and Louis were born), happens to also be the ancient African tribal group of the Australian forest, named: “Mystical Thunder of the Gods -” Voodoo; that played out on the drums, all the sounds which was reflecting the cry of the people, as they were exerting themselves for liberty, during those very tragic times.

Loray of the Terania Forest…

Guess you could say, much of everything starts from the land down under and I have been coming up.

Helping the children, swim upstream towards the ethereal light of oneness, towards God’s cosmic divinity…

Being that my name obviously has Australian roots, I obviously do too and really everyone does as well but not many can set aside the “gringo” in them.

It is a kangaroo court out there for sure.

Though, my inner “Tierra Nueva” (Terania Nueva), has met with its water bearer for the elixir of life. Giving off original rays of the many unique, rising suns; as well as all worldly creatures a chance.

I’ll say, that our trees are one of the most vital features for animation on this planet.

This is so because trees generate oxygen; through a method called photosynthesis.

It is known that trees create more oxygen when they evolve, and the most substantial producers of oxygen will be the trees that have the acquired power to switch the air and soil into wood.

The same as one requires secret knowledge of what it means to be human, to be under*stood.

Though first, one must willingly stand under their stars. Our DNA is made of the same DNA as the tree. The tree breathes what we breathe when we exhale...When the tree exhales, we need what the tree exhales.

So, we have a common destiny with the tree.

And it is clear way into the universe, through the forest wilderness...As in solitude, you can find many answers.

As well as many more, at this cosmic gathering…

We look forward to seeing you there!

~Peace, love and light,


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