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When Lightworkers Get Attacked

If you feel you are here to free this planet and her people from tyranny, then chances are you’ve been called a lightworker. In actual fact, many of us are light warriors. We are on this mission at the pointy end and things can feel anything BUT light. It feels like we are walking uphill through mud.

At times, we face bone-chilling opposition. Tested to the nth degree, just when we want to give it up and throw in the towel, we remember our mission and why we’re here. We sharpen our sword and live to fight another day.

What? That doesn’t sound very spiritual. Fight another day?

Taking on the dark

The truth is, light warriors are the people who are willing to face the dark and meet it with the same force. The entities maintaining the dark paradigm of dominance and submission, hierarchy, and tyranny will stop at nothing to fulfil their evil agendas. We can't hide our head under a cloud, and hope they go away if we don't talk about it.

If it feels like you live in a Harry Potter novel, keep reading, you’ll understand.

Warriors step up to fight the good fight – and seek peace for everyone to enjoy. Warriors take on the toughest of challenges, face the dark front on, expose the perpetrators and their wrongdoings. They are not passive and can’t always reframe everything in a positive way. They may find it very difficult to turn a blind eye, forgive and forget, or not 'sink down to their level'. Sometimes love and light just doesn’t cut it. Harry, Hermoine and Ron didn't learn Defence of the Dark Arts for nothing!

The devil doesn’t show up as a red-eyed skull with a black hood and scythe. The devil comes looking like one of us. A wolf in sheep's clothing. In fact, often disguised as a fellow lightworker, the aggressor will talk the talk, but not walk the walk. They are not of the light, not interested in peace, and certainly not interested in resolution. If you confront them, expecting to help find a solution, don’t be surprised to see they want no part of it. Their behaviour and actions were designed for nothing less than malice. They will scurry away like a cockroach when you shine the light on them.

They are here to distract us, here to disrupt us, here to take us of our course and sabotage us. As you see them exposing themselves, their true colours revealed, it begins to feel that being a warrior of the light can be very lonely and painful. Your circle of trust gets smaller and smaller.


So how can you get battle ready? Being forewarned and ready is not easily done, and sometimes there is nothing that can possibly prepare you for what's to come. However, knowing what you are up against may help.

There are several ways that the dark can show up and present itself to you in a human form:

  • walking, talking and appearing human but infact are another soul-less race (although it would be unusual now for us to encounter one of these beings). They are the enslavers and tyrants;

  • a human with a severely darkened heart, they may have what would be considered a black soul – unable or unwilling to be rehabilitated and inhabiting the outskirts of our soul home. These are the narcissists and psychopaths in our society, often the ones in positions of power;

  • someone who has such deep, unresolved wounding that their pain and trauma allows themselves to be infiltrated by parasitic entities. Unknowingly, they allow themselves to be used, causing hurt, upset, drama and sabotage within the circles and groups they move in;

  • someone who is carrying unhealed ancient trauma and an energy imprint of rage, trauma, inadequacy, jealousy, and powerlessness. They are unable to find what they long for in themselves and see it only in others. Ironically unable to admire it, they seek only to destroy it;

  • someone who has not yet remembered who they truly are and will seek to mock, judge, belittle or shut us down.

For the most part, you are dealing with someone in the latter categories above, one of the best ways to find out which team they bat for is to observe their intentions and note - are they of a mindset that is one of service-to-self or service-to-others? They can be deceivingly charismatic and 'spiritual', seemingly full of love and light. Yet what do they devote their time and energy to? Their own ego or a bigger cause outside of them? It is not always easy to spot - be kind to yourself if you get hoodwinked by them. Listen to those little red flags your intuition sends up. And know that once you have seen their true colours, not everyone else will. Many others will continue to be deceived by them.

These people consciously or unconsciously can harm us. Their attacks may take on the form of:

  • vicious rants, long streams of vile ramblings via email or social media that are childish and often nonsensical, usually slanderous. It's the wounded inner child purging itself against the old bullies of the past;

  • negative e-motions in the form of hatred, anger and jealousy that they energetically ‘throw’ at you, a common form of psychic attack;

  • behind the scenes attempts to sabotage you and your work;

  • malicious lies / disinformation spread to your friends/supporters;

  • using demonic rituals or black magic in the form of spells, voodoo;

  • dark remote viewing and interference;

  • spiritual warfare designed to cause physical harm and even death;

  • chemical, biological, and radiological methods of mind and body control.

Ultimately, they can only have power over us, if we give them that power. Like every other challenge, as we grow and expand, it is an opportunity to help catapult us into a higher level of awareness and healing. So in fact, they are serving and assisting us with our growth and ascension. We learn to be more in our truth, more discerning and more in our power. For those not on a similar vibration, we release them to their own path and most importantly, maintain our own path. Remember that those who work against divine truth, are working against themselves.

Aid your own ascension

Considering the undertaking we have done at Uluru over the last few years, particularly in January for the Saturn/Pluto Conjunct which kicked off the 'Societal Reset', and now as we approach the Great Conjunction in December, it is really not surprising to know that there are groups who will want to dismantle what we aim to do at Uluru. They are working with powerful medicine. Some will even be there on the ground as they were in January.

As we work towards the Cosmic Consciousness Conference, there is always necessary behind-the-scenes energetic preparation - this one more than ever before. One of our Committee, Lindsay Franke, of the Friendly Earth Co, has prepared a healing plan for the Conference delegates. In a recent team update, Lindsay said:

“When carrying so much light there will be aspects of shadow that accompany it. We are all about developing authenticity, not perfection. The knowledge contained within this healing plan and at the conference will be ongoing for years. We need to clear timelines so all of the delegates can move forward if they choose so.”

"We are all about developing authenticity, not perfection."

This is the endgame, players.

It truly is a cosmic battle between light and dark.

For those of you coming to the Conference, you will received a 116 page e-book created by Lindsay entitled 'It's All About You'. This is an ascension healing plan.

We encourage you to work your way through Lindsay’s book. The better your personal wounds are healed, the less can trigger you. And the higher we will all be at Uluru. To be brutal, just because we are aware and awakened doesn’t always mean we are aware of our own field. The evolution of consciousness demands a tremendous amount of personal responsibility that comes with it.

The evolution of consciousness demands a tremendous amount of personal responsibility that comes with it.

Controlled opposition

The ways in which the dark attempt to stop you from carrying out your mission typically will show up in the 3D – technology crashing; cars breaking down; illness and health challenges; transport issues; money and financial problems; family emergencies; job malfunctions and much more. They come up unexpectedly and feel so real. The old patterns will be playing out perfectly. This is the time to let them go.

Whatever opposition comes your way now, confront it head on. Stare it in the face and laugh at it. If we told you the attacks we’ve faced, you may not even believe it. The obstacles and challenges will come thick and fast, trying to stop you. Trying to stop us – a group of 200+ lightworkers – come together with the intention of helping humanity hurdle the quantum leap in consciousness that needs to be activated in December 2020.

This reunion our souls planned long ago – every single one of us present at this event, at this sacred place, Uluru, on this special occasion, is meant to be there. The stories that we hear of the synchronicity that has unfolded are just beautiful! Uluru Magick whispered to those with the ears to hear it.

Knee-jerk reactions

Avoid making knee-jerk reactions during this turbulent time. The distractions attempting to keep you off your path and away from your mission may feel relentless. Your intuition may feel severely challenged. Is it the universe testing you to see how much you are really committed to your path? Or is it a sign not to go ahead? If you are being interfered with, you may convince yourself it's the universe telling you not to do something. Take your time, don't rush into action and wait for more information. Decision making processes can be assisted by doing EFT, psychic cleansing and healing can be carried out by a trusted healer, or visiting a kinesiologist for some muscle testing can be very helpful. And simply taking the time to really tune into your heart's desire is paramount. Your heart will never lead you astray, but your head will.

The Uluru Calling

If you got the calling, you are on Team Light! Buckle up, stay focussed and ask your higher self to give you the support, courage and resilience that you need. Practice your protection and spiritual hygiene. Your energetic self-care is paramount. Most of all, pray for the highest good and best outcome for all as you maintain your own centre. This is YOUR own inner GPS. Please follow your heart and stay connected to divine guidance.

You are a warrior of the light. You got this!

To find out more about the December 'Gateway' Cosmic Consciousness Conference at Uluru in 2020, visit

Kathryn Hand, CHt, Past Life & Live Between Lives Therapist First published Dec 2019, updated 21.11.2020

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