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Team Light

We first commenced a national Conference in Sydney in January 2015 when the inaugural Afterlife Explorers Conference was launched. Boasting speakers from across the country including names such as Peter Rampster, documentary maker and past life therapist; Victor Zammit, afterlife researcher; Allen Tiller, TV’s ‘ghost hunter’; Peter Smith, President of the Newton Institute; medium, Val Hood; Medium amongst others.  Consciousness Luminary, Michael Roads, closed the Conference with a show-stopping presentation.  The entire audience was spellbound as he spoke. Barry Eaton, broadcaster and author of ‘Afterlife’, MCd the 3 day event.

The success of this event, and with nothing else like it in Australia, saw the event becoming an annual conference.  It went on to be held in Melbourne, Byron Bay and Coffs Harbour.  Our next event was the Close Encounters Conference, Australia’s biggest National conference exploring the topic of multiple dimensions, the extraterrestrials from these dimensions, other planets or star systems and their role in the evolution of human consciousness.


​The first Cosmic Consciousness Conference was held at Uluru-Kata Tjuta, the Earth's solar plexus chakra in January 2018. We are moving into higher dimensions and riding the ascension waves can be daunting, and exhilarating.  These conferences serve to explore the move of Gaia and those of us that have chosen to ascend to a cosmic consciousness. Now, moving into our fourth Cosmic Consciousness Conference at Uluru, we are leading the way as Australia's most outstanding consciousness event.

We work very intuitively and energetically. We journey through personal growth and expansion, sometimes at rapid speeds as we develop our events.  Sharing our passion with you is a natural progression of the exploration of consciousness.  Everything we do is from our heart.  


There are many things that continue to drive our passion, but the biggest guiding star for us is giving our delegates the most amazing experience of healing, transformation and connection. We want you to have your hearts opened, your minds expanded, your soul satisfied. We want to remove the taboo nature from the subjects of life after death, ET contact, spirit guides, galactic families.  We want to open conversations that might be controversial, we want to explore stories from people who have died and come back to tell the story or those who have have contact with ETs.  We welcome the words from conduits like mediums and channellers who carry through the wisdom from higher beings.  We also love to have a laugh and keep things light and funny!

​This is an evolution for us as we expand ourselves and explore more and more about consciousness, multiple dimensions, the extraterrestrials from these dimensions, other planets or star systems and their role in the evolution of human consciousness.


​We believe that we all work together towards a cosmic consciousness, weaving our knowledge, gifts and experience together.  And we love that you are sharing this ride with us.  One of our favourite sayings is “You are not truly home until you find your tribe” and we love the tribe that is on this journey with us.  Thanks for finding us.

​We hope to see you at one of our events!







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