Please read the information listed below carefully, as each registration booking is subject to the standard terms and conditions of the Cosmic Consciousness Conference.

Registering for this event or by purchasing tickets means that you have accepted these terms and conditions as listed below:


1. Registration: 

Purchasing of tickets will close on 16 December 2021 or when tickets are sold out.  On arrival participants must have a copy of their official receipt or payment slip and present this to the staff at the registration desk – or be prepared to show photographic ID such as a Drivers Licence/Passport.

2.   Seating: 

We will strive to make the seating arrangements and environment inside the venue as comfortable as possible.  Should you have any unusual requirements, please email the conference organiser at mickturner@live.com at the time of booking with your requests.  We cannot guarantee they will be able to be met.  VIP Pass holders will have preferred seating.  There is no reserved seating.  Seats are taken on a first come, first served basis on each morning of the event.

3.   Cancellation Policy:

3.1  Tickets purchased for this event are non-refundable.  This includes part-payments.  We strongly recommend you protect yourself with ticket insurance in the event that unforeseen circumstances arise. 

3.2  Should you be unable to attend, you may transfer your ticket by gift or re-sale to a substitute delegate without incurring additional fees PROVIDED that you request permission from the Organisers by emailing both kathryn.hand@outlook.com and mickturner@live.com prior to 21 days of the Conference (see 3.4 below) commencement. 

3.3  'Early Bird' tickets are non-refundable and are non-transferable. 

3.4  If you cannot attend due to a change of circumstances, your ticket may be held over for use for the following year's event at the discretion of the Organisers PROVIDED you have given more than 21  days notice by emailing both kathryn.hand@outlook.com and mickturner@live.com prior to the commencement of the Conference. ‘No-shows’ or those giving less than 21 days notice are not eligible for transferring tickets to a future event and waive their right to hold over their ticket to the next year and are not able to transfer or re-sell the ticket to another person.

3.5  In the event that the Cosmic Consciousness Conference is cancelled by the Organisers for any reason, you will receive a refund of the full conference fee only. Flights, accommodation, and any other loss sustained will not be reimbursed.

3.6  In the event that the Cosmic Consciousness Conference is postponed for any reason and the delegate is unable or unwilling to attend on the rescheduled date, the full conference fee will be refunded. Flights, accommodation, and any other loss sustained will not be reimbursed.

3.7  The Conference Organiser is not responsible for any loss or damage as a result of a substitution, alteration or cancellation/postponement of the Cosmic Consciousness Conference. The Organiser shall assume no liability whatsoever in the event this conference is cancelled, rescheduled or postponed due to a fortuitous event, Act of God, unforeseen occurrence or any other event that renders performance of this conference impracticable, illegal or impossible, in the sole opinion of The Organiser. For the purposes of this clause, a fortuitous event shall include, but not be limited to: war, fire, earthquake, labour strike, extreme weather or other emergency.

3.8  Please note that while speakers and topics were confirmed at the time of publishing, circumstances beyond the control of the organisers may necessitate substitutions, alterations or cancellations of the speakers and/or topics and the programme and format of the event may be changed accordingly. As such, the Organiser reserves the right to alter or modify the advertised speakers, topics, formats or programme as deemed necessary without any liability to delegates whatsoever. Any/all substitutions, alterations or amendments will be notified via updates on the conference webSite as soon as possible.

4.  Liability:  

The Cosmic Consciousness Conference Organiser reserves the right to amend any part of the Conference programme if necessary at any time. Every effort will be made to ensure the programme is of equivalent standard.  The Conference Organiser will not accept liability for damages of any nature sustained by delegates or accompanying persons, or loss of, or damage to their personal property as a result of the Conference or related events.


5.  Behaviour:

5.1  The Conference Organiser and the venue (Voyages Ayers Rock Resort) reserve the right to prohibit entry of any person to the event, or eject any person from the event based on non conformity to the dress code, rude or direspectful behaviour to speakers, delegates or staff, behaviour deemed inappropriate by Organisers, Committee members, staff and others working under authority of the Venue or the Organisers.

5.2   Canvassing by participants is strictly prohibited at the Cosmic Consciousness Conference. Promotional materials may not be distributed at the conference except by event speakers and sponsors. Participants violating this policy will be asked to leave the event immediately.

5.3  The Conference and the Venue it is occupying is only accessible for Conference Delegates, Conference Speakers, Organisers and the staff and VIP guests invited by the Organisers. Non-ticket holders will be asked to leave immediately and failure to do so will result in Security and/or Police being called.


6.  Privacy Notice: 

6.1   The Conference Organiser is concerned with the protection of your privacy. We support the privacy principles contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), as amended. The Organiser collects and stores your personal information for the purposes of marketing future events and obtaining past and future conference feedback.

6.2    Your details will not be provided to third parties.


7.  Image Release:

7.1  By registering for the Cosmic Consciousness Conference, delegates grant permission to the Conference Organiser, its agents and others working under its authority, to take and to have full and free use of video/photographs containing their image/likeness. It is understood these images may be used for promotional, news, on-line/multimedia, research and/or educational purposes by and for the Cosmic Consciousness Conference Organiser.

7.2   Delegates agree that they are not entitled to remuneration, residuals, royalties or any other payment from the Conference Organiser in respect of their image/likeness or its use.  Delegates release, discharge, and hold harmless, the Organiser and its agents from any and all claims, demands or causes of actions that they may hereafter have by reason of anything contained in the photographs or video.

7.3   You will need to accept and agree to the following statements:

7.3.1      I understand that the Organiser may use these images in their marketing material.

7.3.2      I understand that if I do not wish to have my image, or voice recorded and used in this way then I need to inform the Organising Team and any media person taking my photo, videoing me, or recording my voice at the conference.

If you contact any member of the Organising Team a sticker will be placed on your conference nametag that will alert photographers of your wishes. They will do their utmost to avoid photographing or recording people identified in this way. It is also your responsibility to remove yourself from situations where photographs are being taken, or video and audio are being recorded.

7.4   Photographers will do their best to take group images that do not identify individuals, and will seek permission in particular instances where close-up images are taken.

7.5   Other delegates may take and distribute images or recordings via social networking Sites or independent websites or reports. The Organiser can take no responsibility for material or images used in this way.


8.  Special Requirements:

Every effort will be made to ensure that participants with special needs are catered for. Should you require any specific needs please email the Conference Organisers – kathryn.hand@outlook.com and mickturner@live.com

9.  General

All advice, decisions, opinions, recommendations, proposals, presentations, seminars and reports, whether written or oral, are made in good faith by the Conference Organiser on the basis of value judgements influenced by current commercial and organisational conditions. These may be affected by unforeseen events and factors outside the Organisers control and, as such, we reserve the right to amend or cancel planned or previously agreed arrangements. In this instance, the Organiser shall not be liable in any event to delegates, exhibitors, or any other person or third party for any direct or consequential loss or damage sustained arising out of or in connection with this event.