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​Elise Kovacs and Tim Lassig are a twin-flame couple who are as passionate and committed to their own spiritual growth and divine life purpose as they are at supporting other beautiful souls on their own unique spiritual journeys. 

Coming from diverse backgrounds with their own unique life journeys and business experiences, the duo has created a new venture 'Source 88'. Tim has had 22 years’ experience in event production, project management, DJing, personal development and completed a 6-month sound healing mentorship with Matt Omo.


Elise has had 10 years’ experience as a personal trainer and mental health coach, completed a 4-year Bachelor of Counselling and Coaching at ACAP, delivers holistic health and wellbeing programs to corporates, and has done 5 years of sound healing with Matt Omo.  

Tim and Elise met at the Cosmic Consciousness Conference in January 2019. Like many people who come to Uluru they were activated not only to come together but also came to realise they had “abilities” arising after their Uluru visit that they did not have before. Since this time their divine life purpose has unveiled, and they have used these new and unique abilities with their diverse backgrounds to make a difference in the lives of many people. 




Source 88's Soul Expanding sound healing experiences are ever transforming - always 'feeling' what is required in every group session they facilitate. Having said this, whilst the way they deliver each group session is fluid there are foundational components that remain the same.


Each soul expansion session integrates sound, vocalising and vibration to create a deep group connection. You will then be taken through a chakra clearing or meditative process to really “open” each person up for a transformative sound experience. Immediately prior to the sound healing each person creates an empowered intention for receiving and an intention for clearing.


In the Soul Expansion process, Tim and Elise guide you to use activated breathing which allows you to connect into the divine and expansive nature of your higher self, allowing the opportunity to receive deeper understandings around your intentions, healing and personal transformation. 


The continued use of the soul expansion process is one of the greatest means to connect into your divinity and align with your higher self and divine life purpose. 

Tim and Elise's mission is to provide tools and methods for others to heal and connect with themselves at a deeper level. They help people discern their divine life purpose and as a result of this process help them take action towards creating this as a reality. 


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