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Post-Conference Worskshops give you the opportunity to delver deeper into matters you can't get enough of!

Post-Conference Workshops

14 January 2020

Workshop 1:  True Cosmology and Ascension


9:30AM - 12:30PM

So... We have collectively awoken from our conscious sleep,  we are lost and confused about who, what, where and most importantly WHY we are here.

The answers to all of the above are not simple and no single person has them all.

However, collectively we can (and are)  piecing together the puzzle. We collectively have the keys to this maze, all we have to do is ask the right questions and look in the right direction.

The clues are woven into the collective fabric of our reality. They were left for us by our ancestors (us) through mythology, ancient cultures,  art, architecture and even within our physical and spiritual DNA.

It's time for us to Re - member who we are, where we are and why we are here.

I do not claim to have all the answers, but I probably have a few puzzle pieces and keys that may help you unlock doors of deeper innerstanding that will help you better navigate your way through this cosmic game of self-discovery. 

Our objective is for us to…

Experience, learn, share, grow and move on.

I will share with you what I have learnt through my spiritual and physical experiences in this and many past lifetimes. 

I will share how I have grown spiritually & consciously, but most importantly why it matters with particular reference to my next destination along my physical and spiritual journey. 

If you resonate with any of the above, we may well be in the same stream, flowing in the same direction towards the same destination.

Keep shining like the star you are, I look forward to meeting you -  kindred spirit. 

REGISTRATION DETAILS:  Book in for this workshop with Registration Staff at the Conference.  Cost will be $45 for this 3 hour workshop.

Workshop 3:  Avatar


1:30PM - 5:30PM

Our awareness capabilities and abilities impact every detail of our reality. This is reflected in genuine quality of your inner knowledge over regurgitation of superficial knowledge, presence of essential life force and ability to evaluate reality. It is in quality training we finally leave behind low impact, superficial, mainstream training and non-extraordinary change in our lives. Avatar Training revolutionises your reality and potential. Here you transform and evolve to unlock quantum, intelligence, PSI abilities and life force. THIS IS THE DIFFERENCE- YOUR PSI ABILITIES CAN NOT BE 3D TRAINED.


You must be initiated in quantum and highest level meta-physics. It is here you must be educated when selecting quality training. You will immerse in science and process of quantum integration and finally initiating quantum transmissions. We will explore the reality of consciousness, pineal, unconscious and sub-consciousness. Quantum & timelines. Deep exploring processes and initiation to access timelines. Awakening pineal and third eye evolves our avatar and genius. We not only increase awareness but are capable of smashing reality convention and limitations.


Past, Present, Future. Immerse in science and process. How you can finally influence your deeper historical healing to unlock your present and future. The avatar is freed from repeat wound experiences and repeat theme contracts. Historical imprints, wounds and ancestral implants. This session quantum transforms and restores. This session is essential for new levels of quantum energy release. We are highly concerned about the wound written into current reality structures. We are witnessing reality traps, 3D timeline attachments, toxic structures and stress manipulation. Learning to heal, clean and clear is essential. Your awareness is finely tuned in this process. This safeguards and protects you as avatar.

REGISTRATION DETAILS:  Book in for this workshop with Registration Staff at the Conference.  Cost will be $75 for this 4 hour workshop.

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