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Cosmic Consciousness Conference - Livestreaming Information

The Cosmic Consciousness Conference (the Conference) is proud to announce our partnership with Go Live, Australia's livestreaming specialists who will professionally livestream the 3 days of the Conference programme (excluding workshops).

Utilising state of the art live streaming equipment our Directors Cut Package will provide multiple camera operators and a dedicated streaming technician. 

Participants will also receive a complimentary post-conference recording of all presentations when available via Videos on Demand. 

On behalf of the Cosmic Consciousness team we look forward to offering you this event, exclusively to our worldwide soul-family. 


All times referred to will be in local Uluru time (Australian Central Standard Time ‘ACST’).
The webcast will be livestreamed for 3 days of the Conference from 9am to 6pm on 20, 21 and 22 December 2020.


Check what time the Conference starts in your timezone >>  CLICK HERE

Note: Conference starts at 9am in Uluru, Australia.

The prices listed on ticket registration is in AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS.  Please convert to your local currency.  The currency conversion will be made by your banking institution, and the Conference has no jurisdiction over currency conversion.

Check the conversion of your currency from Australian dollars >>  CLICK HERE


Speakers and Programme

(1)    Speakers may change without notice.

(2)    Programme may change without notice. 


(3)    The Conference live content is streamed over the internet and accordingly, factors including:
         (a)    your viewing computer device system resources;
         (b)    your internet connection speed bandwidth; and/or
         (c)    your internet provider server;
         (d)    your firewall
         may affect the quality of your live media viewing experience.

(4)    Audio Visual live streaming may be interrupted due to transmission issues beyond our control. 

(5)    In such instances, transmission will resume as soon as possible and replays will be available if possible.

(6)    Every effort will be made to ensure the highest quality live streaming, and the Conference take no responsibility for, and cannot be held liable for, the unavailability of live streaming, in part or full, due to technical issues beyond its control.

No Refund Policy

(7)    Conference Live Stream tickets are not refundable unless the livestream is cancelled by Conference Organisers. 

Complimentary Post-Conference Package to Livestream Ticket Purchasers

(8)     A complimentary package of Conference presentation recordings will be accessible to watch after the completion of the event. This package can be viewed only by the purchaser of the Livestream ticket. 

Live Stream Region

(9)     Conference Livestream tickets will be made available to delegates all regions.


(10)    The content of the Conference in any shape or form, including Live Streaming is copyright to the Cosmic Consciousness Conference and governed by international Copyright Law.

(11)    UNLESS EXPRESSLY AUTHORISED BY THE COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS CONFERENCE any recording, broadcasting, rebroadcasting or web streaming of content produced by the Conference is strictly prohibited.

(12)    Any person, entity or corporation found at any event in violation of the above, will be immediately ejected from the stream and can be charged under applicable copyright laws. Furthermore, any person who rebroadcasts the online LIVE streams will be permanently banned from all online channels and copyright infringement action may be brought against him/her.


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