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Maximizing Your Earnings as an Affiliate for the Cosmic Consciousness Conference

We're thrilled to have you as a speaker at the Cosmic Consciousness Conference! To further enhance your involvement and reward your efforts in promoting this transformative event, we're offering you the opportunity to earn a 7.5% commission on ticket sales made through your unique affiliate link.

Commission Updates and Payment:

  • We will send out affiliate updates at the end of each month to inform you of any purchases made through your link.

  • Commissions are requested from our ticketing agent, Humanitix, at the end of each month. It may take up to a week to receive your commission.

  • Please let us know if you prefer to have your commission held over and paid as a lump sum at the end of the event or paid monthly or bimonthly.

By leveraging these strategies and sharing your genuine enthusiasm for the Cosmic Consciousness Conference, you can effectively promote the event and earn commissions through your affiliate link. We're excited to have you on board and look forward to a successful collaboration!


Here are some strategies to help you effectively promote the conference and maximise your earnings:

Utilise social media

  • Share on Facebook: Post about the Conference on your Facebook page, highlighting your involvement as a speaker and the unique aspects of the event. Use engaging images and videos from our Facebook page  and our Website Gallery to capture attention (bookmark our pages). Always include your affiliate link in your posts.

  • Instagram, TikTok, Twitter etc: Share snippets and teasers of your upcoming talk, insights into the conference theme, or teasers of what attendees can expect. Use relevant hashtags such as #teamlightuluru #cosmicconsciousnessconference and #cosmicconsciousnesstribe
    to reach a wider audience and always include your affiliate link in your bio or posts.

  • For new speakers to Uluru, consider interviewing past delegates or speakers to share their experiences and insights. This can provide valuable content for your audience and help promote the conference.  Contact Kathryn to put you in touch with people.​​

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Leveraging your website

  • Write a blog post about your participation in the conference, what you're looking forward to, and why people should attend. Embed your affiliate link within the post.

  • Add our event to your Events page.

  • Add a banner or a dedicated section on your website promoting the conference with your affiliate link.

  • Get yourself interviewed on someone's podcast that promotes both your work and your appearance at the Conference and add that interview to your home page. 

  • If you run your own podcast, consider interviewing one of your fellow speakers.

Email and networking

  • ​Send an email to your subscribers announcing your participation in the conference and inviting them to join you. Highlight the benefits of attending and include your affiliate link.

  • Utilise your professional and personal networks to spread the word. Personal recommendations can be very effective in encouraging registrations. Have a flyer ready to hand out with your affiliate link.

  • Have a look at our Vimeo page to get to know about our past events and use snippets of the videos, and also our current promo video plus testimonial videos.

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