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September Equinox
Energy Retreat 2023


Let's discover who we are encased in a fabric of energies, and explore how can the multiple outside energies of the Cosmos be used to keep the fabric healthy?

Norfolk Island has several localised sacred sites and energy hotspots - the perfect place to heal, enlighten, and make contact with the soul for spiritual growth and expansion of consciousness.  Intention and positive belief, emotional singing, chanting, sacred music, prayer that we bring to these sites express more powerfully than many ordinary sites.  

We will visit these sites for meditation and manifestation, as well as using other tools such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Past Lives Hypnotherapy, Neurographica and more to go diving deep into energy techniques to break apart limiting beliefs and blockages, releasing old trauma and imprinting new, positive changes.


Lemurian Dreaming


Norfolk Island is an ancient volcanic rock that was once on the Western side of Lemuria.  The Island is a paradise to the eyes, a visual feast of natural beauty.  The dramatic cliffs, topped with magestic Norfolk Island Pines and the pristine healing waters offer a truly unique South Pacific experience.  

Many people feel they have stepped back in time, with limited use of their phones, no 5G, cows meandering the roads, limited shop hours and no street lights and very little external noise - the whole nervous system calms down.  

The night skies here are so sensational, giving the Island a Gold Zone Dark Sky rating, which means that with no light pollution, the stars are laid out against the black velvet sky like a magical box of jewels.  People sleep well because of the dark and quiet.


Passionate Facilitation


After being diagnosed with invasive lobular breast cancer, Kathryn took a giant leap of faith and cancelled a double mastectomy the day before surgery. Drawing on the resources she had as a mind-body therapist, she ventured on a journey of discovery to find the emotional and energetic source of the cancer. She faced her darkest fears and met life-changing challenges to heal herself from the inside out - totally naturally. 

No matter what your pain is, how big your hurdles are or how much your life is crumbling around you, you can find the courage to heal your wounds, free yourself from limitations and blocks, achieve your dreams and create the life you love.​

Kathryn is a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and EFT Practitioner. For the past 8 years, she has been the Co-organiser of Consciousness Conferences in Australia. She was chosen to facilitate 2 past life sessions for Athena from TV's 'Real Housewives of Sydney'.  One televised and one privately. She has been interviewed on  numerous radio podcast interviews and written articles in New Dawn and Living Now. She has been a trainer of EFT courses 'Heal Your Critical Mind' through Macquarie Community College, as well as 'Heal Your Weight Struggles' workshops and gives talks about EFT, Past Lives, Life Between Lives and healing breast cancer naturally.

Together with her other team members, Kathryn will work with the group to facilitate a unique wonderful five days of healing, fun, laughter and lots of love.

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