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Missed out on any articles or interviews about our events?  Catch up on the media coverage here.
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Exciting Times at Uluru - Radio Out There interviews Kathryn Hand

Higher Journeys - Alexis Brooks interviews Barry Eaton MC and Organiser Kathryn Hand

Australian Esoteric Magazine Issue 26 - Cosmic Consciousness

New Dawn Magazine - Issue 177 - Activating the Uluru Symphony of Energies 

Cosmic Umbilical Cord Connections at Uluru - Astralian Esoteric Magazine


Preparing for The Event - What Will It Mean for Australia? Article by Paul V Young

Cosmic Consciousness In Times of Great Change - Barry Eaton interviews Kathryn Hand on Radio Out There


Chatting with Alexis Brooks about Uluru and other topics - Radio Out There

Karen Lithika on Crystal Kingdom - Radio Out There


Cosmic Umbilical Cord Connection at Uluru-Kata Tjuta - Nexus

Reviewing Two of the Key Presenters at this Year's Cosmic Consciousness Conference - Esoteric Magazine # Issue 19

From Consciousness to Close Encounters - Interview with Organiser, Kathryn Hand on Radio Out There

Check out other articles and interviews about other Consciousness Events :

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