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Accessing Divinity 23/3/23 - Heaven's Gate

Heaven’s Cross is where the heaven of Earth and the heavens of the other realms intersect. They cross, and it makes the divinity so much more accessible. It’s who you really are. It’s the alignment of your energies flowing in such a graceful, beautiful way.” ~ Adamus

We are heading towards the Heaven’s Cross, or Heaven's Gate, in Australia tomorrow on 23/3/23.

This significant alignment is all about our ability to access divinity.

Geoffrey Hoppe, of Crimson Circle, who channels Ascended Master, Adamus St Germain, says:

"Now is the time to receive that light of the divinity that’s been shielded in so many ways from this, what’s called the veil or the separation between the heavens.

Now is the time to allow that light to come in, and as you do, as the heavens cross, as this opening occurs, more of your light – this is not a global light, this is not a planetary thing; it’s for you individually – more of your true light and consciousness comes in.

And when it does, and when you allow it in, allow it to serve you in your life, then you start expanding – expanding in consciousness, not – some of you thought I was saying expanding your body. No, your consciousness, your clarity, your perception and awareness, they expand, and they expand now with ease into these other realms.

So now you’re not accessing just your human level, but you’ve expanded safely into the other realms where now you realize that you are a timeless being, where you are a souled being. You are much more than a human going through challenging experiences.

So, it’s kind of like light comes in, you allow and receive, and then you expand into the other realms. And now you have this beautiful cycle occurring of light and allowing and expansion and going into the other realms, where you become much more aware of All That You Are, your other senses that go beyond the human senses, of the divine play that you’ve been in for so very long

Here's what's happening in the cosmos, quite the big alignment!

"This 'apocalyptic' event is like nothing humanity has ever previously encountered. As the veil between Earth and the realms beyond begins opening, the implications are profound.

While the reduction in emotional, mental, and physical gravity will eventually affect every part of human life, the most meaningful outcome is the divine access that humans have yearned for since the beginning of time.

Indeed, those who hold on to power will find themselves going crazy and eventually leaving the planet, because human consciousness will simply no longer support their games

For those who allow their energy to serve without limits, the result of this magnificent time will be a life of joy, happiness, abundance, ease, and grace.

Indeed, those who hold on to power will find themselves going crazy and eventually leaving the planet, because human consciousness will simply no longer support their games."

This Gateway is building energy towards the Lemurian Gateway on 5/5/23 (555) bringing new levels of light for tremendous healing. There's enough consciousness on the planet now to open other realms and the multi-dimensional aspects of ourselves.

Adamus explains "It’s an opening, and that’s the important thing. You know, you could say it’s just even a little pinpoint opening, and it doesn’t make a difference, because it is opening and that’s the very important thing. That will give you more access into what we call the other heavens, the other realms.

More accessibility to your own divinity.

More accessibility to more consciousness.

And although I wouldn’t call it a new energy, it’s a more pure form of energy that now is available to you.

Don’t think of it in terms of the entire planet.

Don’t think that everybody gets it, because it is a personal thing.

But suddenly, there’s more purity in your energy. There’s more clarity in the energy. And that comes flowing through into this realm, into your life, and that has tremendous implications."

The best thing about this thinning of the veil is that there is really nothing for you to do, but just be open to receive and allow it to settle within.

"The changes have to do with you now getting back into connection with your I Am, with your God Self, with your divinity, with your soul, whatever you want to call it. It’s the thing that deep within your heart you’ve yearned for more than anything else. Some of you think it’s a soulmate or whatever. But deep within you, ever since you’ve been here on Earth, you’ve been yearning to reconnect with Source, your Self, and that’s what starts happening.

You start maybe feeling a little different. You start maybe – it’s not that you’re necessarily going to hear words, you know, your soul starting to talk in your native language to you. But you’re going to feel that there’s a sense of connection. Part of you is going to wonder what that connection is. Well, it’s your divinity. Part of you is going to wonder how you can accelerate that. Don’t. Don’t, don’t. Just take a deep breath and allow. It’s the very best thing you could do for yourself.

Allowing doesn’t involve other people. Allowing is about allowing yourself – you, the human – to now reconnection with your divine nature here on Earth, here on Earth in this body. Not necessarily just having to go off into the other heavens, but right here on Earth."

Below is a great video to listen to hear more about Heaven's Gate.

Adamus describes the 'perfect storm' on Earth – conflict, desire for freedom, and the light of consciousness – that is bringing about this massive change. It is the fulfillment of the Lemurian dream to create a planet where human and divine walk hand in hand, energies flowing together, never again to be separated.

He says the effects of this momentous event will eventually be perceived by science bringing a level of change to the planet not seen since the fall of Atlantis. The implications are far-reaching as many extraordinary potentials now become possibilities.

The significance of the 2s, 3s and 5s are coming up with more frequency, almost a sense of urgency about ensuring they appear to you, to get your attention. Are you seeing those numbers? There's more about those numbers in the next blog, stay tuned!

In the meantime, Lemuria and Atlantian earth angels, remember who you are within and have a beautiful and blessed Heaven's Gate activation.

The next Cosmic Consciousness Conference will be powerful as lightworkers again join together on Norfolk Island for the 555 Lemurian Gateway. It will be interesting to see what we notice has shifted over the coming days and week post-Heaven's Cross!

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