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Can Lightworkers be Wildly Wealthy?

As spiritual souls, we are often faced with the challenge of financial lack, despite our deep commitment to our spiritual path. Shouldn’t it be easier? Are we subconsciously running on an outdated operating system that says money is the root of all evil? This belief, inherited from our parents and society, holds us back from embracing the abundance that is actually our inherent right.

There is a lingering misconception among some that all spiritual activities and events should be free. We occasionally encounter comments suggesting that transformation shouldn’t come with a price tag! Clearly overlooking the costs of venue, catering, AV and so much more involved in organising events. Again, it just highlights that deeper belief that money is fundamentally negative and spiritual people shouldn't charge for their products and services. (But it's okay for hairdressers, mechanics, accountants to charge for their expertise?)


It’s time to rewrite this narrative. Abundance is not antithetical to spirituality; it can be a powerful tool for fulfilling our purpose and mission. Imagine a world where lightworkers are not just financially stable but ultra-rich and wealthy, with the freedom to carry out their missions without constraints. You might feel a twinge of discomfort at this idea, but it’s time to proudly claim the wealth and abundance that is your divine birthright.


"Imagine a world where lightworkers are not just financially stable but ultra-rich and wealthy."

This vision is not only possible but necessary for creating real change in the world. When lightworkers are financially empowered, they can expand their reach, impact more lives, and create positive change on a massive scale. It’s time to eliminate the belief that money is the root of all evil and embrace abundance as a force for good in the world.

The best way to escape the matrix and its limiting structures is for lightworkers to become abundantly wealthy. For too long, the controllers of this planet have wielded their wealth for nefarious purposes, perpetuating systems of control and suppression. It's time for a shift. By accumulating great wealth, lightworkers can free themselves from financial constraints and empower their communities. This wealth provides the freedom to amplify their light, share their gifts, and uplift humanity, ultimately creating a world where love, compassion, and abundance reign supreme.

One of the speakers who will help shift your mindset towards wealth and prosperity is Eesha Patel. Eesha is a visionary entrepreneur and spiritual leader who helps individuals activate their highest potential and create abundance in all areas of life. Her work is centred around the belief that wealth is a tool for spiritual growth and transformation, empowering individuals to live their purpose fully and make a positive impact on the world.


Eesha will be sharing her quantum wealth creation tools with delegates at the Cosmic Consciousness Conference, guiding everyone on how to flip the switch into abundance. Say goodbye to your money fears and struggles, and hello to abundance, wealth, and soul-satisfying income creation. Eesha's approach doesn't involve hustle, struggle, and stress. Instead, she empowers individuals to align with their highest potential and create a life of abundance with ease and joy.

Eesha Patel on Quantum Wealth
Eesha Patel

Eesha's teachings are not just about accumulating wealth for personal gain but about using wealth as a vehicle for service and contribution. She believes that when lightworkers are financially abundant, they can uplift their communities and create a ripple effect of prosperity that touches everyone around them.


If you're ready to shift your mindset towards wealth and prosperity, or take it up a notch or two, consider working with Eesha Patel.

to learn more about her transformative programs and how they can help you step into a life of abundance and fulfilment.


It's time for spiritual folk to embrace wealth as a tool for transformation and create a world where abundance flows freely, empowering us all to live our highest potential.

Eesha is speaking at the upcoming Cosmic Consciousness Conference held at Ayers Rock Resort, Uluru, Australia from 20-22 December 2024.

Visit for further information and to secure your ticket.

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