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Bali's role in Uluru Magick

The energy that we create at Uluru on this sacred activation date will be pivotal in contributing to healing the planet and humanity. As we set off a wave of energy at the Saturn/Pluto conjunct it will spread across this plane we call Earth. Just as the body's meridians carry energy, so to do the earth's leylines. In acupuncture, needles activate the energy that fire the next centre in a piezoelectric fashion. Similarly in EFT, our fingers stimulate the energy directing it around the body's meridians. At Uluru we will be the needle stimulating the energy, acting as a conduit and directing the energies flowing between higher dimensional realms and earth. It is a time to hear the sound of joyous thanksgiving singing from the third chakra, Uluru Kata Tjuta.

We will send that joyous gratitude up the Rainbow Serpent Leyline to Bali.

Bali, the world's purification centre, is the only Hindu island in Indonesia. It is the place where the Rainbow Serpent and Plumed Serpent leylines meet to form a zigzag pattern - the original swastika. These deviations slow the earth currents down so that the processes of purification can be more easily performed. The swastika, actually a Hindu symbol, is predominant in Balinese architecture and culture and represents happiness, longevity, and prosperity.

There are many Balinese rituals devoted to cleansing the world of negativity.

Purification dissolves illusion.

2020 is a time of clarity of vision - illusion will be dissolved. Could this be why such a big group of souls is coming together for the Cosmic Consciousness Centre at such a pivotal place, on such an important date? At some point aeons ago, it was written into our soul contracts to be here as a group for this activation.

World purification centre

Earth Chakra expert, Robert Coon, says "The sacred sites of Bali act to purify the bloody of the Earth. All forces transmitted by the world ley system eventually pass through this filter. There are six regions on Bali that are dedicated to the purity of the world. Four of these sites act as pivots to alter the cross of the two dragons into a swastika pattern. A fifth centre expands from the central area of this swastika, from the most sacred spring in Bali. The sixth world centre is in the western part of Bali, operating from a more invisible realm. These are the Six World Temples.

As the Rainbow Serpent enters Bali from Australia, it is cleansed of any impurities contained within light. "

In the video below, beautiful Emilie Tonkin, on location in Bali, gives you a very brief purification process that you can use anytime and anywhere.

The prayer

We are the Measure of All Things.

And the Beauty of our Creation, of our Art,

is proportional to the Beauty of Ourselves,

of our Souls.

Let's surround the earth with our cameras, hand in hand,

lovingly; our camera is our third eye that will lead us out

and through … Nothing should be left unshown or unseen,

dirty or clean: Let us see and go further,

out of the swamps and into the sun.

Alchemical meditation

Let the Forces of Purification cleanse the world

from North to South, and East to West.

Let fires of Praise burn within the Hearts of all Beings,

Dissolving all Illusions.

Today, praise the Divine within all that you see and experience.

To find out more about the Cosmic Consciousness Conference, visit

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